The Lady Of The Nazgûl – CHAPTER TWO: Orcs’ prisoner.

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Disclaimer: I don’t want to! I don’t want to!…ok, ok… I DON’T OWN LOTR…*Grrrrrrr*

A/N: It all starts in Moria, remember when the fellowship was trapped in Balin’s grave? When there were two doors, outside one of the doors there were many, many, many orcs that wanted to kill them, and the other leaded them to I don’t remember where. Then Gandalf tells the rest to go ahead while he cast a spell on the door. Well this story takes place at that moment, when the fellowship has already beaten the orcs in Balin’s grave, and are know running through the other door. I promise that my a/n will be shorter…

Chapter two, Orc’s prisoner.

There wasn’t any crack that lightened the path, and the darkness was absolute. They ran through long stairs touching the walls. They stopped and then looked back, they couldn’t see a thing except for the weak glow of the wizard’s staff coming from the room they had left behind.

They stayed like this for a moment, staring into darkness without any success. They kept on running down the stairs.

Suddenly, Boromir ,who was leading the line , tripped with something that was spread on a step, falling down the stairs, but not to far down. Aragorn run down to help him, while Legolas went and find out what was the thing Boromir had tripped with.

Aragorn came along with Boromir, who wasn’t badly injured, just with a little pain.

” Damn you orcs!” Boromir said, thinking that he had tripped with a helmet or something.

“Always leaving things in the ground!” Aragorn said.

“In the ground it is.” Legolas said worried. “But I don’t think it is an orc or some orkish ornament. This wounds don’t look good…” he said almost to himself.

“What is it Legolas?” Aragorn asked.

” I’m afraid, that Boromir tripped over an orc’s prisoner. What a disgrace dying in orkish hands!” he said looking at the body. He then came closer to the orc’s prisoner face, he felt the prisoner’s breathing in his skin. “He is alive!” He said happy . “We must help him.”

“Help who?” Gandalf had come back from fitting the orcs.

“Gandalf!” Frodo exclaimed

“Yes, yes…all done now…” He said referring to his little “battle” up there. “I did my best…oh! I nearly forgot, help who?”

“Boromir tripped with something…someone” Pippin said from behind.

“He is injured…most and the worst of his wounds are closed, but they look ugly, I think they have some poison.” Legolas said in a concerned tone of I will help him you want it or not.

“Mmm…” Gandalf took a look at the wounds, some were in the neck, and in the arms, but which worried him the most was one he had on the stomach. “We are running out of time, it would be inappropriate if we left him here, we’ll take him with us, and when we get out of Moria we’ll see what to do.”

Gandalf opened a small leather bottle, and gave the stranger, who was barely conscious, a drink from what was inside.

“May the miruvor help you” He whispered at him.

“Thank you…” It was difficult for the stranger to talk, saying something worn him out. But the miruvor did help him indeed, it revitalized his limbs, and the pain seemed to be bearable.

He stood up with Gandalf’s help, wobbling a bit, but he could walk.

“He is too weak to run. Someone will have to carry him.” Aragorn said. “I’ll carry him.”

“No, no. We need you if anything happens.” Gandalf said. “I see that we have no other choice than Boromir, if he accepts”

Everyone turned to Boromir.

He carried him. The stranger holding on Boromir’s shoulders.

To Boromir’s surprise the stranger, was very light for being a man, he even thought of the possibility that he was a woman, but immediately he thought that that wasn’t possible.

*Women stay at home, being protected by men, he must be and elf then.* He thought. * But how was it possible that an orc entered elven lands and took him prisoner? Maybe he was walking and that’s when it happened…* He decided he would ask him later.

They kept on running, with the orcs right behind them. Soon they realized that the orcs had surrounded them in the endlessly hallway. They spotted something that looked like fire, a red glow on the walls at the end of the hallway.

The orcs were more and more, and the fellowship had lost any hope of getting out of Moria alive. Legolas , still hopeful , raised his bow, ready to attack probably for his last time, but he lowered it again disconcerted, the orcs, suddenly ran away terrified.

“What is this new devilry?” Boromir asked both stranged and proud in way, thinking this was all Gandalf’s doing .

“A Balrog. A demon of the ancient World. This foe is beyond any of you. Run!” Gandalf ordered.

And so they did, they ran as fast as they could towards the bridge of Khazad-dûm.

Unfortunately their road wasn’t going to be that easy, they found a break in the rock which didn’t allowed them to continue.

Legolas jumped the gap, for him this was pretty easy, but for the hobbits this was a different matter.

“Gandalf!” he called out for the wizard and made reach for him, helping him to cross over.

Now they had a problem. Who would crossover the stranger?

“I know.” Pippin said. “Boromir or Aragorn can toss us to the other side, that way he could help er…” he didn’t know how to call the stranger, call him stranger would be to cold and unpleasant for the stranger.

“Good idea Pippin.” Aragorn came in.

So Boromir tossed Pippin into Legolas arms, Aragorn followed him tossing Merry.

Everyone had forgot about the stranger, who was now standing behind Frodo.

Boromir went for him.

