The Jewel of the Twilight – Chapter 2 – Anéndil

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Several days later Mirlomien paid Elladan a visit, as she had promised Elrond. She had arrived with a speech prepared, but as it turned out it didn’t really matter.

“Mir, I have known you for years, we have traveled together with the rangers, yet your feelings have never been plain to me, until now.”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“You are suffering, you have been for the past week. Elrohir and I have both seen it. You look as if you are being torn in two. We went to our father, asking him what it was, but even he could not see.”

“You are right, but I am not sure if I am ready to tell you, or anyone. I never have, Narmir didn’t even know.”

“What? It has been going on for years and we have not seen it until now?”

“Part of it. Yet it has never really hurt until now. I can see it is no use to continue to keep this from you, but before I start you must promise not to tell anyone, not Elrohir, not your father, not anyone.”

“Of course, you have my word.”

“Alright. In the ninth year of this age an elf came to Rivendell, he to traveled with the rangers. You might remember him, his name was Anéndil?”

“Anéndil, oh yes, I remember him. Tall and really good with a sword?”

“Yes, that’s him. I should’ve known you’d remember him by his fighting abilities. Anyway, we met several times afterward. The last of which was at Lothlorien and he was just about to leave on another trip. We had liked each other for awhile but.”

“Wait, you liked each other? I mean, you’re both likeable, but you liked each other as in, well . “

“Yes, Elladan, as in loved. I’m simply delighted you find it so hard to believe I could love someone! Oh well, to continue with the story. We had liked each other for a while But never knew the others heart until then. He could not get out of the trip so we set a time and a place to meet afterwards. We thought we could marry then. That place is here in Imladris, and that time is next spring. I will wait for him as long as it takes, even if it means staying when your father leaves, even if it means I never get to Valinor.”

“But your parents, how could you ever be happy without them?”

“Well, think of it this way. If I leave for Valinor before he gets here, how will I ever forgive myself? Will I ever be happy if I simply leave Middle Earth without him?”

“I can see now why you have been so troubled. Of course you would be right to stay.”

Mirlomien smiled, “I must confess that I feel better now that I have told someone, and I am glad you understand. You have always been a good friend, so now you must tell me, as a friend, do you intend to go to Valinor?”

There was an awkward minute of silence while Elladan decided what to say. He to seemed torn.

“I’m not exactly sure. In my heart I have grown to love Middle-earth, so I am leaning towards staying.”

“I thought as much. But you know, your father won’t like it.”

They both laughed at this and continued their walk through the gardens of Imladris.

Anéndil (Q. ‘long lover of water’)


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