The Hands of a Healer – Part 1

by Sep 5, 2003Stories

As the crisp evening wind whistled through the trees, a girl, almost upon adulthood, sat by a monitor, reading. The wind, observing a chance for amusement, blew in the direction of her open window, causing it to slam shut and thereby hoping to startle the human. Some humans were very superstitious and even a simple act such as this caused them to burst into hysterical cries of fright, much to the amusement of the wind. The girl’s piercing bright brown eyes merely glanced about, momentarily, to decipher the source of the sound then returned to the screen, disappointing the wind.
Her eyes darted back and forth across the screen racing to finish the tale. She was duelly frustrated, for the page came to an end with three words: To Be Continued. She quickly shut down the computer without waiting for its consent and fumed angrily. She then proceeded to bed, knowing that it was late and giving in to her need for sleep. She expected the next day to be very trying, especially on her veining self-confidence, as it would be the first day back to school. Thus she slipped into unconscious sleep, forgetting her frets about the day to come. Sometime in the night, the smell of smoke found its way to the sleeping girl, not stirring her from her state of deep dream…
The early morning rays shone through the massive curtains surrounding the window, waking the slumbering girl. She began to stir and, feeling unusually refreshed, decided to get up by herself instead of waiting for the annoying beeps of the alarm clock. Pain immediately shot through her back, forcing her back down. After the pain had somewhat subsided she tried again, tentatively, to sit up. This time, she managed it although her back clearly objected and scolded her with a pain less intense than the spasm before.
She surveyed her surroundings and was shocked to find herself in an unfamiliar room. Another oddity, she soon discovered, was the heightening of her vision, whereas before she needed glasses, she could now see perfectly. She noticed that her bed was placed beside a wide window, encased in a wall of delicate marble. There were four other beds in this room besides her own, as well as a cabinet of healing herbs and a bathtub surrounded by retractable curtains. All in all, it looked very much like the hospital wing of a castle. A castle? There weren’t any castles around her home for many thousands of miles. A sudden fear overcame her as she thought of the possibility that she had been kidnapped. She quickly dismissed the thought; surely kidnappers wouldn’t put her in a hospital.
As she puzzled over this, she was brought back to reality by a knock on the door. She began to stand to answer it, but her back protested. She obliged and sat back down. She realized that her comfy pyjama pants were gone; as was her T-shirt she had worn to bed. In their place was a white silken gown. The knock came again and she bade the knocker entrance. The door opened and in walked an elf. There was no doubt in the girl’s mind as to the identity of the elf. She had seen his long brown hair and pale blue eyes many times before while reading and re-reading her favourite book. There, right before her stood the legendary Elrond. With that came the realization that she had somehow entered the world of the Lord of the Rings.


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