The Hobbit Who Was An Elf – Part Five-Sisters

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Arinae’s eyes fluttered open. She instantly knew where she was. She was in Rivendell. She saw two familiar faces. Arien took her other hand as Rian turned to see her eyes open.

“Arinae,” Arien said softly.

“What happened?”

“Many things,” Rian answered. “But you are safe now. At least for the present. You have been healed by the skills of Arien.”

“I am in Rivendell. But where are all the elves?”

“I fear that this is long after the War of the Ring. No more elves dwell here. I am sorry Arinae. But tis true. I am sorry you could not meet another of your kin. But for Arien.”

“Who are you?” Arinae asked.

“It might be hard for you to understand.”

“I’m pretty good at listening,” Arinae bragged.

“Rian, could you give us some time please?” Arien asked turning to him.

“Of course.”

Rian bowed slightly and turned walking through the door. Elanor had been waiting outside the door. He calmly told her to wait for a little while longer. She obeyed, but it did not hinder her curiosity at this strange she-elf who had saved her friend’s life. She listened in as the two girls spoke.

“Arinae, what do you remember of your mother?” Arien asked a strange question.

“I don’t remember her hardly. I was told by my parents in the Shire that the horse brought me to Hobbiton. I do remember red hair like yours waving in the wind. A smiling face, blue eyes, and a blue ribbon in my hair.” Arinae touched her head as if remembering a far off memory.

“Do you remember your father?”

Arinae shook her head. “I do not remember him at all.”

“Do you remember anything before you arrived at the Shire?”

Arinae closed her eyes. She saw a beautiful green forest. Many elves were sitting upon blankets and standing admiring the trees. Everything was peaceful and perfect. She saw a tall man and a young she-elf with red hair sitting beside an elf nearly an infant with dark hair. Suddenly, arrows burst through the trees. The men instantly took out their bows and arrows trying their best to defend the women and children. But the orcs were too many. It was nearly a slaughter. The nearly infant was picked up by the young she-elf with red hair. She whistled, and a white horse drew near. The young she-elf set the infant upon the horse and whispered something in the horse’s ear. The horse departed away from the camp and out of the woods.


Arinae came back to the world. A tear rolled down her cheek. Arien took her hand.

“I know what you saw. That was your past. You know it was. And yes Arinae. That was me. The young she-elf with the red hair. I am she.”

“Who are you?”

“I am your sister Arien.”

Arinae’s jaw dropped. But she knew that Arien was. Though their names were similar, they were so different. But Arien her whole life had held her sister’s heart in hers.

“But why was I in the Shire so many years?”

“Sixteen years is not a very long time. I set the horse out to take you to the Havens. But there was no ship to bear you there. And someone’s realm lay in between. The horse knew he could not go this way. When he returned, I did not know where he had taken you. I was afraid you were lost. He did return with this.” Arien took out an old faded blue ribbon. “I had thought you were dead. I searched Middle Earth for you. I met many people including Rian and the captain of Lorien Haldir.”

“But what of our parents?”

Arien hung her head down.

“I do not know Arinae. But we are finally together. You and I. And nothing shall separate us ever again.”


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