The Jewel of the Twilight – Chapter 8 – The Vision

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Not five minutes had passed before Mir fell asleep, a rather odd occurrence for an Elf, and it was more like a trance. In it she saw Varda, creator of the stars, far away on top of Taniquetil. Next to her was Manwë, though Varda seemed to be speaking to Mir. Of all the tales of Middle-earth, none had described the majesty of Varda. She wore a sparkling white gown that fell down to the floor, it looked as if made of diamonds, but even so you were drawn to her face, which told a story. In it you could see not only beauty, but wisdom, strength, and this awesome sincerity Mir had never seen in one with so much power. Varda spoke words that were rather faint at first, but soon overwhelmed Mirlomien.

`Child of Illúvatar, you are not forgotten, neither are your friends, or your beloved Anéndil. I am watching over you, as is Eru, you will soon see all those dear to you at peace. Now go to the Havens and remember that the Valar are protecting you…’

It seemed to Mir that Varda said more, but what she had already heard was enough to satisfy.

She awoke with renewed hope, such a vision was a rare gift, and she knew that all would turn out right.

Mir saw Lord Elrond in the halls later that morning, and he, though a powerful Elf Lord stopped suddenly.

`Mirlomien, what has happened? Your eyes shine with a light only seen in High Elves, in those who have seen Telperion and Laurelin, which is impossible.’

`Lord Elrond, this night I have been granted a vision. Elentari came to me and gave me a message of hope, I cannot imagine the light of those trees to be greater than that of Varda.’

`A vision! You have been blessed! I hope that this has prepared you for your journey to Valinor?’

`It has, more than you could ever imagine.’

She continued down the hall to Elladan’s room, convinced she could do something this time. The Elf that answered the door was not the Elladan she knew, but another Elf who had received a vision.

`Elladan! Tell me … were you granted a vision too?’

`I was, and somehow I am at peace. I will go with you to Valinor.’

`That’s wonderful! Does your father know?’

`Not yet, I am going to tell him now.’

`He will be extremely pleased!’

`That is my hope.’

As the next few days passed Mirlomien saw the words of Elbereth coming true, those she cared for were at peace. It seemed like all the pressures of Middle-Earth, which had once been on her shoulders, were now lifted and had disappeared. Of course Mir still missed Anéndil, but she was no longer worried. She had been promised his safety, and the word of Varda does not fail, whatever the servants of Morgoth may send in your path. Another comfort was the idea that Anéndil may have received a vision as well; in fact she was convinced he had.

When the day came for departure Mir was ready. All the Elves were eager to see Valinor, the place they had heard so many stories of… the home of the Valar. Of course, Imladris was their home, leaving wasn’t easy. It was especially hard for Lord Elrond, who had put so much effort into Imladris. Then too he was leaving his son, Elrohir. The parting of the brothers wasn’t easy, and the parting of Mirlomien and Narmiriel, who were closer than sisters, was just as hard.


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