The Hobbit Who Was An Elf – Part Thirteen-Attacked

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“Rian, I have an awful feeling,” Arinae told her friend.

“I have sensed it. Be on your guard. They will be here soon.”

“But what?”

Arinae did not need that questioned answered as she heard a howl echo through the forest. A chill ran up her spine as she saw several red eyes appear.


Rian and the others drew their swords. Arinae aimed her bow. One neared Elanor so she fired, and her she met her target as she heard a yelp. The wolves were upon them too quickly. Arien was still wounded but she still fought furiously. The hobbits did well together, and Rian knocked down every single one that approached him.

But Arinae began to weaken. The Crystal pressed against her chest and seemed to cut into her skin. The cloth around it unraveled. The leader of the wolves the changer saw her light. He knew she was the One. He fell upon her. He was not a wolf yet he was. He stood upon two legs, but he was covered in hair and his mouth was full of sharp teeth. The man/wolf knocked her sword from her hand. She thought it would kill her, but instead it bound her hands. She looked atop the wolf and saw Rian about to plunge his sword into the wolf/man’s body. But he was too careful. The wolf/man turned sensing his presence and raised a clawed hand and struck Rian upon his face. Rian felt blood. He looked down at Arinae and then at the others. He now had a choice. Three wolves were surrounding the hobbits. Arien’s arrows were all spent, and she had no sword. He looked down at Arinae. She motioned for him to go save the others. He threw her a dagger. She caught it as the wolf/man looked down at her. She picked it up and cut her bounds and pointed it at the wolf/man’s chest. It spoke.

“You will not escape so easily,” he said knocking the dagger from her hand with his claws. “It’s not you I’m after, but my master is,” he said binding her hands again.

Arinae did not know what to do. She saw Rian and Arien fighting off several more wolves. They did not see her now as the wolf/man carried her away from the scene upon his back. The noises of the fight died slowly. Soon they were no more. Arinae despaired and fell into darkness.


Arinae awoke and discovered she was no longer in the forest but a room. She also was not alone.

“Hello, Arinae,” a dark voice spoke. “Tis a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Arinae felt her skin prickle as he approached. Even the Uruks’ sharp grip upon her did nothing to take her mind from him. He slowly removed his hood. She did not recognize the face of the tall dark handsome man standing before her. He was undoubtedly an elf. He raised his hand. The Uruks loosened his grip on her. They left the room by one by one. The man took Arinae’s arm and seated the table.

“What do you want?” she asked sharply.

“All in good time. You know what I want. Tis bound upon your fair throat. You may be willing to exchange it for your sister’s life.”

“What guarantees do I have that you will release her?”

“I give no guarantees simply my word.”

“And what good is that?”

He stood up and eyed her. He bent low and placed his head against hers. Meeting her eyes, he grinned and said, “You are not afraid of me are you?”

“Why should I be?”

“Most beautiful young innocent girls are.”

“I may be young, I do not know about beautiful, but I do not think I am naïve.”

“You are more naïve than you think which is a good quality in the girl I wish to produce my heir.”

“What do you mean?” she asked stiffening.

He leaned closer grasping her wrists and placing them on the arms of the chair.

“When you give me the Crystal, I shall control Middle Earth with you under me.”


“I don’t appreciate disobedience, Arinae. You are to fear and obey me.”


He grinned drawing ever closer. “I turn you on. You can’t deny this.”

“I’m not one of your servants who will so easily to succumb to kissing your foot.”

“On the contrary, I would rather you kiss my lips.”

With that, he grasped her face and kissed her fiercely upon the lips. He moved his hands to her neck and grasped the silver chain. She struck him on the face and stood up from the chair. He felt a bleeding lip.

“Get away from me!”

“Why do you scream out for me and then resist?”

“You are wrong!”

“If you are to bear my heir, you will learn to appreciate me.”

“I shall never give you that satisfaction.”

“Then I will force you.”


“Would you like me to show you here?”

She instantly stood up and raced to the door finding it locked. He smiled walking toward her a lusty look in his eye. She went for the window and stood upon the ledge. He drew his sword.

“Get away from the window!”

She looked out.

“Don’t make me take off your hand.”

Instead, he closed his eyes and raised his hand towards her. She felt a driving invisible force within her as she was lifted into the air and met her hard end landing on the stone floor. She grasped her side in pain.

“I hated doing that.”

“I’m sure you did. Ow!”

He lifted her to her feet and touched her side. She felt the pain instantly dispense.

“You’re no match for me, Arinae,” he said tracing the lines of her face. “Tis best you give in.”

“She may not be but I am,” Arinae heard the familiar voice.

The man turned and smiled and walked to the table pouring a glass of wine.

“How good of you to join us, Rianatu.”

“Release her,” Rian said glaring.

“No, I don’t think so,” he said looking toward his prize. “We have much to discuss.”


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