The Lay of Bagaloc – A Story of Arda’s First Age

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This is but one of the tales of the First Age of Middle Earth. While the Great Enemy still walked the land and Sauron was just a servant, Men and Elves of great valor and skill fought against the darkness. This is the wondrous tale of Bagaloc and Laureariel, and their secret union of Man and Elf.
Bagaloc was a Man of the hours of Beor the Old. In his blood ran unsullied the blood of Beren Camlost, the great hero of Men who cut a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth. Bagaloc was Beren’s great great grandson. He was the brother of Elwing, the daughter of Dior and the wife of Earendil.
Laureariel was of the Noldor, the exiles from The Blessed Realm of Aman. Laureariel’s father was Celeborn, and her mother was Galadriel, in whose eyes shone the light of Aman. Though raised as an Elf of the Darkness, the light of the trees shone on her face just as it did with Galadriel. Her beauty was said to rival that of Luthien Tinuviel, the most beautiful Elf ever to walk this world.
When Bagaloc was a man of fifty years, quite young for a man in those days, his home was at the ruins of Nargothrond, the seat of the High King of the Noldor in the early days. Morgoth had sent Sauron to completely destroy that place, as it was a memory of the Glory of the Noldor. Deep within the treasure horde of the Noldor sat Bagaloc’s sword, Mornar, which means, “black fire”.
As the company of Orcs marched over the River Narog, their footfalls woke Bagaloc. As a result of several past encounters with Orcs, Bagaloc slept in full armor. The only thing he didn’t have was his sword. He knew he didn’t have enough time to reach it, because underground, Orcs are far faster. So, picking up his shield, he readied himself for combat.
As soon as the Orcs caught sight of Bagaloc, they let loose a war cry. Bagaloc swung his shield and, killing one of the Orcs, took his sword. Bagaloc fought bravely. Unfortunately, he was badly outnumbered.
By a great stroke of luck, a company of Wood Elves was hunting in the woods around Nargothrond, known for its game. As Wood Elves are great huntsmen, they soon spotted the Orcs footprints. Knowing the Orcs were up to no good, they followed the trail. What they saw when they arrived at Nargothrond was unbelievable.
Orcish bodies were lying all around a single man, Bagaloc. He fought bravely, but was now weary and was about to fall. The Elves thought it a shame that such a warrior should fall, so they intervened. With their superior marksmanship, they increased the pile of Orcish bodies around Bagaloc.
Heartened by his unknown allies, Bagaloc fought his way to the treasury. Throwing the Orcish sword into the company, he drew Mornar. The long, black sword sang for joy as it was unsheathed. The Orcs cowered in fear.
At the sight of Mornar, the Orcs ran. Only Sauron stood to fight. However, instead of fighting Bagaloc himself, Sauron sent the Balrog he had brought. The Elves readied their bows. Bagaloc stood firm in front of the Balrog.
With cries of “Elbereth Gilthionel!”, the Elves jumped from the trees. Bagaloc gladly received his formerly unknown allies. Heartened by the Elves, Bagaloc stood ready. “I thank you, noble Elves,” he said. “But now fly, lest the Balrog kill us all!” But the Elves stood firm.
The Balrog, wielding the dark flame, attacked. Bagaloc and the Elves scattered. The Elves let fly their arrows. Bagaloc rushed the Balrog with Mornar ready in his hands.
The Elvish arrows blinded the Balrog, leaving Bagaloc free to attack its legs. The Elves redirected their fire against its chest. Soon, the Balrog had fallen. Sauron, seeing his servant cut down, fled from Bagaloc, for the Holy Fire burned in his eyes.
“Thank you, arat eldar (noble elves),” Bagaloc said. “Your help was invaluable.” The Elves, astounded by this man, quickly conversed. They decided take him to the strongest remaining Elvish stronghold, at the Mouth’s of Sirion, where Celeborn lived after the fall of Doriath. There lived also Laureariel, the most beautiful of the living Noldor.
As Bagaloc was led to Sirion, a more wholesome air reached him. “We are reaching the Mouth’s of Sirion,” said the Elves. Bagaloc rejoiced at this news. As the hero entered the city at Sirion, joyous singing reached his ears. Soon, they had reached the home of Celeborn and Galadriel.
The hunting party of the elves explained the situation to Celeborn. As they explained, Bagaloc caught his first sight of Laureariel. Celeborn woke Bagaloc from his thoughts. “My men tell me a Balrog attacked you and slew it. You are always welcome here.”
“Thank you, great Elven Prince,” Bagaloc replied. “Your hospitality means everything to me. This is by far the fairest land I have ever seen. The only fairer thing I have seen is thy daughter.”
At these words Celeborn was outraged. He swore no mortal man would marry his first-born daughter. However, Laureariel had also fallen in love with Bagaloc. They had never spoken, but a great love existed between them.
“Leave now,” Celeborn cried. “Leave now, and never return! If I ever see you again, in the name of the Valar, I will cut you down!”
Bagaloc was fully aware that the Elven Prince could fulfill his threat. So, taking with him a bag of lembas, he left. But the King did not count on one thing. He left with Laureariel’s heart.
