The Legion Of Elves – Haldir’s Journey

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The Legion of Elves
By: Garrett Lemons
Chapter 1
The Journey Over the Mountains

` Its been ten days since we’ve left Imladris. We should reach the Pass of Caradhras in fifteen days,”
thought Haldir to himself when his most trusted soldier came and told him a group of orcs was heading their way from the gates of Khazad-dum.
” I thought the gate was closed by the watcher when the fellowship went into Moria,” said Haldir to his soldier Curindir.
” They must have delved a new entrance. Sir, what shall we do?” asked Curindir.
” Send the archers to the top of that ridge to hide behind the rocks. Send the spearmen to the bottom of that dike. I will stand on that rock, they will think I am alone and attack me. I am going to show those stupid orcs what I am made of,” said Haldir to his soldier.
” It shall be done,” said Curindir as he went to tell the other soldiers what to do.
An hour later, all the soldiers were in place. The orcs were coming straight towards them now from the gates of Moria. It would be ten minutes before they would see Haldir standing on the rock. When they saw him they doubled their pace to what they thought would be a feast of flesh. As they got closer, they began to shoot arrows at Haldir. He laughed at the amazingly bad accuracy of the fowl creatures.
Suddenly he drew his bow and yelled, ” Elves! Attack!”
When the orcs heard this cry they were dumbfounded. First they were staring at one elf, but a now they were staring at a whole legion of them. Straight ahead of them was a whole troop of archers. To their right was a troop of spearmen cutting deep into their ranks. To their left was a deep valley. Behind them the rest of the spearmen were cutting off their escape. In minutes all of the orcs were killed. The battle was quick and furious. Not one elf was injured.
After the battle was over, the archers went to collect their used arrows and clean them while the spearmen cleaned the swords and spears.
” Pile the bodies in the dike,” said Haldir to Curindir.
” Yes sir,” said Curindir as he went to tell the other soldiers what to do.
Haldir then walked to where his shot had killed an orc. He looked at this orc face and shield. They looked much different than the Mordor orcs. It was bigger and stronger and the shield had a mysterious white hand on it.
” Curindir, come here,” said Haldir.
” Yes sir,” Curindir answered in reply when he got to where his General was kneeling.
” Have you ever seen this marking before? It is strange to me,” said Haldir.
” I have not seen it before,” said Curindir in reply.
” Maybe we shall find out in Lothlorien from the Lady Galadriel,” said Haldir.
” Maybe we shall,” said Curindir.
” We leave at dawn,’ said Haldir as he went to think of what this sign may be. Haldir thought late into the night. When suddenly it came to him. The white hand was the white hand of Saruman.
` That’s it, he was going to surprise the fellowship, but how could some one that wise be three months off, but he also might be trying to put fear in Lord Elrond and the elves,’ thought Haldir to himself. While he was thinking Curindir came up to him.
” Sir, it is dawn. We must go, for I feel the Rohirrim are in grave danger,” he said to his General.
” Let’s go,” said Haldir
They traveled for ten days without anything happening when they came across a pony wandering across the fields of Hollin. Haldir then remembered that the fellowship had a pony named Bill that the hobbit Sam had told him about. Haldir decided to send the pony home so he bent over and told the pony go home and wait for your master in elvish and the pony took off and headed home.
They traveled for five more nights and came upon the Misty Mountains.
” We shall have camp here tonight,” said Haldir.
” Ok. Sir do you need anything?” asked Curindir.
” I am fine, thank you. I need some rest. Setup a guard,” said Haldir as he walked to a place to sleep.
” Yes sir,” said Curindir as he went to do his job.
The next day they traveled to the pass of Caradhras. It took the troops three days to reach the other side of the Misty Mountains. It was a two-hour journey to the woods of Lothlorien.

