The Jewel of the Twilight – Chapter 3 – The Visitor

by Mar 28, 2003Stories

Over the next few days Mír tried her best to get Anéndil out of her mind, maybe Lord Elrond was right. But then, she had already lost her best friend, how could she give up on Anéndil so easily? All she could think about was his kindness, and those dark eyes, they always reminded her of the sea. Of course, she hadn’t always thought him kind. When she first met him he was a messenger for Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel.

“What are you thinking about?”

Mír jumped at the sound of Elrohir’s voice.

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

“Nothing? You mean it isn’t Anéndil?”

“Elladan told you?”

Elrohir looked to at the ground not quite sure what to say.

“Well, yes, he did. I wish you had told me yourself.”

“I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t, I mean, I’d never been able to before, he just asked at the right time, that’s all. But you were right, about Anéndil, I was thinking about when we first met.”

Elrohir laughed, “Yes, I remember that, you were very stubborn then, you still are.”

“It was his fault and you know it!” Mír answered angrily.

“His fault! How can you blame him?”

“No need to get so defensive Elrohir, If he hadn’t insisted I call him ‘sir’ everything would’ve been perfectly fine.”

“Well if you would’ve just said ‘sir’, or nothing at all, I never would’ve been dragged into it!”

“It’s not my…” Mír never finished, for at that moment she looked up and saw someone she hadn’t seen in years, someone she had never expected to see again.

“It can’t be … Narmir?”

The ranger looked weary, and years older, but it was Narmir.

“Hi Mír, Elrohir.”

Mírlomion just stared, but Elrohir said, “We heard that you were dead, that you died five days after the battle.”

Narmir laughed, “I haven’t heard that version, anyway, I wasn’t dead, just badly wounded.”

“Wounded? Why then did they say you were dead?” Mír asked, obviously not believing her eyes.

“I got knocked out, there was so many wounded they didn’t stopped at everyone, only those that appeared alive.”

“You look tired,” Mír said, trying to change the subject, “I’ll go find Lord Elrond, I know he’ll want to look at your wound.”

“Don’t bother, it’s not that bad…” That was all Narmir said before she collapsed.

Elrohir rolled his eyes, “She was perfectly fine alright.”


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