Also, Cars, the captain of the hunting party, had taken a liking to Bagaloc. He left the service of Celeborn and joined Bagaloc, taking with him the same curse. With him came Laureariel. She was disguised as a man. With this disguse, she left Lothlorein with Bagaloc and Cars, and the three companions never saw that land again.
With his new companions, Bagaloc traveled through Middle Earth. He went from East to West, North to South. He went to Brithombar, to Dor-Lomin. While they were traveling they did many great things such as save an entire village from Orcs. Some of their deeds reached Lorien’s ears.
Celeborn had become distraught over his missing daughter. He new Bagaloc had something to do with it. He swore another oath. “If I find Bagaloc with Laureariel, by the Valar, I will make him endure the most terrible tortures ever!”
Laureariel had remained with Bagaloc and Cars. She traveled with them under the name of Mystos. As a daughter of Galadriel, she was a skilled healer. These skills aided them greatly in their endeavors.
Meanwhile, Morgoth had a huge bounty for each of their heads. Sauron repeatedly tried to collect these bounties. Several times he had them, and several times they escaped. Soon, the company had grown wary.
On his final attempt, Sauron sent a Balrog to kill them. Taking them by surprise in the night, the Balrog slew Cars. His death cry, however, was enough to wake Bagaloc and Laureariel.
The Balrog, who was prepared for a mission of stealth, was taken by surprise. Distraught with grief and anger, Bagaloc plunged his sword deep in the Balrog’s black heart. Another Elf, Syto, came toward the cries. He watched in amazement as Bagaloc and Laureariel slew the Balrog, together.
Unfortunately, Laureariel was wounded in the battle. Bagaloc examined Mystos’ face and was amazed to see his love. Syto came forward at this time. “It is obvious to me that you are Bagaloc, who has caused Morgoth such pain”
Bagaloc turned and examined Syto, “Who are you, and where do you come from?”
“I am Syto, from the fallen kingdom of Doriath,” He replied. “It appears you need some assistance.”
Syto walked over to Laureariel. With herbs from a sack on his back, he healed her wound! Bagaloc could not hold in his delight. He ran about, singing songs of praise to the Valar. Bagaloc stopped and returned to Laureariel. She got up and kissed Bagaloc.
Together, the three companions traveled to Brithombar, where Bagaloc and Laureariel were wed. Celeborn had heard of a great wedding in the West. Gathering a company of regal Elves, Celeborn set off for Brithombar.
From the birds, Bagaloc learned of the king’s coming. With Laureariel and Syto, he fled for Nargothrond. When Celeborn arrived at Brithombar, his heart grew insane with rage. Not knowing of Celeborn’s two oaths, the people of Brithombar told him many things.
He heard of Bagaloc and Laureariel’s wedding. He also heard of where they went. Immediately turning back toward Nargothrond, Celeborn thought only of what tortures Bagaloc was to endure.
The birds also brought news of this to Bagaloc. Knowing his time was almost up at the young age of sixty, Bagaloc left Nargothrond. Laureariel was left alone, for Syto had gone with Bagaloc. Bagaloc was going to die with honor in combat with Sauron!
As Celeborn reached Nargothrond, he saw Laureariel stride out to meet him. Overjoyed at seeing his daughter again, Celeborn jumped off his horse. Laureariel, however, was mad with grief. She asked her father to take her to Angaband, the fortress of Morgoth and Sauron.
Celeborn refused. Laureariel stole the horse he had brought for her and rode to Angaband. Celeborn and his companions had to give chase. Laureariel was too far ahead to catch up with, though.
Bagaloc approached Angaband, and Sauron rose from its depths.
“You and your master hide in that stone abomination; let me see how powerful you really are!” A great contest of songs of power happened under the towers of stone.
Bagaloc sang a song of the Elves and their great power and beauty. Sauron sang a song of pain and suffering, of the woes of Middle Earth. Bagaloc sang a song of his pain and how his love had cost him everything. Sauron fell beneath the towers of Angaband.
Or so the songs say.
As Sauron’s body fell, his spirit escaped. A great torrent of pain and malice flew from Sauron’s body. A twisting nether formed and, with a shriek like a banshee, flew into the depths of Angaband. Bagaloc stood beneath the moon.
About this time, Laureariel reached Bagaloc. Syto who had been standing in amazement all this time, was unharmed. Bagaloc and Laureariel embraced. Suddenly the Earth shook. A large crevice opened, and the three companions fell in!
They fell into a torture chamber of Morgoth! Syto being unhurt, fled into the shadows. He watched in horror as Bagaloc and Laureariel were taken deep into Angaband. Syto knew their fate. Laureariel would be forced to watch as Morgoth ripped out Bagaloc’s soul and kept it enslaved for all eternity!

Those days are gone now. In this Fifth Age, these stories survive through the few, very few, Eldar that remain. The dominion of Elves passed long ago. As the last of us Eldar leave these shores, I let this story fly on the breath of the wind.
-Syto, November 03


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