The Jewel of the Twilight – Chapter 7 – Is to much truth a bad thing?

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The next several days were busy ones for Mirlomien, the other elves had been preparing for months, but her decision hadn’t given her much time. `Lord Elrond was right’, she admitted to herself, `I couldn’t wait … there are just too many preparations to make’. She sighed at the condition of her clothes; they were a mess. Its not like she cared that much, but if she was going to see her parents soon, she thought she had better straighten up.

“Hey Mir, how is the packing going?”

It was Elladan, looking cheerful as usual.

Mir smiled, she needed a break from packing anyway, `Its alright, wish I had more time though.’

`That’s one reason I’m not going, Arwen isn’t here anymore to do my packing.’

`Elladan! That’s a terrible thing to say.’ She couldn’t help smiling anyway.

`Maybe so, but I have to come up with some excuse to tell everyone.’

`Mirlomien! Mir, I have news!’

Mir looked up as Elrohir burst through the door, `Yes, It certainly seems like you do. What is it?’

Elrohir smiled and said, `I have news of Anéndil! He was seen traveling to Gondor a month ago. He is safe!’

Mir was stunned. `To Gondor?’ After a long pause she continued, `Thank you Elrohir, I’m glad to hear he is safe, now if you will excuse me, I have a few more things I need to go get.’

Elrohir frowned as Mir walked out, `What’s up with her?’ he said to Elladan.

`You orc! She was so happy and you had to come and ruin it!’

`What! How did I ruin it? I thought she’d be happy to hear Anéndil is safe.’

`Of course she’s happy he is safe, but you seem to have forgotten one very important thing. They are leaving for the Havens in one months time, and there is no way he will make it here in time, even if he knew that she was leaving.’

`But he is an Elf, he can follow he to the Havens. Haven’t you thought of that?’

`Of course I have, but don’t you remember what happened when mom left for Valinor? We knew that we are Elves and that we would follow her to the Havens, but that didn’t make it any less painful then. Now look at us, we are remaining here in Middle-earth, we will not be seeing her again. So you have just reminded Mir of Anéndil… the problem with that is she knew our mother well, she sees what is happening, and she is afraid something will happen to keep Anéndil from coming. She knows not what would, and personally I don’t think anything could keep him from her, but she is scared.’

Elladan glared at Elrohir, `You just had to remind her of her fears! Why, oh, why am I plagued with a brother with little more sense than an Orc!’

Elrohir was angry to, he didn’t much like being called an Orc, `Now look here, I am not an Orc! You’ve said that ever since we were young but it is not so.’

`Only an Orc would be so unfeeling as to upset Mir like that.’

`What’s with you lately Elladan? You are constantly defending her.’

`Well what’s wrong with that?’

`Before you always liked to tease her, you never cared if you hurt her feelings, why…’

Elrohir looked up at Elladan questioningly, which apparently made Elladan uncomfortable because he answered, `What are you fabricating this time in that head of yours?’

`You… you…,’ Elrohir could barely speak, `you care for her, don’t you?’

`What are you talking about? She’s like a sister to me.’ Elladan answered, clearly a bit embarrassed.

`Don’t play coy with me! I am your brother and I know you better than anyone, tell me the truth.’

`Ok, I do care for her, and that might be why I’m staying in Middle-Earth. But you can’t tell father!’

They jumped at a crash behind them; they turned to see Mir picking up pieces of what had once been a vase (Eru only knows why she was bringing it).

`Elladan! Elrohir! What are you doing still in my room?’

Elrohir thought up a reply rather quickly, `Sorry Mir, we had just gotten into this conversation and lost track of time.’

`How much did you hear?’ Elladan asked.

`Enough to make me drop this.’ She answered.

`Uhh…’ Elrohir was trying to think what to do, `I think I hear Narmiriel calling us! Come along Elladan!’

They exited, more than a little embarrassed, leaving Mir in absolute shock. She proceeded to drop what she had been doing and made a short prayer to Illúvater.

`Eru, you are the creator of Arda, please show me how to help Elladan. I wish I hadn’t heard that conversation, but I know you have a reason for everything, please show me that reason. Show me what to do. I know Anéndil is out there somewhere, though I don’t know exactly where. Protect him, and help him get back to me soon.’


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