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The journey was going for some time and finally they got to Rivendell. A fair elven maiden walks up to them, but she doesn’t look like any other elf, she is elf and human. She tells them that her name is Shena and that she is a Sorceress. Gandalf knows her and they talk for some time, then all of them go to the house of Elrond. Shena brings food and drinks to them and the company talks to Elrond. Then they go to sleep and some days later they continue the journey, Shena goes after them. In the mountains she loses them and goes on as fast as any other elf would.

When she gets down she sees the Eagles and asks them if they have seen a company of dwarves, a hobbit and a wizard. The Eagles tell her that they have just taken them over the mountains, near Mirkwood. Shena asks if they will take her over as well and they will. When she is over she goes to the Wood Elves to ask them if they have seen the company. They have some dwarves locked in the basement, but they haven’t seen a hobbit or a wizard. Days go by and one day the dwarves are gone. The next morning Shena goes down the river and goes to the human town in the middle of the river. After some day a dragon attacks the town, but he is slain. All the humans go to the Lonely Mountain to clam it. But the dwarves will not give it up. Then Elves come to the mountain also. They have come to help the humans they say. With them there is an elf called Legolas and Shena loves him from the first time she saw him. They talk for a while and after that talk Shena is even more in love with him and she think that he feels the same way.

Shena goes to Gandalf to talk to him. She tells him that the dwarves and Bilbo will die if they won’t give it up. She doesn’t what that to happen and goes to do something about it. Shena goes to her tent that what put up for her and with her powers calls to Bilbo. Bilbo wakes up and doesn’t know what to do. Shena tells him that he just needs to think the answer and that she will then hear it.”Can you hear me?” asks Shena.
“Okay listen to me, is there anything that Thorin wants really bad?”
“What is it?” Shena asks.
“A ball of some sort” Bilbo answers.
“Have you got it?”
“Could you come down the mountain and give it to me?”
“Maybe, but they’re keeping guard here!”
“You will think of something, I know it!”
“Okay, I will give it to you!” Bilbo says.
“Thank you Bilbo. Will you come tonight?”
“I will. See you tonight.”
At that moment Legolas comes into Shena’s tent.
“Who where you talking too?” Legolas asks.
“Where you talking to yourself then?”
Shena doesn’t answer. Legolas comes closer. “I like you very much” he says. Then he is standing in front of her. Slowly his face comes closer to hers and then he kisses her. In her eyes it seems like forever. He looks at her and she says:”I love you too”. They kiss again. After sometime Shena says:”I can’t. I’m sorry. You where right, I was talking to someone before. I was talking to Bilbo. He’s coming tonight to give us something that Thorin wants.” Legolas looks at her and says: “I believe you”.

Bilbo comes that night and gives the Ball to Bard. Bard is really happy about what Bilbo did. Bilbo sees Gandalf and talks to him. The hole night Legolas and Shena couldn’t take their eyes of each other. When Bilbo is about to leave Shena walks over to him to thank him, but before Shena can say anything Bilbo asks her: “Do you love him?”
“Who?” Shena asks
“The guy you have bin looking at the hole night”
“You mean the elf?”
Shena looks at Legolas and says: “Yes. Why?”
“I was think about it, he seems like a good guy”
“He is, he’s really nice!” Shena answers
“But I wanted to thanks you for bringing the Ball”
“It was my pleasure, but I have to go now. See you soon, I hope.”
“We will see each other again, I know it!”
“Good bye now and good luck with that Elf!”
“Bye and thanks again!” And Bilbo goes. At that moment Legolas is behind Shena.
“What did he mean with “that elf”?” Legolas asks
Shena looks at him and asks with a smile on her face:
“Do you always listen to people who are talking privately?”
Legolas smiles back and asks: “So you’re not going to tell me?”
At that moment they both start laughing. “Can I ask why you don’t look like other Elves?”
“Of course, it’s because I’m part human and part elf.”
“Is that the reason why you always where a human ring?”
“Yes, it was my mothers ring. I got I when she died.”
“I’m sorry about that, but what I wanted to tell you was that I have some days off now?”
“That’s okay. Why?”
“They don’t need me right now.”
“That’s great. Well I’m going to bed now, I’m really tired.” Shena says
“Okay, I’m going to bed also. Goodnight!”
“Sleep well.”
Shena goes to her tent. There she gets ready for bed and gets in her bed, but she can’t sleep. She keeps thinking of Legolas and the kisses and the talk they had. After a while Legolas comes into her tent. Shena sits up and looks at him with an asking face. “I couldn’t sleep.” he says.
“Me neither.” she answers.
“I was thinking about you and this afternoon and the talk we had. Do you really love me?”
“Me too. And I think so. I like you very much!”
“I like you very much too.” Legolas says. They talk about what they think about when they think of love and at some point Legolas kisses Shena. “I was looking at you and it felt right.”
“It was right.” Shena answers. They talk about family, loved ones, how they got there and lots of other stuff. They go to sleep.

