The Hobbit Who Was An Elf – Part Eight-Lorien

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Arinae stared at the face looking back at her in the water. She sat on the edge of the bridge wondering what to do next. The Crystal around her neck shined beautifully. Suddenly, she was aware of a presence. She knew it at once. She had wondered how long it would take them to come back.

Instantly she saw five coming at her from the right and five from the left. Their swords were drawn.

“Come along peacefully, and we shall not hurt you,” the leader said approaching.

She took the opportunity and climbed upon the balcony of the bridge. In one quick movement, she took a hold of the branches of the trees above her and swung across the heads of the dark elves. She instantly began running as swiftly as her feet could go. She heard the cries of the elves following her. They were more like wraiths. She felt them gaining upon her, and since she was in a dress, it was much harder to move. She instantly saw four figures readily identifiable coming to her rescue with swords and bows and arrows. Arien took her by the arm as Rianatu drew his sword and began clashing his swords against the elves. Frodo and Elanor were doing quite well with the bow, but she concentrated on her sister’s words.

“You must ride onto Lorien alone. You are our only hope. You can’t afford to get caught.”

“But what about you?”

“Nevermind us just go! Now!”

Arinae did not move. Arien pushed her away.

“Go! Lorien has strength still. Say to Haldir that Arien sent you. Tell them who you are. He will trust you. Go!”

Arinae began running again. She found her way back into Rivendell and instantly made her way to the horses. She saddled up not caring about her dress and rode out of the city hoping praying that her friends and sister were alright.
She rode into the night. She did not know the way but the horse did. Dusk had already fallen when she reached the woods of Lorien. As soon as she arrived, she knew she was safe as well as exhausted after riding a thousand leagues or what seemed like it. She had ridden south many leagues past Eregion and the Moria gate. She dared not take that path, and the entrance had been destroyed. She took the pass of Glanduin by the two rivers Celbrant and Nimrodel and found her way into Lorien. She wished to have gone to Nin-in- Eliph the Swan Fleet but her sister had told her to go to Lorien. It was dark, and Arinae could see the stars glittering above her shining upon her straight dark hair. Her eyes closed and opened. The horse was even tired. Slowly, her exhaustion overcame her and she slipped off of the saddle and fell to the ground unconscious.

Haldir approached the unconscious form with caution. He raised his hands for his followers to lower their bows. Rumil knelt down beside Arinae and smoothed the hair from her face.

“She is an elf,” he said. “She appears to be injured.”

“Take her to the Houses of Healing. Then we will wait,” Haldir ordered.

Rumil set her upon a large horse and climbed up behind her. He said a few elvish words to the other elves and rode off.

Arinae woke up in the morning. Her eyes fluttered open. She instantly saw a handsome face and followed by long golden hair reaching slightly passed the shoulders but pulled back. A wet cloth was on Arinae’s forehead. She removed it. Haldir smiled back at her.

“You were out for quite some time,” he grinned.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“Nearly five days.”

She sat up.

“Arien, where is my sister?”

He seemed confused.

“I know that name Arien. You are her sister? I did not know she had one.”

“I am Arien’s sister.”

“You do not look like Arien,” he said comparing the dark haired blue eyes girl before him to the memory of a flaming red haired emerald eyed one.

“I am. I do not lie. It’s a long story.”

“I have plenty of time milady.”

“My name is Arinae.”

“I like your name,” he said smiling. “I am Haldir Captain of Lorien. And Rumil has become very attracted to you fair sleeping beauty.”

She ingored the comment. “I am being pursued by the dark elves.”

He instantly listened.

“It began years ago when my parents were taken.”

She proceeded to tell him of her life’s story. He seemed very interested. When she had finished, he laughed arrogantly.

“That’s quite a story.”

“It’s all true.”

“Well then. We shall just have to wait and see if your sister and Rianatu show up. Until then you are my prisoner so to speak.”

“And what shall you do with your prisoner?”

“Oh I shall keep you here. I think you are very much healed after five days of rest. I shall show you around Lorien for a start and introduce you to my brother who seems very much attracted to you as I said before. He is the one who rescued you so to speak. I think he wishes to get to know you more.”

“And if I dont wish to cooperate?”

“Well then you will simply break his heart, and I will break your legs,” he grinned.

“How thoughtful,” Arinae muttered.

“Seems we have a fiesty one here. Havent had one of those in a long time ever since my experience with Elenya.”

Haldir was suddenly struck silent lost in a drift of a thousand memories which looked painful to him. He came back to explain something to her quickly.

“Simply go down the stairs from your room. My brother will be waiting as well as I to show you Lorien. Your clothes have been laid out for you. Tenna telwan milady.” Until then.


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