The Jewel of the Twilight – Chapter 4 – Far From Healed

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They found Lord Elrond in his library; he had been spending the afternoon planning his departure.

“Father! Come quick!” Elrohir yelled as he burst into the room.

Elrond looked up in alarm, “What has happened?”

“Narmir collapsed! She is down in the garden! She’s here, she’s…”

“Calm down Elrohir. Now what is this you’re speaking of? Narmir is dead.”

“No, she is alive and has returned. But she is weary, and she has collapsed in the gardens.”

“You left her there?”

“Mirlómien is with her and…”

During this time Elladan had found them in the garden and together he and Mirlómien had carried Narmir to his father. And so Elrohir avoided Elrond’s lecture, for by that time Elladan and Mir had arrived, giving Lord Elrond no choice but to turn his attention to Narmir.

She had always been a tough ranger, but her body had at last seemed to give in to the weariness, for the wounds she had sustained in battle were far from healed. Even Elrond’s knowledge did not seem to be enough, for Narmir had lost all consciousness, and all those around her despaired. To Elrond she was as close to a daughter as he had ever allowed a human to be, to Elladan and Elrohir she had been a friend, and to Mir she had been a sister as well as a best friend. The time for the elves departure was nearing, after that there would be no one to take care of her.

If Mir had not been so blinded by her grief she would have seen the change that was coming over Elrohir. He had fallen into a state of grief more powerful than any he had known before. At his mother’s departure he had had the comfort of knowing that he would see her again someday. But would he? His heart was here in Middle Earth, and even had he really wanted to he would never have been able to leave.

The next morning Elrond came to visit Mir, for he at least had not been blind to his sons grief.

“Lord Elrond, you look worried, is it Narmir?”

“Not exactly, I’m worried about Elrohir, he does not seem himself.”

“Perhaps he is remembering his mother. She was so kind, it wouldn’t be hard to miss her.”

“That is what he claims is wrong, but he doesn’t mention her, he is constantly with Narmir. Mir don’t you see? I have lost a brother and a daughter to humans, I worry I may lose a son as well.”

Mir looked up at him thoughtfully and said, “I have failed to notice this change. Supposing he may be in love with a mortal, if he left her and followed you to Valinor, would you really have him? You wouldn’t, not any more than you would have had Elros or Arwen.”

“He would get over her, he would not regret going.”

“Lord Elrond, if he truly loves her now, I do not believe he would forget her so easily. We must trust Elrohir’s judgement.”

“Do you think he loves her?”

“I cannot speak for the hearts of either Elrohir or Narmir, but I will go sit with them and maybe Elrohir will tell me his.”

“Thank you, I must go now. May Elbereth go with you.”


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