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Arinae and Rian continued walking. He did not speak, and she wondered at his silence. It continued for some time.

“Why do you not say anything?” Arinae asked.

“What is there to say?”

“The adventure is over. What shall you do now?”

“I shall go to Minas Tirith. I am sure the King must have some duty he could make use of me. You shall return to Lorien. I will accompany you and your mother and sister to the end of the wood. Then we shall part.”

“No Rian. I would rather you come with us to Lorien. Please?” she begged him.

“Very well. But I shall not stay long.”

Arinae wondered on his words. She did not end their discussion.

“Rian? Do you not love me?” she asked.

He stopped and brushed a hand across her cheek.

“Of course I do, Arinae. But it does not matter.”

“Why doesn’t it?”

“Rumil loves you. I know it.”

“But isn’t it my choice who I wish to love and who I really love?”

“Yes, but I never could hope that you could possibly love a rugged ranger such as me.”

“Rian, you have been with me since the beginning. You have protected me. You have saved my life more than once. Isn’t that worth loving?”

“I do not know if I could ever be loved.”

They had arrived in Lorien. Arinae learned that since the Necromancer’s power had been put to an end, many elves had returned to Rivendell from hiding. His power had concealed Rivendell and left it in hiding. The many elves he had taken also returned to Rivendell. Arinae was glad to hear of it. For the very first day, Arien was allowed to rest and she was glad. It seemed odd, but Orophin doted on her and brought her every luxury she had ever been denied. It seemed he was like a nursemaid, which caused Arien no small amount of grief at being helpless to his orders. The hobbits had reached Caras Galadhon a few days before and were settling comfortably in with the elves. Soon they would return to the Shire where they belonged. But Arinae feared Elanor did not wish to.

“Why do you not my friend?” Arinae asked Elanor.

“This little taste has made me wish for more. There is one place I have yet to see, and I very much wish to.”


“I wish to go to Minas Tirith and lay eyes upon the fairest of ladies Arwen Evenstar.”
“I am sure my friend if you pursue that wish, it will come true.”

“Thank you. I will leave now. It seems Rumil wishes to speak with you.”

Arinae turned seeing Rumil walking nearby. Elanor smiled and departed. When she had gone, Rumil raced to Arinae’s side.

“You have come back to us. His power is at an end. You have finished your quest. But I must speak with you.”

“And I you Rumil. Let me first say what I must speak. I know you love me Rumil, but I wish I could feel the same for you.”

“And Arinae you are mistaken. I was mistaken. It seemed to good to be true, and it was. It was like some dream. But I-I-“
“There is another is there not?”

“Aye. I do not know how to explain it. I apologize. For I was wrong to soar your hopes like that.”

“Rumil, we can still be friends. You are a good friend. And I always have a need for one of those. Here,” she removed the necklace and laid it in his hand. “Thank you. I must go.”

Arinae turned and looked into the forest. She saw Rian walking with Orophin. Rumil saw her face.

“Now I understand, Arinae,” he said. “Go to him.”

Arinae embraced him one last time and departed. When she had caught up with Rian, Orophin was gone. He saw her approaching and turned to face her.


“I thought you were with Rumil.”

“Rian, I love you.”

“Arinae, you know Rumil-“

She interrupted. “Did you not hear me you idiot? I love you!”

Rian took her in his arms as though he had wanted to do it for all time. In this moment it seemed like they had known each other from the beginning of the world. He knew he would go to death and beyond loving her. He lay poised over her lips cherishing the moment. She wrapped her arms around his neck and closed the distance between them as their lips met. Arinae finally understood why she left the Shire. This was her fate. She had found happiness and love. She had fulfilled her mission. And now another adventure was about to begin.


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