“Hold on!” he said as he began running to make the jump. They reached the other side safely.

Aragorn and Frodo were still standing on the other side of the gap, and the rock looked as is was about to collapse any minute. Aragorn grabbed Frodo by the back of his shirt.

“Steady! Hold on!” Aragorn told Frodo, as the rock began to sway. “Hang on!” The top of the stone broke away from the bottom bit, and fell, towards the bit of stone in which the rest of the Fellowship was standing on. “Lean forward!” and as they did the stone went forward enough allowing them to jump on to the other side safely.

“I can run now.” The stranger told Boromir. He got of his back stretching his long legs out. Boromir was a bit stranged, wow, how fast did the miruvor worked. He looked at him for a long time.

“Over the bridge , fly!” Gandalf commanded taking Boromir of his trance.

As they ran Gandalf turned to face the Balrog, the others waited for him. They continue to ran across the bridge, and while the others continue onwards, Gandalf remained in the middle of the bridge, facing the Balrog.

“You cannot pass!” Gandalf screamed with anger.

Hearing this Frodo turns around scared.

“Gandalf!” he yelled. The others turned around too, looking at Gandalf fearing for his feature.

“I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor! The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udun! Arrghh! Go back to the Shadow!! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!” They all felt the anger and yet power in the old man’s voice. Gandalf broke the bridge, causing the Balrog to fall. He sighted , and turned around, but as he did , the whip of the Balrog catch around his ankle, and he was pulled down. He managed to grab, uselessly, onto the edge of the bridge. “Gandalf!” Frodo screamed , running towards Gandalf.

“No!, no!” Boromir tolled him as he grabbed him to stop him running back onto the bridge.

“so courageous and still so little…what a funny crature.” the stranger muttered in his own tongue, so for those there, this was incomprehensible.

“Gandalf!” Frodo kept on yelling.

The stranger came towards him and put his hand on Frodo’s shoulder, patting him softly.

“Fly, you fools.” And those were Gandalf the grey’s last words ,before he fell down into the dark and deep abyss of the bridge of Khazad-dûm.

The Fellowship emerged, finally, from the darkness of Moria, and found themselves in brilliant sunlight, in the mountains, where they stopped for some time, grieving. Sam “threw” himself onto the rock, head in hand, while Boromir comforted a shouting Gimli, who struggled, as though meaning to re-enter the mines. Merry consoled a weeping Pippin, with grief and sorrow in his own face. Nearby, Legolas stood alone, wearing a look of disbelief. Aragorn wiped his sword clean in a single stroke, then resheaths it. The stranger in the light brown cape, walked, as he could, towards a great rock, he sat there lying his back on it and resting his head. The last race to the mines exit had worn him out completely.

“Legolas, get them up.” Aragorn told him, Legolas looked shocked.

“Give them a moment for pity’s sake!” Boromir came in.

Aragorn didn’t even seemed upset and said:

“By nightfall these hills will be swarming with Orcs. We must reach the woods of Lothlorien. Come Boromir. Legolas, Gimli, get them up.”

He walked over to Sam, and helped him up “On your feet, Sam.” He said. He turns around thinking that he’s going to find Frodo, but sees that he has wandered away. “Frodo! Frodo!!” he called out. Frodo turned round as a single tear runs through his face.

He walked back to were the fellowship was. All of a sudden he remembered the stranger, actually he couldn’t see him,. Were was him?

“were is the…the stranger?” Frodo asked Aragorn. He turned around looking for him, but couldn’t see him.

“Legolas! The stranger is missing!” Aragorn told him.

Legolas looked around and couldn’t fin him either.

“He was injured, so I don’t think he has scaped” Boromir said.

Suddenly Gimli’s voice was heard from behind a big rock beside another big rocks.

“Hey …look who I found here!” he said.

They all came were the stranger was. His face was hidden underneath the hood.

“I’m sorry!” Aragorn said. “I forgot you were hurt. Tell me how bad does it hurt?”

There was no answer. They exchanged looks and then Boromir said: “Hey!” and shook him up.

They hadn’t realize that the stranger was unconscious, or that his wounds were infected, so they walked with him up to a place were they could camp. There Aragorn healed every wound that needed to be healed with Athelas, and finally, came the stranger’s turn (a/n: who should have been healed first…), who was still unconscious. Slowly Aragorn removed the cape, in order to take a better look at those wounds in the neck and arms. He removed it and everyone came near to find out who was this stranger, this prisoner held up by the orcs. Aragorn folded and placed the cape under his head, not noticing his face or anything unlike his companions, who’s mouths hanged open and their eyes wide with shock, Aragorn took a look at him…or should I say HER.

A/n: ok…hoped you liked it…if there’s any spelling mistake or if some of the sentences aren’t very coherent please forgive me…it’s 3:47 am , and my brain works slower this late. Ok…and remember REVIEW , REVIEW ,REVIEW!!!!!!!!! Thanks to: Lalaith- Elerrina, Culedhelwen, Arwen 32315, Rangeress Wolf and Aragorn 111, Thanks for all your support and kind comments, you make my day!!


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