The King’s Son-Part 4 – The Return of the King’s Son

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To you fellow Tolkienists:I have hopes of writing a sequel to this story. I have tried time and time again to think of idea and gone blank. If you have any ideas please post. This i the end of my story, I hope you enjoyed it. Another thing, about the term “Freaked out” in my previous story, I am not Tolkien, I just put what I would think if I was in that situation. What would you think if you were in that situation?(I am alo not Aragorn either).

“A man came to me one night, that was 5 years ago.He had a baby with him. He asked me to take care of the child for him till he came back and whatever I did, do not let King Elessar find me or the baby or he will kill it. I took care the child for the past 5 years.
“A couple days ago I went into town. While I was there I overheard ome men talking about King Elessar and that his son was kidnapped 5 years ago. I thought about the child that the man had brought to me 5 years ago. I went againt what the man told me and decided to bring the child to you. May I ask you what his name is?”
“Eldarion,” I replied.I picked Eldarion up into my arms and hugged him. I was still confued a little, about the man that took Eldarion away. I had my son back.
However, I was tired and I needed to rest. I tried to put Eldarion down but he not unwrap his arms from behind my neck.(just trying to put a little humor in so don’t jump all over me).
I finally was able to free his arm from behind my neck. I took him to him room and tucked him in to bed. I sent a message to Minas Tirith with the news.
We started on our way to Minas Tirith early in the morning that way we would arrive late afternoon. The whole city wa celebrating on the return of the King’s son. The sun shone again and they lived happily ever after, till the end of their days.



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