The Holy elven war – Chapter one-Evil has returned

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A rider was riding fast in the holy forest of Lothlorien. His horse had no saddle, and yet the rider was riding faster then the wind.

“Halt!” yelled an elf, which jumped from a nearby tree, and was now aiming his bow at the rider. “Be you of our blood, who are you to ride freely in our Forest?” he said.

“I must see lady Galadriel at once! Evil has come back our lands!” replied the rider, and his face was all red. He was breathing hard. “What are you speaking of, Stranger? Who are you?”

“I’m the messenger of the Lord of Mirkwood.”

“Ok then. I will escort you to our lady Galadriel personally.”
replied the Guard. He got on his white horse, and they rode the whole night. In the early morning, when Galadriel was walking near the lake Anduin, they got of their horses. The guard kneeled before her, and said “Lady, this stranger is the messenger of the Lord of Mirkwood…” he didn’t finish, because Galadriel stopped him and said” Larqual, yes, I have been expecting him.”

The guard stood up, took a bow and left.
“Lady Galadriel, the words which spoke of your beauty are not as near the truth.” said Larqual.

Galadriel smiled and said “So what does your King say to me?” Larqual looked a little troubled, and he was searching for the right words. “Lady, evil is returning.” he said finally, and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and continued “Our people are being slaughtered by some mysterious evil. Horrible death.”

Galadriel sat down and said “Yes, I know. I sense it in the wind.” Then they were both quiet. Then she stood up, and said ” Larqual, you tell your King, that I will send help as soon as possible.” Larqual was quiet at first, but then he took a bow, got on his horse, and rode away.

Galadriel stood there near the lake for hours. She was thinking. Then she went and searched for her most loyal Captain- Elredian. She found him sitting on a tree, humming a song. “Elredian, I need you to call a meeting.” she didn’t have to say more. He knew exactly what she wanted.


It was getting dark, and 2 days have passed since Larqual came to his King.

“Milord, Lady Galadriel says, she will send help as soon as she can. She knows of the … evil. “

“Thank you, Larqual. ” said the King.

In 3 days, a messenger from Lothlorien came and said “Lord, King of Mirkwood, Lady Galadriel sends you this message.” he handed him a letter. He continued “She says it’s for your eyes only.” he said, and then he left.

When the night fell, and the King of Mirkwood was alone on his tree, he opened the letter. It said:

Most Noble King of Mirkwood,
Just as you, I too have felt the evil that has come back to Middle Earth. At our meeting, we decided we will send someone to fight this…evil. We will make a group of our finest warriors led by my most loyal Captain Elredian, and I want you to know, that I will be in their group too. For they cannot face evil themselves. We will go to Gondor in 2 days from when you have received this letter.

When the King finished reading the letter, he jumped off his tree. Quietly, as the elves can, he got his armor decorated with leafs on himself . He also took his sword and bow, and then he jumped on his horse.

Evil may have returned, but they will not allow it create Chaos again.


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