The Impossible Come True – A Story of a Dream

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This is about a dream that I had. I have filled in the blanks and gaps but the dream is true. Many of us have had dreams. And have made wishes for our dreams to come true. This is about a wish that I made that came true. Read it and enjoy!

Emilie tossed and turned in her bed. She couldn’t sleep. She decided to quote from the movie the Fellowship of the Ring. Emilie had an obsession with the Lord of the Rings. Sometimes more than others. She wished with all her heart to enter into Tolkien’s world. She had wished on many a star as well as the small white flyers that appeared outside in the grass.

Emilie looked up at the sky. Overcast. Coudy she thought to herself. Then out of a cloud there arose a very bright star. Emilie immediately sat up and made her wish before it could fade into the clouds. She laid back down in her bed and snuggled under the covers thinking her wish would never come true. What she didn’t know was that it was about to and she would embark on the most spectacular adventure.


Emilie woke up. Or at least she thought she woke up. It was no longer night. Come to think of it where was her room? She faced a land of rolling green hills and plains. It was very familiar to her but she didn’t know what. Then she saw what about it that was familiar. The small door and the knob were embedded in the hole. A village rested nearby carrying in it a very small folk no more than four feet above the ground. She was in the Shire! But how?! Was this a dream?! It sure did seem real.

Emilie looked at herself. She was robed in a silver dress of silk. Her hair had grown longer and darker. A white jewel rested in the middle of her forehead and connected itself to her hair by a chain. Her arms were sleeveless and the dress rested just below her shoulders. A necklace rested on her chest. The dress was beautiful and very light. The sun shone on her unclad back. She reached for her ears daring to touch what she thought was there. It was! Her ears were pointed! She was an elf!

” At last!” she said to herself. ” This must be a dream and I won’t wake up until I want to.”

Emilie made her way into the town of Hobbiton. She had always waited for this moment. She stared at the denizens of the fair hamlet. Or more rather that they gazed at her. An elf had never before been seen in the Shire. What was her business. Emilie decided not to talk to them. She would frighten them out of their wits. Emilie crossed the bridge and made her way down the path that led to several hobbit holes. For some reason she knew where she was going. She made her way through the gate and stepped up to the porch. The door was green with the shiny brass knob. Emilie raised a hand to knock and held her breath for what or who might be coming to the door.

” Yes?”

A small hobbit with brown curly hair and a beautiful smile answered the door. It was Frodo. His eyebrows instantly raised when he saw her. She remembered her appearance.

” Great Arda! An elf is at me door!” he said.

” Hello, Frodo,” Emilie said.

” You know me? I have never met an elf in my time but for some reason you seem familiar to me. Have we met?”

” Perhaps. May I come in?” she asked.

” Yes, at least I think so.”

Frodo opened the door and stepped aside. He began running nervously around like a scared hobbit. Emilie followed him into the kitchen.

” Tea?”

” Please.”

” What’s your name?” Frodo asked filling the tea kettle.

” My name?” Emilie thought to herself quickly and said the first Elvish name that popped into her head. ” Elenya.”

Frodo poured Elenya (Emilie) a cup of tea and twittled his thumbs in his nervousness. He watched every move she made which made her uncomfortable. Emilie looked at him. He looked vaguely like Elijah Wood except he acted much different. He seemed very odd being around an elf. Frodo looked into his glass.

” Why are you here?” Frodo asked her.

” Actually, I can’t tell you that, but i know I’m here for a purpose,” Elenya said.

” I don’t think Bilbo will like this very much. Even though he has seen elves before. Few are seldom ever seen in the Shire. Tonight is his one hundredth and eleventh birthday. It will be the most magnificent party.”

” Frodo, may I ask you something?” she said looking into his blue eyes.

” Anything,” he replied.

” May I stay with you?” she asked.

” What?”

” Just for awhile. Please? I come from far away and I can’t go back at least not now.”

” I would be honoured for you to stay, but you would have to ask Uncle Bilbo.”

” Where is he?” Elenya asked.

” In his study writing his book. Come we will go see him.”

” I do not want to bother him,” Elenya objected when Frodo took her hand.

” Oh come. He won’t mind a bit. At least I hope not.”

Frodo led Elenya to the study where she saw an old hobbit perched upon a chair writing the words There and Back Again A hobbit’s tale by Bilbo Baggins. She studied his pemninship. It was beautiful and quite unique.

” Bilbo?” Frodo placed a hand on his shoulder.

” Yes my boy? I told you know more well wishers visitors or distant relations,” Bilbo replied.

” Turn around Bilbo.”

He did. Bilbo instantly dropped the pen he was using when his eyes met Elenya’s. He looked at her for a long time until the fact that she became uncomfortable. She folded her arms and then said, ” Are you going to stare at me all night?” she smiled.

” I’m sorry child,” he covered his mouth remembering that she was an elf.

” Nevermind that now. I must ask you something very important. But I-I-

” She wants us to stay with us for a time Bilbo,” Frodo said.

” What? An elf at Bag End? I don’t know how to answer that right now. The party will be beginning soon. I will make my decision tomorrow.”

