The Last Journey – Chapter 5

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~Chapter Five~

As soon as Galadriel was out of sight Gythien turned to Haldir in disbelief.
“I will not leave without you.” he vowed to her.
“But, how?” Gythien asked. “You promised her you would go, yet she said I could not.” Gythien was very confused. How could they go against Galadriel’s wishes?
“I never promised to leave you behind; I just said that I would go. We could disguise you so that you look like any other elf in the army. Galadriel will never know the difference.” He was so confident it would work that he didn’t even consider the possible consequences.
“Okay,” Gythien said, “if you are sure that it will work. I’ll do anything to stay with you.” She smiled at Haldir. “I love you.” She whispered to him. “I will do anything to be with you.”
~ ~ ~
That night Gythien had a terrible nightmare. She saw again what she had seen in Galadriel’s mirror, but this time it was like she was there. She was fighting orcs and evil-looking men alongside other elves, but she couldn’t see Haldir anywhere. She heard a strange voice calling the elves back. She turned to follow the orders, but then Haldir came into her line of vision. She saw as he was stabbed in the arm and then in the back. She screamed as Haldir fell to the ground. She tried to scream again, but no sound came out. She woke up sobbing. Haldir was standing over her, looking extremely worried.
“Gythien?” he said. “Is everything okay? You look so scared.” He was genuinely worried about her.
“Haldir…” she began, but she couldn’t continue. The image of him getting stabbed was too much for her to bear. She now realized that that was what would happen to him on the quest, that was why Galadriel had been looking so sad. She knew what was going to happen to Haldir, and she was doing nothing to stop it, in fact she was just helping the horrible situation along by even sending him in the first place. Why couldn’t she send someone else, anyone but Haldir? Gythien knew that she couldn’t let that happen, she couldn’t let the mirror be right. She had to do everything in her power to prevent it. She looked deep into his eyes and said what she knew she had to, for both their sakes.
“Haldir, you can’t leave, neither of us can. We have to stay here!” She was determined to stop him, he couldn’t go.
“Gythien,” Haldir said, obviously shocked, “I have to go. Did you not her Galadriel? The fate of Middle-earth rests on this battle. I must go.”
“You don’t understand!” cried Gythien. “You cannot go! If you do I fear that you won’t come home to me, I fear you will die in this battle!” She fell into him, sobbing. Why couldn’t he understand?
“Gythien,” he whispered, pulling her close to him and wrapping his protective arms around her, “I have promised Galadriel I would go. Would you wish for me to loose my honor as an elf and break that promise? “Haldir was confused by Gythien’s behavior. Why did she think that he would die?
“You must break your promise!” Gythien cried in desperation. Then she suddenly had a wonderful idea. Maybe if she didn’t allow herself to become separated from him in the midst of the battle she could stop that foul creature and save Haldir’s life! She knew the visions in the mirror could change, maybe that’s why Galadriel had allowed them to be married and maybe that’s why she had shown the images to Gythien in the first place. Maybe that was Galadriel’s way of preventing Haldir’s death. If she was there he wouldn’t die. She looked up at Haldir. He was looking down on her with concern on his face.
“I’m okay now.” Gythien whispered. “You are right; you cannot break your promise.” She smiled weakly at him “Don’t worry about me, go back to sleep.” With that she snuggled up to him and he held her close. Soon they were both back asleep.
~ ~ ~
Gythien was sitting down with a tiny bundle in her arms. She looked down and saw a perfect little baby girl. The baby looked like Gythien, but it had Haldir’s eyes. Gythien smiled and reached out to the baby. The baby grabbed her finger and smiled at Gythien. Then Gythien felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up. It was Haldir, and he was smiling down at the two of them. “We shall name her Unedë.” He said. She looked up at him with all they joy in her heart.
She woke with a start. She understood this dream. She had thought that she was pregnant for a few days, but now she was positive. Also she noticed that Haldir had been in the dream. She knew she would not have the baby until after the battle, so did this mean that she would be successful in saving him? She smiled at her newfound knowledge as she silently leaned over and kissed Haldir on the forehead. She then laid back and thought about how happy he would be to hear the news. Just then a terrible thought came to her mind. What if he didn’t allow her to go when she told him? What if the dream depicted what would happen only if she kept her pregnancy a secret until after the battle? What if he didn’t allow her to go and he died? She couldn’t let that happen. She knew it would break her heart, but she couldn’t tell him until after their triumphant return. She hated keeping secrets, but she felt this one was necessary. She looked outside and saw the sun was rising so she silently got up and got ready for the day. She knew they had a lot of work to do that day and she was very excited. She decided to make Haldir a wonderful breakfast to show him how much she loved him. She got busy working and smiled to herself thinking about his reaction when she told him they were going to have a baby.
~ ~ ~
The sun streaming through the window gently woke Haldir. He reached across the bed, hoping to find Gythien, but he only grasped air. He smelled a wonderful home cooked breakfast, though, so he got up and went to the kitchen. Gythien had not made a meal like this for him since the morning after their wedding. She also seemed to be in a very happy mood. She was standing at the window with her back to him, just staring outside at the new day. He smiled as he looked at her. She looked so much at home in their new kitchen; Galadriel had given them a small home in the trees for their very own right after their wedding. He went up to her and put his arms around her. She looked up into his eyes with a content smile on her face. They were both immeasurably happy and, for that moment, they wanted time to stand still.
“I love you so much.” Haldir whispered. Gythien lifted her face and kissed him.
“I love you, too.”
~ ~ ~
They started working on Gythien’s disguise that morning. Haldir snuck into the guardhouses and borrowed an extra uniform form his brother, Orophin. He the crept silently out. When Gythien tried it on it fit almost perfectly already, for Orophin, being the youngest brother, was a bit smaller. They took in the sides a little bit and shortened it. They wanted the uniform to look good, for no one could know Gythien was with the massive army. Only men were allowed to fight and there could be great consequences for the two of them if they were found out. When they were done Gythien put it on and showed Haldir. He thought no one would know it was Gythien. He was so sure it would work, it just had to.
~ ~ ~
The next morning Haldir placed Gythien into the ranks by telling the other elves that she was new and assigned last minute. All the ranks of elves stood at the border of Lórien behind Celeborn and Galadriel. Gythien was worried. What if she was found out? She accidentally caught Galadriel’s eyes. Galadriel spoke to her through the mind.
“Do not worry, young warrior. I do know who you are and I also know your wish to go is very great. I will allow you to march, and fight, with the army, against my wishes. It is not for me to interfere. This is your destiny; I can deny it no longer. Good luck! Maybe the end will not be as I foresee it; maybe the mirror will be wrong. Go; protect your love, and your child.” With that Galadriel turned and walked away. Celeborn spoke quietly to Haldir and then he gave the signal to the great army telling it to go on its way. So the journey began.
~ ~ ~


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