The Last Battle – In the great feasting hall of the palace King Iliad was greeting all the guests of the festival. As the last of the guests arrived Iliad went to seat at the head of a table …

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In the great feasting hall of the palace King Iliad was greeting all the guests of the festival. As the last of the guests arrived Iliad went to seat at the head of a table on a raised platform where only the elite members of society sat. The rest sat at tables were a little under the kings and in a rectangle extending from him. The painted ceiling was supported by black marble pillars with gold topped ends. The chandeliers were of bronze and crystal. The floor was polished wood with tile engravings of important scenes in the history of Gondor. There were three main doors in the hall. One of the doors at the end was made of wood with gold coverings and the other two were wooden with silver coverings. Two small doors were at the end of the hall on either side of the kings table in which the cooks could bring out the food.
The guests were all seated and awaited the kings opening speech. Iliad nervously looked around and then slowly stood up. He looked down next to plate to read his speech so carefully written by Nestor only to find that it wasn’t there. He looked at the old man and saw a barely constrained smile on his face.
“Drat that old man.” He muttered under his breath.
“I had a speech prepared. But I uhhh lost it so I guess I’ll just speak what’s on my mind. First of all I’d like to thank you all for coming, and I wish you all a happy New Year. I’d like to thank everyone who prepared this great feast. This year marks the six hundredth and 66th year since the downfall of Sauron. “
He was interrupted by an elf that had walked into the hall. He was tall with jet black hair and was dressed for war. He was caring a dead spider. The elf walked up to King Iliad and dropped it at his feet.
“Two weeks ago an army of these spiders over-ran Moria and destroyed everything there. Those that survived are at the glittering caves and Lothlorien has fallen. Unguliant has returned.”
Illiad motioned for Nestor to come over and after speaking with him and the elf he dismissed the festivity and called a council of war.
Nestor started the council by handing the elf the symbolic staff so that all would listen to him.
“My name is Cirdan Ancalimon. Before I tell you the object of my errand I think it is necessary to go over a part of history. In the age of starlight Melkor and Unguliant stole the silmaril jewels from valinor and destroyed the trees of light. Melkor was of the valar, a god, Ungoliant was a corrupted Mair spirit in her beginnings. Melkor and Ungoliant fled from valinor to the ancient fortress of angband where Melkor would have turned on Ungoliant the spider and killed her. Yet before he could carry out his plan she forced him to fulfill a promise he had no intention of keeping. He was forced to give her all the jewels that he had stolen from valinor, but he had said with both hands and he gave with one. After she had consumed all the others she questioned him as to why he didn’t feed her with his left hand, the hand in which he held the silmarils. He refused to give those to her so she started to attack him. At one point Melkor had been one of the valar, but he had become less than they because of his evil ways and a lot of his power had gone into her so that he could make his secret assault on valinor. As he was close to Angband he let out a great cry so that all his foul creatures left lurking in it during his imprisonment by the rest of the valar rushed out to save him. His legion of balrogs drove her away into the south where she was said to have starved and finally eaten herself. Before she died she was said to have bred with the large spiders already there creating these.” He held up the dead spider for every one to see. “They can stand at the height of a man grow up to six feet long, they wear armor all over their bodies. In their first two arms they can carry weapons from swords to spears, but they are unable to use a bow. From their mouths or abdomen they can shoot out a black web, their spit and bite has proven poisonous. Unfortunately the tale of her death is not true. She has awakened after four and a half ages, and has released an army of such strength not seen since the war of wrath. Moria has fallen as well as Lothlorien. To the west we do not know what has happened but it is possible they have gone as far as the Bruinen river.”
Nestor rose from his seat and took the staff from Cirdan as he sat down. He looked over the council men as he organized his thoughts. Such a threat like this was not supposed to be possible, nor were myths supposed to come to life after ages and ages.
“The entire existence of all free peoples of middle earth is threatened. I am no military genius but I say we must act quickly before they have gained too much ground and threaten the population. For the first time the fate of the world is in the hands of men. Every other time it has been the elves, but they are gone so we must take there place and trust to fate.”
The council chamber erupted into a mass argument over what should be done, most taking the side of immediate action, while less suggested to wait until better times for a military campaign. Cirdan stood up and shouted to get the councils attention and then said.
“I favor action. But if it is the decision of the council to wait then you must know this. Most of the lands to the west will fall. They have no great armies there and so when they are done there they will attack you in far stronger numbers than there are now.”
In response to this Illiad stood up and said.
“I will go with action. Although I do not want to go to war I fear that we have no choice. I will personally lead the army into battle. I want everything ready in three days. Nestor will watch the kingdom while I am gone. Cirdan, I want you to return to where ever the refugees are and meet us at Fangorn forest in two weeks what army you can assemble, send your women and children here.”
“Your choice of a meeting place is well for that is where we are.”
“Then it is settled. In two weeks time we will assault the enemy at what place of advantage we can find when we meet them. At this time any other suggestions will be taken”
A young man that was a good friend of Iliad stood up and said. “If the elves protected middle earth for ages why not ask them to come and defeat this monster. They undoubtedly have the experience.” Many of the others murmured their agreement.
Cirdan in response stood up and said. “If that were possible we would have tried it. Only a thought of mind can bring a message to them and even if they did get it I doubt that they could do anything about it.”
Nestor said. “But did not the sons of Elrond choose mortality? I’m sure that they could send a message through mind.”
“They did, but no one knows where they are, if they’re even alive, but I’ll send out messengers to look for them.”


