The Last of the Warrior Maidens – A Story

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Taleighha’s grin was quick and reckless despite the turmoil around her. “Well Arwen your Aragon seems to have quite a knack for getting into trouble. I tell you it was not easy to follow them around!” Far more outraged than before Aragon could only stare openmouthed at the cloaked woman before him.

A surprised silence fell upon the hall as elf and man turned to listen to her. “The journey was never going to be easy I know but then the fellowship went into the mines and Gandalf fell which was awful….. I couldn’t even express my grief for fear of being found. Then the Orcs came and took Merry and Pippin and poor Boromir was killed and then Frodo and Sam ran away. That caused me quite a delimma actually as I was of two minds whether to follow them or not.”

Taleighha paused for a breath of air and continued “Then the silly fool chased after a company of 60 orcs. Honestly, how did you expect to survive? The 3 of you against them?” Her head turned to look at Legolas, Gimli and Aragon in turn. Legolas looked closed and guarded. Gimli was a picture of confusion and Aragon’s face was a struggle of absolute disbelief and anger.

Slowly he shook his head and asked in utter amazement, “You mean to tell me that you –you– followed us and kept with us the whole journey?” His tone of voice and his question had Taleighha drawing herself to her full height. Anger seemed to shoot like darts off her and her voice was as sharp and cutting as a sword. “And just what is that supposed to mean?”


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