The Life of Aralorn-Daughter of Gondor – Chapter 5

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The sweet sound of a bird’s call gently touched Evelird’s ears. She sighed and opened her eyes. The room from the night before filled her vision, but it was entirely different. Instead of darkness, everything was washed with light, and looked elegant and beautiful. This place was so radiant, unlike anything in the Westfold. Suddenly a knock came at the door.
“My Lady?” A voice from beyond the door said.
“Come in.” Evelird croaked. She grasped her throat, and cleared it. The door opened, and an elf maiden with a pale blue dress on and long, honey colored hair entered the room.
“I was asked to give you these.” She said in a subdued tone. Evelird stared at her. She was beautiful, and so elegant in the way that she moved and spoke. Her eyes held wisdom and age, and she also noticed the tips of her ears were pointed.
When the elf looked at her expectantly, Evelird suddenly saw the dresses the elf maiden held and said, “Yes, thank you.” The elf made her way to the wardrobe in the corner of the room, and hung the dresses inside. Evelird watched her with great curiosity, and wonder.
“Would you care for me to bring you food?” She asked with a smile, as if she were listening to Evelird’s thoughts. Evelird thought a moment, then nodded slowly, and exchanged the smile. The elf lowered her head, and left the room.

So this was Rivendell in the light of day. And that was what an elf looked like. Suddenly she began to feel nervous. She was probably not wanted here. They would not want a stranger roaming around their lands. Where was Strider? Was he even here? Maybe she should make an effort to find him. Then she realized she should not leave her bedroom without changing into one of the elven dresses, so quietly slipping out of bed she walked across the room to the wardrobe. The dresses inside were beautiful. All were different, soft, shades of color. Then she heard the door open from behind her, and the same elf appeared holding a tray of food. She silently set it on the small table near the bed.
“Thank you.” Evelird said.
“It is my pleasure. I am here to help you in any way needed.” she said, “Come, we must find you something to wear. Choose one.” Evelird pulled out a pale, yellow dress. With the help of the elf maiden, she put it on, and observed it. The sleeves were long, and it wasn’t tight across her neck as she was used to, but it was indeed comfortable. How light, and smooth it was compared to the dresses in the Westfold.
“What is your name?” the maiden said.
“And, if I may ask, where is your home?” She tilted her head slightly.
Evelird swallowed hard as sorrow filled her heart. “R-Rohan.” She stuttered. Then she closed her eyes tightly, trying to keep the tears that threatened to spill over her cheeks away. But it was no longer her real home. It was gone, along with the beloved people in it. When she opened her eyes, the maiden was looking at her with concern.
“Please, forgive me if I have offended you in some way.” She said.
“No,” Evelird sighed shakily. “You have not.”
“My name is Gwenneth, if you wish to know.” The elf said gently.
There was silence then Gwenneth added, “You should eat, I will leave you.”
“Wait,” Evelird stopped her from leaving. “I am sorry, but food does not sound as delightful anymore.”
“Then,” Gwenneth smiled, “Will you join me for a walk?”

Evelird agreed to let Gwenneth show her Rivendell. Evelird found it hard keep the awed expression away from her face. There were waterfalls, and trees everywhere, and everything seemed to glow with radiance. And the elves, they were so fair. Elegance was written on every inch of their bodies. Their eyes held much wisdom and age, but everything else about them looked youthful.

The truth was, Evelird did feel out of place. Different from everyone else. She knew the elves had noticed that she was not their kind. But, she kept telling herself that long glances were no matter.

She was glad to have made a friend. Gwenneth was kind, and at times witty. But where was Strider? It would be comforting to see a familiar face. They had been walking for about an hour when they reached the garden, and they sat on a bench that was somewhat hidden from the path.
“This place is very different from Rohan.” Evelird said.
Gwenneth smiled and nodded. “Yes, I have been there once. A long time ago.”
“Do you know a man named Strider?” Evelird asked, not able to resist. “He brought me here, and I need to speak with him.”
“Ah,” Gwenneth began, “Yes, the ranger. I do know of him.”
“Where is he? I must find him.” Evelird said hastily.
“Come,” Gwenneth said, making a gesture to the main path of the garden. “I might know where to find him…” The two were just leaving the protection of the trees, when all of the sudden, Evelird bumped into someone. She almost fell backwards, but for the strong hands that swiftly grasped her wrists, and pulled her up.
“Forgive me, I did not see you.” The voice was Strider’s. “Evelird, I have been searching for you.”
“We were about to do the same.” Evelird said softly.
“Please, I have other matters to attend to.” Gwenneth must have taken notice of their need for privacy. Strider smiled and bowed his head in thanks.

“Elrond is awaiting us in his study.” Strider said, as the two of them made their way through the garden. “I spoke to him the night before of your past. And your ring.”
“But,” Evelird began, “I’m afraid that I do not understand how my ring fit’s into this matter…”
“We shall see.” Was all that Strider said.

When they reached Elrond’s study, they found him sitting in a chair awaiting them. He stood, and Evelird evaluated him. Tall he was, like all of the elves, with brown, long hair. She lowered her head in respect, not knowing what to do.
“You are Evelird of Rohan?” Elrond asked. His voice caught her attention, and almost made her nervous.
“Yes,” Evelird began, “I am.” He stared at her for what seemed an eternity, and she looked away not able to handle his hard gaze.
“Hmm,” He murmured something to himself and slowly walked up to her. “May I?” He picked up her hand that bore her ring, and examined it. He frowned at it in disbelief then nodded.
Then he looked up at Strider and said, “It is.” Then he looked at Evelird. “I suppose you remember nothing of your past as an infant.” Elrond said with doubt.
“I do not.” Evelird kept her words simple and few. Elrond stared at her again, as if trying to decide something. Then he looked at Strider and quietly spoke in a different language. It was soft, and more soothing than the tongue of men. Strider nodded, then left the study with Evelird.

“What did he say?” Evelird asked in a whispered tone.
Strider set his jaw then said, “Lord Elrond has too few clues to give you an answer. But there is someone who should know for certain.” Evelird frowned and looked back at the path in front of her.

They made their way down a path that grew smaller and smaller, until they came to a small house. Strider knocked on the door and waited. Instantly, it opened, and an old woman appeared. It was simple to tell she was of the race of men. Her hair was gray, and her ears were rounded at the tips. And her body was thicker than the ones of the elven race. She looked at Strider and smiled.
“Estel, it is wonderful to see you.” She said, warmly. Something about this woman’s voice made Evelird relax, and she began to feel tired, but in a peaceful way. It also sounded vaguely familiar, like a voice from a distant dream… “And who is this?” Her soft gaze ran over Evelird then stopped when it came to Evelird’s questioning eyes. The woman’s expression changed for a moment, as if some memory flickered in her head.
“Evelird, of Rohan.” Strider said. The woman snapped back to reality at his words.
“Oh, well, come in.” She said.

******Author’s Note******
Hola! J I hope you liked it. Did you like my new character Gwenneth? She’s gonna play a pretty big part in the story…so I hope you do! See you later!


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