The Journey’s Path or The Road Has Gone – Part One

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She stood in the middle of a deserted field, the autumn afternoon sun warming her skin. A gust of wind picked up her long silver hair blowing it across her face. He crept across the field, silently moving towards her. As she brushed her hair behind her ears, he approached from behind. Slowly he drew his sword from its sheath and lifted it into the air.

As he was about to strike when she whirled around knives drawn, knocking his weapon from his hands in one fluid motion. Crouching he pulled a dagger out from inside his boot and charged her, she lifted her leg high and kicked him in his chest. He fell back. She kicked him again this time with more force, his body fell to the ground.

Quickly she was ontop of him, one knife against his throat. ‘What do you say?’, she commanded as a strand of hair flew across her face and stuck to her lip. ‘I might say the student has surpassed the teacher.’ She said nothing in response and then ‘You might, but it would not be true.’ He let out a boisterous laugh, ‘I wouldn’t be so sure.’ Caladeth lowered her knife and laughed as she helped Aragorn to his feet. She stood a little less than his height with long blonde hair so light that almost seemed silver. Her skin was fair and untouched by age, but her deep grey eyes revealed the truth of her years. She was clad in stained and weatherbeatten clothes that were once a dark blue, she was one with her environment, able to move with out being seen or heard, requirements for life as a ranger.

The two sat down beside a tree, resting as they had a meager supper over a small fire. ‘I am journeying back towards the Shire tonight’, Aragorn said taking a long puff from his pipe. Caladeth nodded staring off into the west at the setting sun as all around them grew darker. ‘So you will not be accompanying me?’ She shook her head, turning to face him, ‘I make for Rivendell, you already know that.’ ‘I was hoping you changed your mind’, he leaned forward and put his pipe down. ‘You desire to see him again.’ She blushed and quickly turned her gaze back to the sun, ‘My errands take me there, if I should see him then I will be fortunate.’ He laughed and stood up, ‘It is time we left this place.’

They disguised their traces from the camp and made to depart. Aragorn placed his hand on her shoulder and looked sternly into her eyes, ‘Be on your guard, the nine are abroad.”I will’, ‘Be careful, I do not want to see you hurt.’ She laughed at this ‘I am capable of defending myself in battle.’ ‘It is not battle that worries me.’ ‘Aragorn, my virtue and my heart are not for you to worry about.’ ‘Someone should.’ She smiled at him as she tied back her hair and pulled up her hood. ‘Caladeth, I will see you again shortly in Rivendell.’ She nodded and the two parted ways for the time.

Rivendell had always been a safehaven for her, one of the few places that welcomed her as if it was home. She climbed the steps and was met by one of the lord Elrond’s sons, Elrohir. He took her hands in his, ‘It is good to see you again, Caladeth. We have been awaiting you.’ She bowed her head, ‘Thank you Elrohir. I took longer than I had wished. I had to travel carefully.’ ‘Yes, we know of the black riders, we were becoming concerned.’ Elrohir escorted her towards her room as they briefly discussed the happenings of Middle Earth. When they reached her room he said ‘You must be tired from your journey. I will leave you so you may rest.’ He left but she was too restless to sleep just yet. She walked down a hallway out onto a small balcony and there she stared off into the stars looking for guidance.

A deep melodic voice rose behind her,’A ranger in the House of Elrond? This truely is a strange site.’ Her eyes opened wide att he sound of this voice. ‘Glofindel!’, she cried turning to see a tall and slender elf before her. He was strong and beautiful, long golden hair poured over his shoulders. His eyes, a vibrant green, penerated her own, making her heart beat faster. He took her in his arms and pulled her against him. She breathed in his clothes and whispered, ‘I missed you.’ ‘And I you Caladeth.’ His hands moved to her arms and held her at a distance so to get a good look at her. ‘My you are a frightful mess.’ Caladeth became suddenly aware of her appearance. her hands nervously pushed her loose hairs behind her ears, trying to wipe away all the mud that attached itself to her. Glorfindel smiled gently, ‘I am sorry, I was only teasing.’ He took her hands in his, ‘You do look tired though so I must send you off to bed at once. You have spent long months in the wild, now I beg you to rest.’ He lifted her hands to his lips and kissed them while gazing into her eyes.

‘Until tomorrow, my lady.’ And with that she turned and went to her room, feeling his eyes on her as she dissappeared from his view. After a long hot bath she crawled into bed but could still not sleep. Caledeth kept thinking of Glorfindel’s eyes and touch and smell. But from the back of her mind crept the warnings of Aragorn.


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