The Jewel of the Twilight – Chapter 6 – The Decision

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The next day Narmir was able to eat and everyone’s spirits improved, at least on the outside. For peoples troubles do not simply disappear overnight, whatever their facial expressions may say, and this case was no different. Elrohir realized for the first time that his choice to marry Narmir would forever separate him from his father, mother, and brother. Mirlómien again fell into a state of depression over Anéndil, which only the two brothers could understand. Elladan… well… Elladan wasn’t quite sure what to think. Elrond was also depressed, but that emotion was nothing compared to his curiosity. He still didn’t understand Mir’s depression and couldn’t get any information out of his sons. So, of course, he again made time in his day to visit her in her room.

“Lord Elrond, I wasn’t expecting you.”

“No, I know you weren’t Mir. I came because I must know what is wrong with you.”

“I cannot tell you sir.”

“Very well then, at least tell me that you will be accompanying us to the Grey Havens.”

“I cannot say sir. I haven’t decided yet.”

“Mirlómien, listen to me. The elves are leaving Middle Earth, there is nothing for you here.”

“Isn’t there?”

“I know of nothing. Rather I know a very good reason for you to go, your parents are there.”

“Give me time.”

“There is no time.” Elrond said sternly.

Mir looked up at him, fighting to suppress her tears.

“Sir, you cannot ask me to decide this. You may not know my reasons but I assure you they are as good as any.”

“Mir, you must decide now.”

After several moments of silence Mir took a deep breath and answered. “You have no idea how much pain you are inflicting upon me, I will go.”


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