The Key to Middle Earth – Chapter 2 The sun sets…..

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Lord Farquir was small and rather fat, with a gruff voice and long black beard which made him look rather like a Dwarf. Elizabeth slowly approached him. She had always been weary of him – although he was a good friend of her late father and her brother, she never felt comfortable in his presence.
” My Lady, what a pleasent surprise. I thought you were traveling with your sister and Larwina,” Farquir barked as he strode up to Elizabeth, taking her hands and smiling. ” Are you not traveling to Moria?. I thought your mother was there…” he broke off seeing Elizabeth’s eyes fill with tears. She turned away from him and pulled her hands from his grasp. She felt sick as she looked at him. ” Your mother..she is better is she not? I heard she was well again…” Once again, Farquir saw his words brought greif to Elizabeth, and quickly stopped.
“My Lord, I am tired. I must go….Darce is out on the balcony – I trust it is him you have come to see,” Elizabeth whispered as she brushed away her tears. She new of Farquir’s feeling for her and pitied him. She could never love him, even if she wanted to. She glanced at his dark eyes, that seemed permently fixed upon her. She shuddered. “He is weak and needs your support my Lord….,” she said with a small smile. “I know that your wisdom will free his troubled mind and show him hope” Farquir raised his eyebrow and reached for Elizabeth’s hand. Elizabeth squeaked and moved away from him, emotion overpowering her. “Leave me alone…leave now!” she cried and she ran out of the large wooden door towards the stables, leaving Farquir alone in the Hall….
At this Darce appeared. He also knew of Farquir’s feelings for his sister,and did not approve of them.
“Farquir!,” he cried, trying to sound anonymous to what had just happened. “My dear old friend!” Farquir looked up and smiled. At least Darce was there. That seemed to take away the pain…
“Darce! How are you my friend?” he bellowed, he too trying to rub off the effects of his meeting with Elizabeth. “Im here to give you some good news. Motrani is back and he has an army fit for a King! No more shall we fear Zernoke and his disceet!” Farquir clasped a firm hand on Darce’s shoulder. This seemed to comfort both of them, for they had both just suffered great pain and missfortune.
“Motrani? He has returned? Oh what joy this brings!” Darce cried with both relife and happiness. “Kingsley shall be most pleased. So shall Elizabeth…” he glanced at Farquir, who was now looking withered and lonely. “But we must tell Hartthorne – it is he who shall dance for joy! He has waited for Motrani for many a year…oh it shall please him to see his dear cousin again!” To Darce’s delight, this seemed to cheer up Farquir no end and he watched as a wide grin spread across his face. At this moment Kingsley rentered the Hall. His face looked swollen and his eyes were red and blotchy. A small smile appeared on his face as Farquir came into view.
“Farquir…what news from the falls?” Kingsley asked a touch of excitment was added to his otherwise grim tone.
“Motrani is back Kingsley..with a great army!” said Farquir, his voice to had picked up and soon the three of them stood there grinning.
“What wonderful news – i must say you have brightened my spirits no dought Farquir,” Kingsley said. “This shall improve the troops hope I’m sure…” He looked at Darce. His face now once again darkened. “Darce, I pray there is no end to this happy news, but mustn’t we be prepearing for the battle – Farquir have you come to fight for the key?”
“I have indeed Kingsley,” Farquir’s voice had now returned to his weary and intimedating bark, as he too was begining to feel the fear of what was to come…..


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