The Lady Of The Nazgûl – CHAPTER THREE, Witch

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Chapter three, Witch.

They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw that HE was a SHE. A more or less young girl, quite tall, but shorter than Aragorn and Boromir. She had a very beautiful face, and a slender figure, although a bit hidden under the tunic. Her hair was pale gold, straight and shiny and long, her skin was light golden but still in a way white. (a/n: it’s a bit hard to describe…).

“I thought she was a he…” Pippin laughed confused.

“Yes, me too…” Gimli said, taking a closer look at her face, still not sure of what his eyes saw.

“Well, women or men, we have to take care of him…her until she’s able to walk again.” Aragorn said, putting some Athelas in boiling water, healing with this her wounds.

While he did this, the rest of the fellowship sit next to the girl taking a special look at how Aragorn healed her.

“This should heal soon…” he said when he had ended. “we’ll rest here.” He said then, turning to his friends.

So they did, midnight was close, Aragorn mount guard while the others slept. Legolas slept beside the girl, he had taken her under his wing, although he didn’t know her.


“Isn’t it wonderful? Open you eyes!”

She opened her eyes. Waking up from a dream. She tried to remember it, but was useless. The only thing she could remember of it was that she was in a place warm and nice and she happy and safe. She couldn’t recognize the voice who told her to open her eyes, it was a man, but his voice wasn’t of any man that she knew back in Angmar or in the ice bay of Forochel, were she had relatives, her uncle and lord of the icy bay. Maybe this voice was a lost memory she had from her father’s voice. Long was since her parents died. * Damn you men of Gondor! Damn you Rohirrims!*

This, for some reason, snapped her back to reality. She had no idea of what had happened to her or were she was. *Wait! The snow…and then orcs! Yes, orcs…and mines…and darkness…and then…men and a Balrog…and then light.* she remembered.

But this still left her the other and most important question…where she was?

She sat up looking around , trying to see something in the darkness.

“Were am I?” she muttered worried.

“Somewhere between Moria and Lothlorien.”

She turn to a side, and saw Legolas. He smiled. She looked at him as he was the weirdest thing she had ever seen.

“It’s alright, I’m not going to hurt you, calm down.” The elf said with a smile.

“Who are you? What am I doing here?” She yelled.

” Calm down…” he said as softly as he could, maybe this way the girl wouldn’t feel threatened.

The girl’s screaming woke up Boromir, and brought Aragorn to were they where. They both took out their weapons, the girl backed up scared looking at them with anger. Legolas indicated them to lower their weapons, so they did.

“I’m Legolas from Mirkwood, if that makes you feel better.” Legolas said. “I will now want to hear you name, please.”

She nodded. “My name? Well…like, well.. I like…well…what about their names?!” she said pointing Aragorn and Boromir. Seeing that the girl wouldn’t reveal her name until the others did, Legolas decided to tell her.

“He, is Aragorn, son of Arathorn.” He said, and Aragorn bowed. “and he is Boromir son of Denethor” Boromir bowed to, although by force.

She gave them a look and then sighted. “Err…ok…my name is Nimloth.”

“But Nimloth what? I mean what your surname lady?” Pippin came in from behind some bushes were he was hiding to listen to the conversation.

The four of them turned in surprise, the two humans and the elf hummed to them selves at the night visitor, while the girl was shocked, looking with her eyes wide open at the halfing.

“Yes…Nimloth what?” Boromir said.

“Err… you don’t want to know…” she said giggling nervously.

“Yes we do!” Pip said hopping to her side.

“Err.. well…if you insist…I am Nimloth…Took.” She said remembering that she had heard that surname somewhere.

“Took? But that’s our friend’s surname.” Legolas said pointing Pippin.

Pippin looked at her, from head to toes. “Took?…we are family? But you are quite tall to be a hobbit…”

There was a long and cold silence. She felt stared, well maybe it was because the others were staring at her.

” And…well…” Boromir broke the silence.

“Ok, ok…I’m not a Took…nor a hobbit, as you can see…” starring at her feet. She rolled her eyes and sighed. “…Tindomul, Nimloth Tindomul…”

” Tindomul, the twilight son…Khelektári.” Legolas said a bit scared. Nimloth was shocked and afraid.

“Well…It’s just that I…well it is like …kinda’… yes…” she said stammering . “But I won’t harm you…much has been said about me and my people…but we aren’t all evil.”

“I thought that the realm of Angmar was lost and extinguished.” Legolas said.

“Lost…yes, extinguished …not quite yet.” Nimloth said smiling and humming to her self.

“Angmar! The realm of the witch-king! Such a evil land, but the great Gondor defeated it long time ago.” Boromir said.

“The “great Gondor” you say?” Nimloth said annoyed. ” Your “great Gondor” did nothing but cruelly kill my people, your “great Gondor” never thought of innocent people, who were under the witch-king’s power and weren’t evil. I should die before I call Gondor a great country.”

“Yes? And Angmar is an innocent and peaceful land isn’t it?” Boromir said.

“You shouldn’t talk about what you don’t know…man of Gondor” she said despiteful.

“I know enough to say that Angmar was and is an evil land, and that Angmarians were evil witches and warlocks.”

“Maybe you know about Angmar’s past…but, you do not know a thing about Angmar now a days. Men of Gondor ,always thinking they know everything, always bragging of their greatness and wisdom, when they are anything but that.”

“How rude you are. Do you have any idea of whom you’re talking to?” Boromir said in a superior tone. “How do you dare to talk to me, Boromir son of Denethor, steward of Gondor, like this, you are the most disrespectful maiden I’ve ever known…and how dare you-“

“Boromir…do you know what khelektári means?” Aragorn said. Boromir shrugged, he had no idea…well it wasn’t his fault, the *** name or what ever was in elvish.

“How you dare to speak to ME, Nimloth Tindomul, lady of the realm of Angmar, like that. You are the most disrespectful man I have ever knew.” Nimloth said.

“I don’t owe you respect, witch.” Boromir said lying were he was lying before, turning around giving them his back.

” Nah…Don’t listen to him, he’s bitter.” Pippin told her.

Aragorn, Legolas and Nimloth stayed awake, while Pippin was sent to sleep. Nimloth told them her quest, but they didn’t.

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