The Lady Of The Nazgûl

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A/n: Hi and Welcome to my fic! I hope you like it…and I hope you review…BUT don’t be to hard on me plz…-_-…

Disclaimer : I DON’T OWN LOTR >_< hate that fact.

* They lead her in a big room, which seems to be the file room, where the history of Middle earth’s ancient realms is kept. A short chubby old man is seated behind his desk, writing.
He was shoulder length white hair and a long white beard.

His glasses are falling over the tip of his nose, he pulls them up with a finger.

He glares around and sees there are visitors. He smiles at her incorporating and tells her to take a seat. The one that leaded her in that room goes away closing the door behind him. After some time of calm talking the visitor tell the old man why they came*

“Y-you want to know about…” the old man stopped for a moment, no one had ever asked him about what she had asked for. “You want to know about the realm of Angmar?”
“Alright, alright don’t rush me, it’s hard to find any record of that realm…” *he looks in the highest of a book shelf*
“It seems that luck is with you today…here I found something that might help you…” he said sitting once again. “Put yourself comfortable, because it’s quite a long story, here we go!”

Angmar, once a great realm of the northern lands, one of the many realms that have arise and declined in the history of middle earth.

Angmar has left the barest trace in the memory of the world, and know the only reports of them survive among the descendants of their enemies.

Little is known about this heartbreakingly cold and barren land, and no one knows what REALLY happened before and after they declined.

Nothing is known for sure except all in relation of the conflict with the Dúnadan and the war with them and the men of Gondor.

Let’s just start from the very beginning, from Er-Mûrazor, although this name won’t sound very familiar to most of you because he is most known as the witch-king and lord of the Nazgûl. And as you may know, the specter was once a men.

Er-Mûrazor (“Black prince”) was a númenórian prince, the younger son of a king, Tar-ciryatan (Quenya: “ship builder”) and brother of Tar-Atanamir the great.

Er-Mûrazor was born in the year S.A 1820 and was given the name Tindomul (Quenya: “twilight son”), for he was born during a solar eclipse, and his hair was blacker than any they had ever seen.

Like his brother, with the only difference that the Black prince was extremely proud and given to aggression, he was a fierce supporter of Númenórean interests. With this qualities he soon became involved in the campaigns of the rapid conquest of Middle-earth.

During his years of young-adult he met a maiden from his own town, Nimloth the ice lady, they called her, and it took very little for Er-Mûrazor to fall in love with her, and his feelings were indeed returned. They got married in secret, because Nimloth wasn’t part of royalty. There is no other record of this.

During the second age, the Black prince went to Barad-dûr and became a pupil of the Lord of the rings.

He expanded his knowledge of enchantments and spell-casting, becoming an amazingly powerful sorcerer. His knowledge of black arts was second from Sauron’s , and quickly rose to become the dark lord’s more trusted lieutenant.

Finally he fell prey to the dark lord’s promises of wealth, power and immortality, submitting his spirit to his master, who gave him a ring of power. Thereafter the Black prince was known as the Witch-king or the lord of Morgul.

It was when Sauron sent him north that the lord of Morgul found his realm in Angmar, gathering evil people, in which he instructed the practice of black arts, and other kinds of enchantments. He and his realm fought for a long time war with the Arnorian army, and although he crushed Arnor he had to face Gondor’s army , who vanquished the host of Angmar. And by this Angmar fell ending the saga of the Northern wars.

But before and while this happened the children of the children of the children of the first generations to step in Angmar, began to reveal against the witch-king, which had promised rich and wealth, but only gave them unfertile lands and hunger.

And this was the begging of Angmar’s own war. Two sides; one composed by humans; and the other composed by the first generation who followed the Black prince, and orcs.

After Angmar was defeated, the survivors were expelled to their kin, to the upper Anduin. But were driven from there by the ancestors of the Rohirrims, cruelly forced north into Forodwaith, their ancestral homeland. The survivors were very few, either killed by the Rohirrims and the Gondorians , or killed by the cold. They weren’t allowed to go back to their realm at Angmar. No report had reach us from their fate.

” Perhaps …no, no ,no…you don’t want to hear that for sure…oh…what? you do?…Alright then, but you have to remain silence…p-perhaps there are some news that had reached to me.
This is what I know :

The Black prince’s descendants fled up to Forodwaith as the other survivors did, and lived there some years.

But wait! There’s more!:

Most that it’s thought to be extinguish is often neglected and forgotten.” The old man said thoughtfully, as remembering something.

“After some years the remaining folk of Angmar returned to their realm, building a small and humble town hidden…no one knows where…”

* The girl looks at him distrustfully.*

“No, no ,no …I had tell you enough, even more that I should…so I’ll go on…:

For a couple of years, the people of the hidden realm of Angmar remained happy and united, but their old issues came once again to surface with the secret returning of the witch-king, who wanted to create a new and improved evil realm, to help The dark lord on the last war for the one ring.

A small war has again released between the people of Angmar, and that is when the story begins, the story of the last descendant of the witch-king and how one of them was involved with the important events in the 3rd age…

Oh…but that’s another story.”

A/N: ok this is my story’s prologue, the old man and the girl don’t have anything to do with the story it’s self(or maybe they will later…) , it just seemed as a fun way of posting the fic’s info About Angmar and the witch-king, so I hoped you liked it…REVIEW!!!!


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