The Last of the Warrior Maidens – King Aragon’s court

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Hiding behind the massive curtains that lined each window, Taleighha peered out upon the court. There, shining like a star for all to see, stood Arwen. As if the elf felt her gaze upon her, she turned and looked directly into Taleighha’s eyes. Holding her breath Taleighha watched the lady’s mouth curved into a beautiful smile. As Arwen started towards her, Aragon came up behind her and placed his hand lightly on her arm.

Taleighha watched as Arwen turned, uncertainty settling about her like a veil. Her lungs burned and she desperately gasped for breath which she hadn’t even realized she was holding. Arwen turned back and opened her mouth to speak. Taleighha took a deep steadying breath to settle herself and the butterflies that seemed to have suddenly flown into her stomach.

“Taleighha show yourself,” came Arwen’s quiet command. Elves and men became silent as they turned to watch Arwen. A look of confusion appeared on Aragon’s face. “Show yourself Taleighha,” Arwen repeated. Taleighha stepped forward and threw off her invisibility. It was then that all hell seemed to break loose.

Great outraged cries rose from the men of Gondor, the guards and Aragon himself. Taleighha wished to sink into the floor as she saw herself as they must. A filthy wanderer. She was now glad that she had left her hood up. Aragon strode forward angrily, “How do you get in here?”. He whirled furiously to face the guards. “You are a disgrace! How-“. Taleighha rose her voice over his. “They did not see me as I was invisible.”

Faces turned towards her. Some were angry, others confused and most curious. Through all the confusion Arwen strode forward. “My friend, I see you survived your journey.” she said as she embraced Taleighha. With an ironic smile on her face Taleighha replied “Just. That was quite a task you set me Arwen.” Arwen smiled in return, ” I can imagine. Will you tell me about it?”


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