An elf on a brown horse galloped through the dense jungles heading towards the northwestern part of Fangorn Forest. As he rode he looked around constantly for any sign of elvish inhabitation. He rode on hours for end stopping only to water his horse at the scattered streams. At one stream as he got off his horse he spotted a small house nearly buried in the snow. The elf picketed his horse and cautiously approached the house. He walked up to the door and knocked but there was no answer. The elf, whose name was Sereg slowly walked around the house. He went back to the front door and knocked again, no one answered. Sereg tried to push the door open but it wouldn’t budge so he kicked it down. The interior of the room was dark. Only natural light got in through the dusty windows. A table with old moldy food was in the middle with a wash basin filled with chipped dishes was in the corner. Cabinets and shelves lined the room. Some had fallen down while the rest chipped and scratched. There was a hallway at one end of the room that Sereg went down. It branched off into three directions, to the left it went to a room, strait ahead it went to another room, but to the right it went down another hallway into which branched off three more times. Sereg went down the right hand hallway into the room on the left. He slowly opened the door and saw a dead elf lying on a bed. Sereg recoiled in shock, but got over it quickly and examined the body. The elf had died only hours before hand from old age; no physical wound was to be found. Sereg then checked the other room and found nothing. The third room however was occupied. As he opened the door a whisper said
“Come in.”
Sereg went in and found another elf, this one slowly taking his last breaths.
“who are you?” asked Sereg.
“I am Elrohir, son of Elrond.”
“I am Sereg, I’ve been sent on an urgent mission to find you. Unguliant has returned and men can not defeat her by themselves. Elves are not strong enough to fight her any more. I have been sent to find you to see whether or not you could through power of mind contact the gray havens and ask for help.” Sereg while he was talking had gotten on his knees in order to look eye to eye with Elrohir. Elrohir sighed and looked around as if searching for an answer and trying to deal with the horrible news.
“I might be able to. If I don’t you know that men will have to prove themselves alone with out the aid of elves. And if it comes to that I fear they will fail for a long time. I want you to be quiet while I try. It is definite that this will be my last action in this world.”
Sereg stayed on his knees and barely breathed while Elrohir closed his eyes and concentrated. Elrohir’s breathing became quick and shallow, he spoke mumbled words and his eyes moved around constantly as if he were having a horrible dream. This went on for five minutes before he stopped. Elrohir opened his eyes, smiled, and looked up at Sereg. His lips were moving but no sound was coming out. Sereg bent closer to the dying elf to hear what he had to say.
“They are coming.” Elrohir said, and with that he died.
Sereg slowly stood up. He gazed at the old elf for a while and pulled a blanket over him. He walked out of the house and rode as fast as he could towards the elf’s camp.


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