The Hobbit Who Was An Elf – Part Nine-Rumil

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Once he had gone, Arinae climbed out of her bed and ripped off the nightshift and threw it upon the bed. She slowly walked over to the chair where a flowing dark blue dress rested with long swaying sleeves. She slowly slipped into it wondering whose it was for it was a perfect fit. She brought her hands up to her chest feeling odd about the lack of fabric. She left her hair down braiding but a few strands of it and hoped attention would be drawn to her necklace and to her dark hair rather than to the low chest line. She opened the door and descended the steps passing many more tents and rooms along the way. She reached the ground and instantly saw Haldir and Rumil. They looked so alike yet were so different. They each had the flowing golden hair and blue eyes, but Haldir appeared more serious. His brother was obviously younger if there was such a thing for elves. A light was lit in his eye as he saw her coming. He took her hand and instantly brought it to his lips. Haldir elbowed him to keep him from stuttering as he spoke.

“I am glad you have awoken.”

Arinae walked with Haldir and Rumil and she told them all the things that had happened to her. Rumil seemed deeply interested and asked her many questions. She answered her best. Finally Haldir bowed to her.

“I have business to attend to.”

She watched him leave.

“He is very different from what Arien told me of him.”

“He has changed greatly,” Rumil said thinking of how his brother used to be.

“In what way?”

“He used to charm women. I am not afraid to say it for he did it very often. But then he met a girl. Her name was Elenya. She was his first ever. He truly loved her, but her heart she had already given away to the Prince of Mirkwood Legolas. I do not wish to speak the end of her story. It is not something young ears should hear of now.”

Arinae sighed looking into the trees.

“Anyway,” he continued. “My brother asked me to show you around Caras Galadhon. But if you do not wish to, there is an alternative.”

“What alternative?”

“Come with me,” he said smiling and took her hand.

Rumil rushed her along past all of the houses and stairs leading up to various other ones. He led her passed the silverlode and passed the tents where the Fellowship once stayed long ago. But as they passed it, he stopped and took out a white cloth.

“For this part, you must be blindfolded.”

“I don’t like that idea.”

“Fear not. I shall do nothing I vow to you. Why are you afraid?”

“I’m not. I just do not feel comfortable.”

“Oh come on now. I can’t take you to this wonderful place then. And it is wonderful beautiful. Please mellonaminn. I beg you.”

“Very well then,” she said sighing.

He slowly slipped the piece of cloth over her eyes. He took her hands, and she began walking. A few times she stumbled, but he held her strongly.

“Do not worry. I shall not hurt you. Trust me.”

She felt awkward about being blindfolded. She wondered where they were going. They had moved far from Caras Galadhon into the forest. She felt the grass underneath her bare feet change slightly. And Rumil led her in zigzag patterns so she guessed there were many trees about. Finally he stopped. She heard the flow of water. He took the blindfold off. She gasped in amazement at the sight before her. All her words became useless. A bright crystal waterfall gushed forth into a spring of pure cool water shining like the stars. Lush green trees with hanging lichen surrounded it. Rumil took her hand leading her to one of the near trees. She saw a small swing with ropes hanging from the trees. Rumil motioned for her to sit. She did, and he slowly began to swing her.

“Do you bring all your girl friends here?” she asked with a smile.

“Pardon you must be confusing me with my brother,” he grinned. “At least he used to. He never has in such a long time.”

“I hope you are not turning into him.”

“Certainly not. I would not want to be.”

“Sorry. I did not mean to offend you.”

He leaned over so that his face was close to her cheek.

“How could anyone as beautiful as you offend someone?” he winked at her.

She jumped off the swing, which startled him. She stood hands on her hips.

“I think we should go back now. I do not want to miss my sister if she comes and tis getting late.”

He shrugged. “It is only noontime. The sun is most hot now. Are you sure you dont want to go for a swim?”

“Yes I am positive. Besides, I dont have anything to swim in.”

“You have underclothes as do I.”

“No thank you,” she said folding her hands across her chest.

“Well I want to swim,” he said undoing his cape.

“Rumil!” she protested. “Please dont be as arrogant and stubborn as your brother.”

“I’m not. I am just hot, and the water is cool. You can wait if you want. I wont be long,” he said removing his shirt as Arinae turned quickly.

“Looks like I dont have much of a choice since you brought me here blindfolded.”

He grinned walking up behind her. “Why do you think I did?”

Before she could respond, he grabbed the branch of a tree and dove into the water. He came up near the waterfall.

“Why dont you come in? It’s hot out, and I can see you’re sweating in that dress.”

“I can’t swim,” she said blushing from embarassment.

“You mean you have never tried and are afraid to try and swim because you might drown.”

“Well, yes,” she said shrugging her shoulders.

“Hmm well you can go on waiting for me then.”

She couldn’t stand that. It wasn’t fair that she could not swim and he could. She needed to prove to him that she was quite capable. If she could battle ten dark elves, then she could attempt to swim. She peeled off her dress quickly and climbed into the water in her simple white undershift. She folded her hands across her stomach not wanting to go any further than her hips. He approached her and offered her his hand.

“Come on. You will never get anywhere if you onyl go that far.”

She took his hand and began to draw closer into the water. Suddenly, he pulled her in all the way so her head disappeared under the water. She came up and slapped him, but still he held her.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because you needed it. What do you think?”

“It feels amazing. I’ve never been swimming before.”

“So you said.”

He released her hand for a moment. She shreaked in protest so he took a hold of her once again.

“Dont worry. I’m right here. I wont let you go.”

She floated on to her back and swished her arms around in the water loving the feel of it. It grew late and grew dark, but still she stayed. The cold night air blew on her face. She shiverred and looked up at the stars bathing in their light. He took her hand leading her to the shallow part.

“I think it is time to leave.”

“Thank you for the day. It was wonderful.”

“I said that in the first place.”

They both climbed out onto the bank and slipped their dry clothes over their wet ones. She cared not that she looked like a wet sponge. She walked back to her room with Rumil thinking that he was much more pleasant and enjoyabel to be with than his brother. He did not know what to think of Arinae. She acted so cheerful all the time unaware of the constant growing evil in the world. He wondered if this was how hobbits lived unaware as long as they are left alone to live their lives. He simply knew that she was amazing. She was always smiling, and he loved it. Most of the girls he had met were melancholy and not pleasant to be with. The others were just silly flowers only caring about how they looked. He had never actually met a girl he had ever wished to be friends with.

They reached her room and he took her hand and brought it to his lips. Instead she leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“I had a wonderful time. Thank you very much.”

With that she stepped into her room smiling once back at him. He walked away feeling something he had never felt before. Love.


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