The Hands of a Healer – Part 7

by Oct 31, 2003Stories

The iced hand tightened its grip around her, wrenching her forward in that desolate land. The shearing sensation enveloped her completely, whereas in the other world it seemed to have come from only one direction. There was one difference though; she could see. She was standing on a barren hill overlooking a landscape with varying degrees of grey and black. Nothing moved on these hills, nothing except for a shape of darkness a few hills away from her. With a jolt of fear, she realized that this darkness, reeking of evil, was what had been attacking her soul, and was now in control of her. She felt as though an invisible rope bound her to it, preventing her escape. Then the shape moved; it glided over to her, so that they were now only an arm’s width apart. It took on a vaguely humanoid shape, but the closer it came, the greater the convulsions of pain became within her. She had no doubt that this foul being held her soul and was tearing it, ever slowly and painfully.

“Sssso, my pretty, we have finally found you again. Of course it wasn’t hard, with you so easily brought into our little…world. And now our plan will be fulfilled, with your petty little friends as our blood price, joining you in…”, the black shape paused in his rasping speech and where his face had been featureless, an evil grin appeared,” boundless pain, and of course endless torment once in death. Now, you will see the ending of this world; an event which you will help to bring about.”

With that, a sudden light appeared in front of her, blinding her for an instant then fading away as quickly as it had come. When it had cleared, Lauren found herself in the middle of a large field littered with…bodies. Her hands were bound with chains, and all she could do was watch as elves and men were mercilessly slaughtered by orcs and all manner of foul beings. She heard their screams, sensed their terror, and felt their torture as a knife in her soul. Every time one of them was killed painfully slowly, ensuring that they suffered great torment, Lauren felt it as though it was done to her. Her entire soul ached and writhed in pain, she shut her eyes and plugged her ears to try and lessen the affects of the world around her, but it only increased. Now besides the excruciating pain, she felt all the emotions of the dying. This was perhaps worse than seeing them take their last breathes, for she felt their grief, their anger, their despair and their fear.

It all welled up inside of her until she could take no more. She screamed. She had to get rid of all that had entered her soul, forming a black beast doing its all to rip her apart from the inside. She gathered everything into a tight bundle, all her emotions and all her thought, willing them to turn into something that could aide her. The bundle grew until she could hold it in no longer. Then she released it, depleting her soul of all emotion, loosening the hold of the iced hand and sending her into warm, comfortable darkness that surrounded her like a warm blanket. And there she stayed, safe and at peace… for the moment.

Sorry, I know it’s short, maybe even a little fast paced, but I think it does what I wanted it to. Emjoy


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