The Hobbit Who Was An Elf – Part Sixteen (I believe) The FIGHT

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Arien took the sword with her sister. She was stunned at all this. How could she kill her own father? But it had to be done. He had remembered. He had said ‘I love you.’ She was glad for that. Arinae only wished he could have stayed. They whispered a ‘forgive me’ to themselves. They grasped the sword, and in one thrust it fell into their father’s body. Arinae let out a scream but Rian caught her in his arms. She cried against his chest. He looked towards the elven man while trying to comfort Arinae.

“You will never harm another soul again my promise to the Valar,” Rian said fiercly.

“Wait!” Arinae stayed his arm. She faced the man. “Where is my mother?”

“Do you wish to see her?” he asked her.

Arinae swallowed and slowly said, “Yes.”

The elven man went to the door and knocked upon it three times. The doors opened and two Uruk Hai entered in carrying a small form. Her dark hair fell about her face. Every few minutes she gave a great cry. Her clothing was shredded and torn in rags. Arinae could see lash marks upon her back. The figures eyes were dark and faded no longer holding anything but fear. This could not be her mother. Arinae knelt down beside the figure and looked into her eyes.


“What are you talking about girl?”

A tear rolled down Arinae’s cheek.

“You see now Arinae. This woman has been put under a spell. And it can not be broken unless I die which is impossible.”

“I do not think so,” Rian said holding up his sword.

“You foolish boy! Do you not know what I am? I am taking on a form now that would not send you to Mandos Halls. I could strike fear into your heart. I can take on any form I wish. I could be a dragon instantly and tear you to pieces.”

“I think not.”

“You challenge me Rianatu? You come to challenge me?”

“Yes,” Rian said bravely.

“No Rian!” Arinae cried out.

“So be it,” the man said coldly.

They were now gathered outside the castle, which could possibly be the site of the most incredible battle in Middle Earth. Rian stood brave and tall ready to face the Necromancer. Rian held up his sword to do battle. But suddenly, the Necromancer whispered an ancient black tongue. Arinae stood amazed as his form changed into a creature so great that it would strike fear into the boldest of hearts. It seemed like one of the creatures the Nazgul rode upon. He soared into the sky a grin fixed upon his face. He flew so high into the air that he disappeared from sight. Rian looked all around. Suddenly the creature was behind him.

“Rian!” Arinae yelled.

If it were not for Arinae’s warning, Rian would have been killed. He turned and struck without thinking. The creatures shrieked as Rian met its mark in the fold of his wings. The creature hesitated and Rian struck again meeting a deeper mark. Instead the creature changed its form and took on that of a dragon with a silver shield of scales but Arinae noticed a tiny gap below his left shoulder. Arinae knew what to do. She needed her sister’s skill though. The dragon roared a hail of fire toward Rian. He quickly rolled onto the ground and ducked behind a nearby tree its bark catching the fire instead of he.

“Are you afraid to fight me yourself without using your fire or wings you snake!!” Rian said coldly.

The dragon descended to the ground and stood before Rian.

“I could fight you in man form if I wanted.”

“I’ll pierce your heart in any form.”

“You can try.”

The dragon roared as his whip like tail came down inches from Rian’s head. Rian rolled onto the ground and plunged his sword into the dragon’s stomach. It simply shed a few scales but no more. The dragon brought a clawed hand to Rian’s head. Rian’s sword connected with the claws and instantly broke. Rian jumped into the trees and cracked a branch in half and started using it to fight. Suddenly, the dragons tail knocked Rian from the tree. He fell to the ground feeling as though every bone in his body was breaking. The dragon took on the form of a man once again and stood over Rian a sword in his hand.

“Your bones shall gleam in the sun as I make love to the girl who will never be yours. You shall pierce my heart eh? You are a fool.”


With the only strength that was left in her body, Arien loosed the arrow, and it instantly met its mark deep within his hear. Rian took his sword and plunged it into the man’s body. He fell back against the ground. Rian raced to Arien’s side as she fell to her knees. He held her in his arms ads Arinae grasped her hand tightly.

“Is she?” Arinae asked.

“No I will not let that happen. Elanor gave me her phial before she and Frodo returned to Lorien. It’s in my sack. Get it Arinae quick.”

As Arinae rushed off Arien began to speak. “This is the best dream I have ever had,” she said looking into his eyes.

“Don’t say that Arien. You are not going to die. I forbid it. Your sister needs you. You fought the wolves and spiders bravely. You withstood his torture bravely.”

“I am mortally wounded Rian. I will not live. But I wished no other to be here when I die.”

Arinae returned with the Phial. Rian forced her to drink every last drop.

“I still feel weak,” she said. “Not even the healing touch of the elves will save me.”

“I know how to save her,” Arinae heard the familiar voice.
She turned seeing her mother a shocking resemblance to both girls. She was clothed in white and held a crystal in her hands.

“Mother?” Arinae asked.

She raised her hand. “Later Arinae.”

Arinae’s mother (whose name was Clevela) knelt down beside arien and placed a hand upon her head and stroked her face as she spoke to her in an ancient tongue. She held the crystal to the sky so its light caught with the moons. There shone a wave of pure light blinding to the eye. The night passed, and Arien lay as if in death. Then she slowly opened her eyes and looked into her mother’s face.

“Breathe the free air again, my daughter.”

Both girls embraced their mother, but Arinae cried.

“Oh mother! I am so sorry about father. I didn’t mean to-“

“No Arinae. You did what he wished as well as what I would have wanted. He has been laid to rest with his forefathers. You set him free when he remembered you. He could not have been saved if he had remained alive. You saved him, and his spirit shall never forget you.”

“As long as we do not forget him,” Arinae finished.

Rian spoke. “I suggest we depart from this place. See.”
Rian pointed to the castle. Flames were already raising up within it a sign that the Necromancer’s power had come to an end.

“A wise decision, Rianatu. Thank you for saving my life. I shall never forget it,” Clevela told him.

“Come,” Rian said taking Arinae’s hand.

Arinae and Rian walked ahead out of earshot from Arien and her mother.

“They are in love,” Clevela said.

“I know,” Arien spoke despairingly.

“What will you do, daughter?”

“I shall have to let him go.”

“There is yet a choice for Arinae as well. For two love her not one.”


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