When they wake up they lay together for some time. “There is an evil power coming” Shena says after a while.
“How do you now this?”
“I can feel it. The ground it shaking of it.”
“When will they be here?”
“I don’t know. I must talk to Gandalf about this.” Shena says. She gets dressed
and goes to find Gandalf. Before she leaves the tent Legolas asks her:
“When will you be back?”
“I don’t know.”
She goes to find Gandalf. When she is walking to his tent she sees him talking
to Bard. She walks up to they and Bard leaves at the moment she’s there.
“Gandalf, can I talk to you?”
“What is it?”
“Privately.” Shena says. They walk to a quiet place.
“Can you feel it?” Shena asks.
“Feel what?” Gandalf asks as they are alone.
“The evil that is coming here.”
“Yes, but I didn’t know that you could feel that.”
“Me neither, but I feel it.”
“They will be here in a few day.”
“Should we tell someone? The elves or the humans maybe?”
“Maybe, but not yet. Bard is going to the mountain with the Ball that
Bilbo gave him.”
“Now, I’m going with him. You must get back to your love.”
“How did you know?”
“I saw you two looking at each other yesterday.”
“Bilbo said the same.”
“Yes I know. We talked about you yesterday. We are happy that you found each other.”
“Thank you!”
“But I have to go with Bard now. You get back to Legolas.”
“Good Luck. And I will, thank you.”

Shena gets back to the tent and finds that Legolas is gone.There is a note there:
“I have gone with Bard. They just asked me.
They came when you left. I wanted to ask you
but there was no time. I hope you don’t mind
that I have left. I will see you when I get back.
Yours Forever, Legolas.”
Shena goes out and walks around. She goes far beyond the last tent. Then she sees a bird. The bird comes to her and lands on the shoulder. The bird tells her that there are goblins coming that way and that they will be there the next evening. After hearing this news she goes back to the tents to find Gandalf. He is just back in town. “Gandalf, they are coming tomorrow!”
“Who is coming tomorrow?” Gandalf asks
“The goblins, they will be here tomorrow evening!”
“Who told you this?”
“It was a bird. It came to me and told me.”
“When? When did this bird tell you this?”
“Not long ago, when you where with Bard.”
“I will tell the humans, you tell the Elves!” says Gandalf as he runs away. Shena goes to inform them and they go to get men that can fight.

That evening the goblins are already there. A great battle follows. Shena is fighting also, with all her powers. But then the sword of a goblin hits her from behind. “Legolas,Gandalf!” she screams as she feels the sword hit her. When Gandalf gets to her, Legolas is there. He is keeping the goblins away. “Help her!” Legolas screams to Gandalf. Gandalf looks at the wound. It’s serious. He can heal her, but he needs her help, her powers. Shena gives all the power to Gandalf that he needs to heal her. When she is healed she’s fine and fights at the side of Legolas with all the power that is in her. Then the Eagles come to help them. After the fight Bilbo is missing and a lot of Elves and Humans are dead. Some of the Dwarves are dead too. After some day they find Bilbo.

Shena is in the tent packing some things and getting ready to go to the house of Lord Elrond again. Legolas comes into her tent and sees her packing. “Are you going without saying goodbye?” Legolas asks.
“No, it was just packing some things to go home. But I was going to say goodbye.”
“What about us?”
“I don’t know, I have to get back to Lord Elrond. You can come if you can and want.”
“I want to, but I can’t. I have to get back to my people. Maybe we could see each other again. In the future I maybe can get some time to go to you.”
“I would like that very much.”
“Me too, let’s do that. That’s the way we can see each other sometimes.”
“Come and see me sometimes.” Shena says to Legolas
“I will, I promise.” he answers.

Shena goes back to Rivendell with Bilbo. “What is going to happen with you two?” Bilbo asks.
“He will come to me when he has the time to come.”
“That’s nice! It’s a shame that you can live together.”
“We are needed some else. But we will make it.”
When they are back in Rivendell Elrond have a word with Shena. He is mad about her leaving without asking him first. “Would you have let me go?” Shena asks
“No, I don’t think so”
“Then I wouldn’t have met Legolas. I’m glad that I went.”
Everything goes on like nothing happened. Only Legolas comes by comes by. They are still in love and they always talk.


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