The Lady of the Nazgûl – CHAPTER ONE: Running away.

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Chapter one, running away.

The afternoon was already becoming a night. Some stars were shinning slightly in the pale sky.

That day ,as always, had been a cold day, the wind blew all day long, and it promised to blow even harder as the night advanced.

The girls were sitting on a large and long wooden table. On the left side of it, the fire burned inside a huge chimney. On top of the mantelpiece there were several boxes, most of them music boxes, painted with dark colored designs and some strange runes, every box different from each other.

“Look at this, girls” a sweet , but strong and determined voice said.

She took a pinch of some black powder from a small and rusty cauldron and threw it inside a bigger cauldron that was in front of her.

” POUF!!” The black powder reacted, and a small smoke spate went up from the cauldron spinning, and spinning until “POUF!” the smoke spate turned into a small smoke figure: a black eagle flying upon some mountains.

The girls laughed. Seven ladies were in that room, doing witchcraft. But compared with what they called witchcraft this was considered as a game, almost as an optic illusion created with smoke and mirrors.

“You are learning very fast. I will have to take care of my job as the town’s sorceress if you keep like this.” Another voice said.

The girls laughed again.

One sitting at the very end mixed some colored powders and made a green butterfly appear.

They kept mixing powders and making things appear and disappear for a while, until they decided to chat.

“I think he is very handsome.” A bright red hair girl said giggling.

“Yes, he is. But do you know who I think is the most handsome of all?” Another one said. This girl had a long and straight honey blonde hair.

The girls kept silence looking at her anxious. The girl took a look at al the other girls mischievously smiling. And taking a long look at the girl who made the eagle smoke figure appear she said:

“I think the most handsome of all is…” she paused to make the tension and suspense stronger. “…Draug-rog!!! (“wolf demon”

All the girls were speechless, but others began to nod and smile in agreement. Except the one that had made the eagle figure.

“Ewww!” she said disgusted “My brother cute? You are totally insane!”

“But he is!” The girl with the straight blonde hair said. “How couldn’t him? With those sea green eyes, that slightly tanned skin , and that pale blond hair of him, without mentioning his figure.”

“Anyway.” The bright red hair girl came in “Who does Nimloth (“white flower “think is the most handsome? That is something I’m sure everyone wants to know, my lady.”

“Arathôlien, Arathôlien…” Nimloth said. “If I tell you or anybody else my reputation of being mysterious will be ruined, and if that happens I won’t be interesting.”

“Very funny, my lady. But tell us, please, you won’t be less interesting to us…”

Nimloth sighed, and turned looking outside the window. She had no answer for that question. Men in Angmar, in her opinion, were insensible cold hearted warriors, proud and stubborn men, which thought of women as trophies or prices for their achievements in battles.

“Nimloth, is interested in a very handsome (not her brother, obviously) men, tall and gentile.” Mororn (“dark tree”, the town’s sorceress said, noticing her friend’s indecision.

All the girls squeaked happy, now they knew a “big” secret and were satisfied.

Suddenly the doors opened harshly, 3 men came in, all of them tall, blonde and strong looking.

“Nimloth!” one of them, called Thalion said. He was the tallest and the blondest, tanned skin and bright blue eyes. “I mean…my lady” and he blushed.

The girls exchanged looks and smiles.

“What is it Draug-rog?” she asked at the one in the middle, a young man, tall and strong looking. His beautiful and noble face, showed stored worries, his pale blonde hair was soaking wet, and although his skin that usually was slightly tanned , was pale, a sick looking pale.

“They have knock down the gates. Nimloth, Mororn, I need to talk to you, and for the rest, you have to go to basement, Thalion and Alakpaurion will lead you there. Go!”

When the three were left alone, Draug-rog closed the doors and locked them.

“He is here.” He said worried and afraid.

“The witch..” Mororn covered Nimloth’s mouth as she was about to say Witch-king.

” Never pronounce his name while he is around…” Mororn said, looking severely at Nimloth. She turned and looked at Draug-rog. “He must be looking for the gem.”

“I’m afraid so.” Draug-rog said. “Nimloth, do you have the black gem I gave you?”

“Yes…” she said taking a chain that hanged from her neck that had been until then hidden underneath her black dress. From the chain a black gem hanged, shiny, as diamond, a black diamond.

Suddenly the room began trembling, more than 60 orcs and evil men were trying to get in the “castle” (to big to be a house, to small to be a proper castle).

“We don’t have much time left, and less to loose. While you are here you are in danger Nimloth, that gem is no ordinary gem, is the gem that was taken from the black prince’s ring. He wants it to complete his power.”

“What are you trying to tell me?” She asked him, suspecting but not sure of what he would ask her to do.

“This gem cannot stay here Nimloth, it’s your inheritance.” He said coldly.

“But-but…” Nimloth began.

He hugged her. “Believe me sister, if I could, then I would I’ll take that ***ed gem out of here, but I cannot, I’m the captain, and I can’t abandon my men or my people, they need me here, as I need you to be strong, be strong.”

“I’m not strong…” she wipe. “What about you Mororn?”

“I need to stay here too, I’m the town’s sorceress, you know I have to fight back any magic attack the others send us…” Mororn said anguished, Nimloth was like a sister to her, almost as a daughter, she had been with her ,her hole life and she was fearing this moment some time ago, the day that her prediction would come true.


She was dressed up in journey clothes, a mossy green tunic brown tights, dark brown or black, you couldn’t tell, boots and finally a light brown cape, lined with animal skin.

She had to leave know, they were standing at the “back door” of the town, she knew she had to go, but she couldn’t move, she wouldn’t be able to get out.

Draug-rog wasn’t very loving with Nimloth, often he found ways of showing his appreciation to her but this time was different. He embraced his sister and began to rock. Nimloth began crying, while Mororn looked at them sadly.

“Shhhh… you have to go now…” he told her. “Be strong, be strong for your beloved people…”

“I’m sorry…I can’t, I’m afraid…” she said between sobs.

He put his hands in her face and looked her straight into her pale light blue eyes.

“Do you know why you were named after our ancestor?” he asked her. “She was strong, named after Gondor’s tree, for her beauty and strength, you my sister, were named after that strong women. That means something don’t you think?

“I have to go…” she said “whether I like or not. Where do I have to take the gem?”

“Take it to Gondor, they’ll know what to do with it.”

She hugged for the last time her brother and friend and run into darkness into a forest, only to turn round and see her town burning while a winged creature fled over it , announcing death.

She wanted to remember her brother’s last encouraging words, but she just remembered this:

“Going by the name khelektári (“Ice queen”, as you are most known, is dangerous, use your name, Nimloth Tindomul, otherwise you’ll scare anyone to death.”

* Humm… wonder why he said that.* she mused her self, trying not to pay much attention at the war.

She walked in darkness, as quick as she could, she walked in darkness to an uncertain destination.

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