The Hobbit who was an Elf – A Story

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“Ok, Merry hold the flower right there,” Arinae said wiping the perspiration from her forehead.

“I have it,”Merry answered holding the red flower down into the dirt as Arinae covered it with soil.

Arinae was sixteen hardly more than a child in the hobbit world. She was very different from other hobbit girls. Arinae was very tall being at five three. It was amazing, and she always looked down upon the other hobbits. Arinae was also very beautiful. Everyone called her the most beautiful hobbit in the Shire. She had long dark hair that reached her waist. Her face was fair, and her eyes were the color of saphire blue. Most of the hobbits thought she was an elf when they saw her. Arinae didn’t understand why she appeared the way she did, but she liked it. Her ears were also shaped differently.

“Don’t you ever get tired of this, Merry?”she asked her friend.
He answered, “What do you mean?”

“Gardening I mean. I get tired of being a hobbit. All we ever do is gardening, playing in the woods, reading, smoking, and eating. Why hasn’t our race ever taken an adventure?”

“Well they have. Haven’t you ever heard the stories of Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins, MEriadoc Brandybuck, and Peregrin Took?”

“Well I have heard somewhat about them from the hobbits at the Green Dragon Inn. They always talk about them there,”Arina answered. “I’ve never heard the whole story. Tell me about them Merry.”

“Alright. It all started with the forging of the great Rings. Three were given to the Elven Kings. Cirdan gave his ring to Gandalf one of the Istari when he came over from the Sea.”

“Who are the Istari?”Arinae asked.

“The Istari is an order of wizards. We only know of three. Gandalf the Grey, Saruman the White, and Radagast the Brown.”

“I have heard of Gandalf,”Arinae said.

“Remember I said three rings were given to the elves? Seven were given to the dwarves, and nine were given to mortal men. But Sauron the Dark Lord forged another Ring. He mixed it with his blood and lifeforce. The lands of Middle Earth began to come under his dominion. But a Last Alliance formed from Elves and Men to fight for the freedom of Middle Earth. During the fight, Isildur son of the King Elendil cut the one Ring from Sauron’s hand. Isildur had one chance to destroy this Ring, but he claimed it for himself. The hearts of me are weak, Arinae.

“As Isuldur was returning to Gondor, he was attacked by orcs. He slipped on the Ring, which made him invisible. But he plunged into the Anduin River where the Ring slipped off his finger. The orcs saw him and shot him with arrows. The Ring passed out of all knowledge in the River. But then a Stoorish Hobbit named Deagol found it, but his cousin coveted the Ring and killed Deagol for it. Smeagol the new owner of the Ring became Gollum corrupted by the Ring. He carried it into the Misty Mountains. Bilbo Baggins found the Ring there. Gollum had lost it, but Bilbo found it and put it in his pocket. He was there on an adventure with some dwarves. That is another story, though.

“Bilbo carried the Ring back to the Shire, and on his one hundredth and eleventh birthday, he passed it on to his nephew Frodo.”

Merry told Arinae all about the journey of Frodo and the Fellowship and how they were separated from each other. He told her how the Ring was destroyed in the Mountain of Doom by Gollum.

“After all this happened,”Merry said, “Frodo went with Galadriel the Lady of the Golden Wood, Elrond, and Gandalf to the Undying Lands. Sam didn’t go with him though, because he married Rose Cotton. There they live now at Bag End. I know Sam. He keeps saying someday he will join Frodo when Rosy dies. He has thirteen children now. I’m sure you know Elanor.”

“Yes I do. She is a lovely hobbit,”Arinae replied. “That is an amazing story.”

“Yes it is.”

“I wish adventures happened to me. I should have been an elf. They always have such adventures.”

“Come Arinae. Let us go inside my hole. I’ll give you some nice lemonade. You’ll drink and I’ll have a nice smoke.”

“No thank you Merry. I should go home. My parents told me to come home for dinner.”

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then,”Merry waved goodbye to Arinae. “Goodbye Arinae.”


Arinae began her walk home from Merry’s garden. She looked down at her feet. Unlike other hobbit lasses, her feet had no hair upon them at all. She had no hair on them as a child either. She was taller than her parents Tom and Posy Bolger. It was strange. She would find out that day that it wasn’t as strange as she thought.

Arinae reached her hobbit hole. It was in Hobbiton quite near Bag End, which is how Arinae knew Elanor. Arinae walked into the hole and saw her father taking a good sip of ale in the kitchen. Her mother was reading in the sitting room.

“Hello, I am home,”Arinae called out.

“Hello, Arinae how did the gardening go?”her mother asked.

“Long, boring, but we finished it,”Arinae said with a giggle.

“Arinae!”Posy scolded her.

“Sorry. I just wish there was more to do around here than gardening. I would like to get out,”She sat down by her mother. “I want an adventure.”

“That is often very rare for hobbits, Arinae,”Posy told Arinae.

“Look at me. I am not a normal hobbit am I?”
Posy put the book down. “Arinae, I think it’s time Tom and I told you something. Tom!”

Tom put his drink down and walked into the small sitting room.

“I’m coming Posy,”he said sitting down in a chair beside Posy. “Is it time?”

“Yes, it is time,”Posy said. “Arinae, this will come as a shock to you.”

“What will?”Arinae asked puzzled.

“We are not your parents. And you are not a hobbit.”

“What?!”Arinae exclaimed.

“Arinae, you are an elf, Tom told her.

“I don’t understand.”
Posy continued. “Arinae, a white horse brought you to us when you were around two years old. We had no idea what had happened to you. We had no children then. We knew we wouldn’t have any children either. We didn’t know who you were or what family you belonged to. We decided to raise you as our own child. But Arinae, you are an elf maiden. We believe you came from Rivendell.”

“Rivendell?”Arinae said looking out of the window toward the East.

“You have now one choice,”Tom said. “You can either remain here in the Shire with us or you can depart for Rivendell. We will not stop you. It is your decision.”

Arinae looked into their faces. These were the people who had cared for her and raised her. She wanted to know about her early past and where she came from, but how could she leave Tom and Posy? She looked outside the window at the Shire. Hobbit children ran around playing with each other. She knew then what her decision would be.

“I want to go,”Arinae said. “I can’t stay and pretend to be something I’m not. I want to find out about myself. I’m sorry. I dearly love you. How could I not? You are the only parents I have ever known. But I believe I must go.”

“Very well Arinae,”Tom said. “We will let Merry go with you to Bree and see you to Rivendell.”

“Then I will leave in a week.”


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