The Lady Of The Nazgûl – Chapter four, Verbal fighting.

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Chapter four, Verbal fighting.

The night went by, and the sun raised again in the mountains, pale and yellow. They hit the road early.

Now they were only a week away from Lothlorien. 3 days ago they had left Moria. And Nimloth had already made a friend, or something like that: Pippin was the only one she felt she cold talk to. The other hobbits were nice to her, and so was Legolas and Aragorn, but Gimli and Boromir were a different matter. As soon as Gimli found out Nimloth was a witch he started being very cautious, and looking at her out of the corner of his eye. As for Boromir, needless is to say that he wasn’t very happy with the girl’s origin, and knowing she was descendant of the witch-king made him dislike her even more and yes…in a way he even feared her.

Nimloth was uncomfortable, the man of Gondor, as she called Boromir, gave her some dreadful looks, which she wouldn’t be able to stand much longer without bursting out and yelling at him.

“What’s wrong ?” Aragorn asked at her.

“It’s the man of Gondor,” she replied, “he keeps on looking at me as if I was…”

“Evil? An evil witch?”

“Yes…” she scolded.

“But aren’t you a witch?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m evil, besides you saved my life, I wouldn’t use my powers against you.”

“Can you make a storm?” Pippin asked a bit too thrilled by the idea of it. He wasn’t really part of Aragorn’s and Nimloth’s conversation, but he came in anyway.

“Yes I can,” Nimloth told him with an evil grin. “Oh, and I can do more than just a storm…I can turn things into…other things!” she said with the spookiest evilest voice she cold use.

“Re-really?” Pip mumbled as a shiver ran up his back.

“Yes, and thinking about it… I feel like turning something now, I feel like turning a hobbit into…a FROG!!!” she screeched scaring Pippin and laughing like an evil witch. Then her laughter became normal again, and was joined by Aragorn’s.

“Ha, ha, very funny…” Pippin scoffed

“Oh…forgive me Pip, I couldn’t help myself…” she laughed. “You fell for it completely!”

“No I didn’t.” he said.

“Yes you did.” Nimloth said changing her voice again. Pippin hid behind Aragorn, who was laughing.

Nimloth stopped to laugh at Pippin. Boromir ,who was behind, walked by them, and “unintentionally” stepped over Nimloth’s foot.

” WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM!!!” she yelled at him. He ignored her, the rest of the fellowship turned round. Seeing this, she walked straight up to him (he was still walking) and pushed him down to the floor and then walked over him. Boromir grasped her ankle making her fall too. She pulled his hair, he did so too grunting, she kicked him and pulled his ears, he didn’t kick her but did pull her ears, and the routine continued, as the fellowship tried to separate them. Finally, Legolas managed to get hold of Nimloth, as Aragorn struggled with Boromir.

“Jerk!” Nimloth yelled at Boromir.

“Idiot!” he replied.

“I hate you!”

“I hate you too.”

“Hope you die!”

“Hope you die first!”

And with this they calmed down and continued the marching.

Only 4 days parted them from Lothlorien. They stopped for a brake, it was about midday and they’ve been walking since yesterday’s night. Even Nimloth and Boromir who had been verbal fighting all the way, decided that it was time for a truce. Everyone was happy when Aragorn announced they were to spent the rest of the day there.

Aragorn, Boromir, Gimli and Legolas discussed the road they should take and those sort of things, while the others : the hobbits and Nimloth laid on the grass and rested. It was so good to be less important when it came to make decisions.

The hobbits were asleep. Nimloth closed her eyes ready to follow their example.

“Nimloth?” she was awoken by the youngest hobbit, Pippin.

“Hum?” she hummed back. Eyes shot.

“How was it back there in Angmar?” he propped himself on his elbows, looking at her face.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, what does Angmar looks like?” He said curiously.

“Not much to see really, lots of snow, our winter is very long and cold, and our land is always barren, but in spring…” she sighed, and faced the hobbit smiling. “In spring ,Pip, Angmar is a paradise, the fresh green grass is covered with flowers, lavenders and roses, red roses, the trees are leafy, the sky is blue, and the sun shines all day long, warm and beautiful. Is during spring when Angmar is worth seeing.”

“It sounds very nice, and the way you describe it remembers me of the shire. What about you’re family, I’ve told you about mine, but I still don’t know anything about yours.”

“Hobbits! Your curiosity is never satisfied is it? Yes, I think is fair if I tell you about my family huh?” she sighted. “Well…it’s my brother and I and of course Mororn, my friend, who’s like a sister to me. You see, my parents died long time ago, I was 3 and my brother , Draug-rog, was 6. After our parents death we were sent to live with our uncle, in his realm in the ice bay of Forochel until we were old enough to go back with our people and rule them properly.”

“I’m sorry…” Pippin said pitifully. A nod was all he got back. And after that they both fell into a deep sleep.

A/N: sight this was a long chappie…or at least it felt like long …I know this isn’t the best chapter, hopefully the next ones will be much better…Oooooh! I see some interesting things that are going to happen soon…very soon… I think I’m going to focus my attention on what’s happening to the fellowship, but if you guys tell me hint, hint! that you want to hear about what’s going on in Angmar I may change my opinion. thanks again for all those wonderful reviews…RRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIEEEEEEWWWWWWWW …reviewsss are our preciousss…we lovesss them, yess we lovesss tem very, very much.


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