The King’s Daughter – Chapter 1- And Then There Were Two

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Thirteen Years Ago….

Aragorn waited outside the Houses of Healing, He held little Eldarion in his arms as he waited. Eowyn was walking down the streets when she saw him, little Matthew hung on to her head as he walked with his Mommy. She noticed the concerned look on the King’s face as he paced back and forth in front the door. Eowyn smiled slightly as she watched him, she knew how tense he was when this happened, he was always so nervous.

She walked up to him, “Hey, is it the Day?” She asked. Matthew pulled at her arm. Aragorn smiled and set Eldarion on the grass beside the path where he and Matthew began to play. “Yes, it is, she’s been in there an awful long time.” He tried to keep the worry out of his voice, but was very unsuccessful. Eowyn smiled and teased, “You not worried, are you?”
“Nay, not at all,” He said, trying to smile.
“You know, you’re a very lousy liar.”
Aragorn just smiled sheepishly. Eowyn laughed at him when the door opened. Immediately Aragorn was beside the nurse when had come out. The nurse laughed at his expression and said, “She’s fine, you can go in and see her if you want.” Aragorn looked back at Eowyn who said, “Go ahead, I will look after Eldarion.” He smiled and walked into the room.

Aragorn walked upstairs and into a room, Arwen lay there with a baby in her arms. Aragorn walked over to her and sat on the bed, he peered into the blanket. Arwen uncovered the babies face. Aragorn tickled her nose, “Suilad, my little baby.” Arwen smiled at him, “Ellessar, it’s a baby girl.” Aragorn smiled, “My Little Dandiae. What shall we name her?” Arwen smiled at him, she had already thought of a name, “How is Elaine?” Aragorn smiled, “Elaine, my little Elaine.”

Five Years Ago…

“Please daddy, please let me go, pleaseeeeeeeeee.” Little eight year old Elaine was hanging on to her father leg as he walked toward the palace door “Please, please, please, please, please, please.” Aragorn pried her off of his leg and held her up; he noticed the fire in her green eyes and shook his head. I thought red hair meant fury not stubbornness, but in this case there are both. Aragorn carried the resting Elaine her chair near the thrown. “No, Elaine, you can’t go you must stay here with your mother and Hannah, if you leave Hannah will miss her big sister.” Elaine didn’t let up “But they get to go.” She said, pointing her accusing finger at her brother and Matthew. Aragorn sighed “There going is different.
“How?” Elaine asked in a sarcastic voice.
“They are boys.”
“You are not going and that is final!”
By this time Aragorn was getting angry, she had backed him into a corner, and how could he explain that she couldn’t go because girls were supposed to be brought up nice and be maidens and stay at the house while the men went to war. He had let her wrestle and play with Eldarion and Matthew to long. He didn’t want to admit it but he new that she was just as good as them, but it must be stopped.

Elaine crossed her arms and tossed her head, sending her long red hair over her shoulder. She got up and marched up to her quarters. She sat on the window seat that looked out at the river Anduin; she could see the fall of Rauros from her window and the Druadan forest, she could also see Ithilien, where Matthew lived, she had been there once with her mother to see Faramir and Eowyn. She watched as her father, Faramir, Matthew, Eldarion, and Gandalf on Shadowfax rode away towards Rohan. She sighed and went back down to where her mother was watching Hannah.


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