Chapter 2
The Woods of Lothlorien

” Halt!” cried a fair elven voice.
” I am Haldir, soldier of Imladris, friend of Lord Elrond, who are you?” asked Haldir to the voice.
” I am Curufindir, General of the Lord Celeborn and Galadriel, Lady of light. I am aware of your journey. You are to come to Caras Galahdon with me. The Lady Galadriel wished to talk to you, I believe the white rider would probably like to too,” said Curufindir.
” We will need to leave soon. We must hurry to Rohan, we are needed. But if the Lady wishes. I have but one question. Who is the white rider?” asked Haldir.
” You shall see, come up to the flets. You need rest, we shall set out at dawn tomorrow,” said Curufindir as he turned and climbed up a ladder that had just dropped out of a tree.
” Sir, I held my tongue but Curufindir is my father, he did not notice,” said Curindir to his General right after his father had climbed up tree.
” Let us go up and rest. Maybe then you may talk with your father,’ said Haldir as he started to climb the ladder himself.
All of the legion of elves climbed up to the flet. They all sat down and had water and lembas from the Lothlorien elves. They had been resting an hour when Haldir spoke.
” Curufindir, one of my soldiers has informed me that he is related to you. He wishes to speak with you. Will you?” asked Haldir living up to his promise of trying to get Curindir to talk with his father.
” I will speak with him only upon hearing his name,” said Curufindir in reply.
” His name is Curindir,” said Haldir as his friend stood up from the shadows.
” My son, why have you not spoken up to talk to your father,’ he asked as he embraced his son.
” I did not speak for I was not asked, may we go talk in private, I wish to know about mother,” said Curindir.
” I will grant that request. Come, we shall go to my flet to the right over there. Haldir shall be in charge,” said Curufindir as he turned and walked to his flet while his son followed.
“Father, how is mother, where is she?” asked Curindir.
“Your mother is doing well. She is in Caras Galahdon, working under the white lady in the sewing rooms,” said Curufindir answering his son’s questions.”
“I am well. I have been guarding these golden woods as I always have, my son. Now, what of you and your journeys? Tell me everything, ” said his father in reply.
They talked late into the night. They talked about anything and everything. Haldir watched them for a little bit then he turned his head towards the direction of the Golden City. While he was looking in that direction, he heard two voices in his head.
“You must not tarry, head out now,” said a woman’s voice whom he had guessed was the Lady Galadriel.
Then he heard a man’s voice that he did not know.
“The faster you get here, the faster you will be able to help, come quick!”
He thought for a minute then walked over to Curufindir and Curindir to tell them what he had heard. He tapped Curindir on the shoulder to get his attention but Curufindir began to speak.
“We must go. I also heard the voices in my head. Yet you wonder who the man’s voice was for, you know the Lord Celeborn’s voice and it did not match. It was the white rider. Let us leave, “he said as he walked and prepared the troops to leave.
They set out fifteen minutes later for Caras Galahdon. It was a quick journey to the river Nimrodel. Here, they refilled their water casks and then they crossed the Nimrodel to set out again. Whey they reached the halfway point, they met a soldier who had been sent to hurry them along.
“I am Toranin, messenger of Lothlorien, you must hurry! Time is short. We must get to Caras Galahdon before nightfall,” he said as he started to run back to the city.
All the elves took off after him for urgency was in their hearts. They ran for three hours before stopping for a brief rest.
“Sir, what do you think is so urgent?” Curindir asked his General.
“I do not know what is so urgent but the mystery of this white rider is stumping me. I know I have hard his voice I just don’t know where,” said Haldir in reply.
After he finished, a horn sounded and they started running again. Two hours later they came to the gate of Caras Galahdon where they were met by the Lord Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel along with many other elves. Haldir then saw the white rider and his heart jumped. It was Gandalf!
“Welcome to Caras Galahdon, Curufindir and Haldir, you must come with us. The rest of you may find rest in the guest houses,” said Lord Celeborn to the legion of the elves.
“There shall be a festival tonight in your honor,” said the Lady Galadriel.
“Let us join in council in the white hall,” said Gandalf as he led the group towards the center of the city.”
“I shall see you at the feast tonight,” said Curufindir to his son as he walked away.
“And I shall see you too, Father, at the feast,” said Curindir in reply.

Chapter 3
The Council in the White Hall

Haldir had just sat down in his beautifully carved wooden chair when the Lord Celeborn spoke.
” As you all have heard, the one ring has been found. It has even been through this sacred wood,” said the Lord Celeborn.
” But now I feel the fellowship has failed. I feel that one has died and the rest have scattered. I know the one ring is still heading towards Mordor. Nenya is getting heavier as the ruling ring heads towards its doom,” said the Lady Galadriel.
” I have felt it too, Narya gets heavier a lot quicker than it used to. I will be leaving for Rohan tomorrow. I know Lord Elrond told you to go to Rohan also but I must give council against this. You will be needed to help the fight that will come against this wood,” said Gandalf.
” I have also been given a message from Lord Elrond. I must go,” said Haldir.
” I will give it to him, my heart tells me you will be needed here,” said Gandalf in reply.
” I will trust your heart Olorin. I remember the talks we had in Valinor. I will take your council and stay,” said Haldir.
” This matter is now settled. Let us now go to the festival and relax,” said the Lady Galadriel.
As the Lord Celeborn and the Lady Galadriel stood and headed out of the white hall Haldir stood and went over to Gandalf.
” Haldir, no one has called me Olorin since I was in Valinor. Tell me, what is this message from Lord Elrond to King Theoden?” asked Gandalf.
” It was this scroll,” said Haldir handing Gandalf the scroll ” and I was to tell him, ` There was once a great alliance and friendship between elves and men. These are some of my best soldiers for your use to help in your soon coming war and for you to remember that old alliance,'” said Haldir.
” I will give him the message. Let us go to the festival, we are the guests of honor, they will expect us to be there,” said Gandalf as he walked out of the white hall.
Haldir was walking down the steps of the great Mallorn tree when his desire to go back to Valinor came upon him so greatly he began to shudder. He then heard a great and terrible voice in his mind. He realized it was the doom of Mandos that had been placed on him long ago. He then heard the sound of trumpets calling him to the festival. He was now filled with anger against himself.
After the festival he went to his guesthouse to sleep. He laid down on the bed and instantly was asleep dreaming of the bliss in Valinor where his heart still dwells.


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