Elenya smiled for she knew he would not be there tomorrow. A knock was heard at the door. But it sounded more like wood knocking on wood.

” Frodo go see who that is.”

Frodo left Elenya’s side for a moment. She continued to watch Bilbo as he placed his pen in a drawer.

” Come to the party tonight. You will enjoy it immensly,” Bilbo said standing up.

” Thank you.”

Elenya turned around and came face to face with Gandalf. He seemed surprised.

” Tis very strange when an elf appears in Bag End.”

” As well as an Istar Olorin,” Elenya said bowing her head.

” What is your name?”

” Elenya,” she replied.

” Elenya meaning Day of the Stars. I do not know your face,” he said softly lifting her chin up. ” But you seem very familiar to me.”

” That is what I said,” Frodo interrupted. ” Gandalf, you’re late.”

” A wizard is never late Frodo Baggins,” Gandalf said turning to Frodo. ” Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.”

Elenya smiled. Frodo took her hand.

” May I escort you to the party field?”

” It would be a pleasure,” Elenya replied with a smile.

Frodo and Elenya left Bag End to give Gandalf and Biblo a chance to chat with each other. Frodo led Elenya to the field where the massive oak tree rested. A sign read Happy 111th Birthday Bilbo. Several hobbits were already there. Tables were set up with more food than Elenya had ever seen before. All different kinds of meat were set on the tables as well as cheeses pies cakes and small snacks. The best of the ale in the Shire was brought in for the party as well as warm cider.

A chubby looking hobbit approached Frodo.

” What’s going on Mr. Frodo?” he asked.

Elenya knew it to be Sam. He looked quite like Sean Astin.

” Sam, this is Elenya. Please be kind to her. She is a friend,” Frodo said.

Sam blushed always nervous around girls. More hobbits began arriving. They all stared at Elenya. She began to feel rather uncomfortable being over five feet tall. One little hobbit boy walked up to her side and handed her a small bunch of white flowers.

” Thank you,” Elenya took them.

The little hobbit boy made a small bow. Elenya laughed and stood up. She laid the flowers on the table and knelt down beside the boy.

” Would you like to dance?” she asked the girl.

He nodded. Elenya took the boy’s hand and walked out into the center of the dances where many other hobbits were dancing. Frodo was amongst them. Elenya could tell he was having a splendid time. She saw him walk over to the table where Sam was sitting.

” Go on, Sam. Dance with Rosy,” he laughed.

Sam stared at the pretty hobbit lass with blond curls. He picked up his mug and said, ” I think I’ll have another ale.”

” Oh no you don’t,” Frodo said pushing him intil the circle where Rosy stood.

Sam had no choice and began his dance with Rosy as Frodo laughed at them. He then caught sight of his elvish friend dancing with the small boy in the circle. He walked slowly up and tapped the small boy on the shoulder.

” May I cut in?” Frodo asked the boy.

” Sure,” the boy said running away to play with the other hobbit children.

Elenya (Emilie) took Frodo’s hand and began to perform a unique dance with him. Emilie had been to many dances in her own world and she loved it.Frodo is quite a good dancer she thought to herself as they grabbed each others waist and began to spin together. Emilie’s long hair waved through the air and Frodo’s eyes sparkled. They connected hands and continued to spin when all of a sudden a large fiery dragon was seen flying through the air. Emilie laughed to herself. But Frodo immediately ran to Bilbo.

The dragon immediately flew down on the hobbits who all collided to the ground. Elenya stood in the center of all the chaos laughing as the dragon burst into beautiful fireworks. The hobbits all laughed and smiled. Elenya walked away to a large tent and found two hobbits inside washing dishes. She folded her arms across her chest and laughed as she watched Gandalf keeping a close eye on them.

” Merry and Pippnm,” she meant to say it softly but it came out loud instead.

” Yes?” they said at once and turned around agreeing to be diverted from their chore.

” Oh hello,” she said and managed a wave.

” What’s an elf doing here?” Merry asked Pippin.

” I don’t know. I saw her earlier dancing with Frodo.

” I’m a friend of Frodo’s but-

Elenya was interrupted by the shoutings of the word Speech from all the hobbits. She walked out of the tent and saw Bilbo making his way to the stage. He was obviously feeling no pain from all the ale he had been drinking. Emilie laughed at some of his rather slurred language.

” My dear Bagginses and Buffets, Tooks and Brandybucks,” he began his speech by rambling off all the other names of the hobbit families there. ” Today is my one hundred and eleventh birthday!”

Shouts of Happy Birthday were heard from all of the hobbits.

” Alas,” Bilbo continued. ” Eleventy one years is far to short a time to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits. I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”

Confused expressions and whispers rippled through the voices. Biblo fumbled around in his pocket and murmured some unintelligble words. His eyes grew wide. He held his hands behind his back.

” I regret to inform you that this is the end. I’m going now. I bid you all a fond farewell,” he fixed his eyes on Frodo. ” Goodbye.”

Suddenly Bilbo disappeared. Just like that. He was nowhere to be seen and Emilie knew he just didn’t leap under a table or into the grass. He had put the Ring on!


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