The Last Battle – The banner of the white tower unfurled rapidly in the new dawn…

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(Please do not steal this story! Names are origanal and most ideas are also!)


The banner of the white tower unfurled rapidly in the new dawn. The castle guard sent a resounding trumpet blast through the city signaling a new day, a new day of a new year. King Iliad of Gondor walked out onto the cold stone balcony over looking the city. He could see the entire city and the fields beneath it, the great gray houses of the populous and streets unnumbered. After the battle of pelanor fields king Aragorn his great great grandfather asked the dwarves the iron hills to repair them. Extensive repairs had been done to much of the city to restore it to its former glory. The first three walls had almost all been destroyed and they had repaired them to a glory previously unknown. He put his hands on the rail and closed his eyes feeling the crisp air. Today was the annual New Year’s Day feast. All of the high standing citizens would come to the palace to partake in it.
“My lord, would it please you to come in where it’s warm? Or would you prefer to freeze?”
Iliad turned around and smiled at his kind old counselor.
“Yes thank you Nestor, do I have to give the speech today?”
“Yes, I’ve written it out for you and made it small enough that you’ll be able to hide next to your plate; and you’ve been taking lessons on how to deliver them. You’ll do fine.”
“Thank you but I’m still nervous. Every one is expecting me to do everything perfectly and I still don’t know I’m ready for this. My grandfather rebuilt this kingdom, now there is strife amidst the council, there was an uprising from the Mordor orcs three years ago.”
“Yes but they amounted to nothing, we are still strong my king, take heart, these are nothing. When you are older and wiser you will understand.”
“I hope you’re right”


In the ancient kingdom of Moria people once again roamed the halls. Dwarves had repopulated it and were now mining the gold, silver, bronze, iron, and the most precious of all, mithril. The son of Dain iron foot had reigned ever since the Dwarves had first fought there way back into the deeps and destroyed the diminished orc populace 150 years ago. They had fought for ten years to completely regain every single corridor, and now, after the deaths of countless dwarves they had they most ancient and profitable kingdom back.
There trade and wealth had increased greatly. The ancient halls had been rebuilt and some said it even passed the ancient splendor. Trade routs from the east to the west now could go under the mountains instead of over. The dwarves held one of the strongest positions in middle earth. Surrounded by mountains it was hard to get a great army to it and even harder to get it under ground. Any approach from the east was met by a narrow pass and the watcher. And the west was watched by the remaining elves on middle earth.
Down miles below the surface of the earth, down in their deepest shaft, the dwarves had unlocked a vast chamber. A dark that swallowed light filled the chamber; it was cold as if it were made of ice with the smell of death. As they looked around they found orc skeletons strewn about. They went farther and farther in; they came to a huge door in the middle of the floor. It was made of solid iron with the writings of Mordor on it, a huge chain bound the handle to open it. Now Nain son of Dain, when he heard of the door ordered all work there be stopped, the door sealed to the ground with great bars of iron and the room sealed. Wise was this order yet some of the dwarves, wishing for treasure, ordered this door open. When it opened all who were around it were burned with fire and died. The dwarves tried to close it but after the fire came balrogs in a great number that had not been scene since the first age of the world. All of the dwarves died and those who tried to close the chamber doors were killed immediately also. As soon as the door was secure an army of giant spiders came rushing out and slaughtered all that they could find. Nain gathered what he could of his army and went to fight them. For three days he and the spiders fought, and many on both sides were killed. On the third day Nain was killed and his army fled before the spiders. The refugees of Moria escaped to Lothlorien and the elves drove back the army of spiders.
The elves decided to abandon Lothlorien for a safer place. In one week Lothlorien had been emptied and the elves and dwarves had fled to and Rohan. The dwarves went to the glittering caves, while the elves went into Fangorn forest.


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