The Journey in the Future – Chapter 2

by Mar 22, 2004Stories

It’s a really hot and sunny day in Rosedale Texas, the grass is brown and charred from the lack of water. There are no clouds in the sky and the sun is scorching everything on the ground. Frodo and Sam are walking to school and Sam is complaining about how they are having spaghetti for lunch. Frodo says, “Oh Sam, drop it! Get a grip on yourself. Its getting old!”

“Mr. Frodo get off my back! I can cook spaghetti better than they can and you know it! Admit it!”

“OK fine Sam!”

“Their spaghetti is two to three days old, the sauce is turning a dark greenish brown with blue and pink mold growing on it. The noodles are hard and stiff, and I swear on my moms grave you couldn’t break them with a sledge hammer! You really want to eat that Mr. Frodo?”

“I would rather eat paper with mayo and mustard!”

They got up to the cross walk and Frodo pushed the button. They were waiting for the light to light up as a green smurf. As they were walking across the street, a little man with a braided beard came close to running them over. He was driving an enormous orange Ford F-450 Superduty Pro-hauler truck. You could barely see his nose over the steering wheel. Sam and Frodo’s eyes were filled with horror from almost being hit by a crazed dwarf. Frodo screams out with his fists raised, “Curse all those dwarves for not learning how to drive correctly!” Frodo and Sam decided to sprint the rest of the way to school to avoid getting hit from any more crazed F-450’s.

As soon as they arrived in the band hall the ten minute warning bell rang. Everyone gets in their instruments and sits in their seats, there is indistinct chatter of the new marching music and the spaghetti for lunch. Dr. Grant and Mr. Duff walk up to the podium and Dr. Grant trips over a tuba case and falls into the color guards flag rack. Mr. Duff reaches down to get him out. Once Dr. Grant is free from the death grip of the flags they try to get the students to calm down. They were beating their batons on the music stand and the kids did not stop. So they whipped out the mega phones and talked into them at the same time. It hurt everyone’s ears and there was a dead silence. Dr. Grant yelled at everybody, “You need to have more respect for your elders! You need to get quiet when the ten minute bell rings so your old crippled band directors don’t have to climb this podium and struggle to keep from falling in flag racks and talk at the same time into mega phones. Your ears might appreciate it alittle more.”

“We know what your marching show music is,” said Mr. Duff.
The kids all cheered and.
“Your music is Pocahontas!”
The students got quiet and looked around.

“Mr. Duff and I are sorry about the music this year, but UIL made the list so short it was the only good music to get.”

Later on that day while Sam was walking to Geography, some tall dude basically ran over him and Sam could barely see past his thigh. The person looks down at him and says, “Oh my apologies sir, I did not see you there.” Sam says haughtily, “Well maybe you should watch wer……” As Sam looks up in awe he notices who he was about to make that rude remark to. “Oh that’s ok principle Elrond, perhaps it was I who should have been watching where I was going.” Sam picks up his books which he had dropped on the ground and heads to Geography. When he gets there he sees Merry and Pippin get runover too by a tall chunky guy, they are flung up into the air and fall to the round landing on their sides. The guy says, “Yo….yo….yo! I did not see you there my homie dawgs!” They are looking at him dumbfoundedly because he is blabbing on and on and is doing some funky stuff with his hands and head and they cant figure it out. Pippin replies, “Its ok, we get that a lot.” The strange man walks forward and helps them up while giving his name, even though there is not much to help up, he still does.

“My name is Boromir and again I’m sorry my dawgs. I did not see you two showties there you fools.” After he helps them up, Sam Merry and Pippin make their way into class and get ready for a boring hour and half of geography.


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