The Golden Years – The Mischievings of Young Arwen

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Elrond paced the floor nervously. His wife was in labor again,
and he could almost feel the pain mingled along with his anxiety. He recalled a fond memory of a long time ago when his stubborn wife screamed in front of the entire court that the birth of her twins nearly killed her. He knew of course that Celebrian was kidding, but not one member of the court escaped her wrath that had not had children before. And of course he himself bore the worst of it.

At that moment Elrond’s twins walked into his study and sat down with a thump. Being so young he did not scold them because after all they were not even 200 years old yet and in the equivilant of mortal men, they were only about 8-9 years old.

“Any news yet?” he asked.

“No, but then again we only came in here to be rid of the screaming.” said Elladan

“Yeah,” Elrohir chipped in. “We could hear mom screaming from the courtyard”

Elrond did not like the fact that his children were being exposed to something that they knew so little of at so young of an age. He knew that they were going to ask the big quesion sooner or later and of course as all parents prefer he would have told them later, but seeing as how Imladris was such an open space with very few walls, he had little choice but to answer the question that was brooding in his son’s minds.

Finally the moment he dreaded worst had happen.

“Daddy, why is Mommy screaming so bad?” asked the twins.

“Well when a daddy and mommy love each other very….What did you say?”

“Why is Mommy screaming so much?”

“Well…I…uh…um…” He started to stammer.

“Where do babies come from”

“Bingo,” Elrond thought. “There is the million dollar question.”

Elrond was thinking of how to reply to this question, when his salvation walked through the door. The nurse walked in to study and with her wrapped in a purple and silver blanket was his little child.

“Lord Elrond I would like to introduce you to your daughter.”

“Oh, she is beautiful, with the likness of Tinuviel.”

It had never occured to him at that moment that she would suffer the same fate as Tinuviel.

“Look boys, this is your little sister.”

The boys shrugged “What does she do?” one of them asked

“She wont be doing much for a long while” He replied.

“Well that is no fun, hey last one to the pond is a rotton egg” said the other.

Elrond chuckled as his sons ran out of the room. He sat down for a moment just admiring his little daughter. He loved everything about her and he made a unspoken promise to always protect her. Just then she made a little yawn as babies do and when she looked up at her father she smiled.

“She is perfect” Elrond thought. With sapphire blue eyes and pale porcelin skin and thick black hair just like her father only a couple slight changes made her look the girl child that seperated her from her father. She had slight curls like her mother and a small feminine nose.

“She also has her mother’s ears.” Elrond looked up and standing there was his wife.

“What are you doing out of bed so soon after such an excruciating pain” He said

“You know that I can’t stand to be in bed and plus I want to hold my little girl.”

“Well you should have told the nurse, you know that I would have brought to you.”

“I would like to be with you too” she whined

” Ok, I will give her to you if you promise to get back in bed”

“Oh, alright” she sighed

” I will be along in a minute, I need to get the name books.”

A long while later Elrond came to his bedroom where his wife was sitting half proped on pillows, waiting for him to come in.

” Do you think that you have bought enough books” she said with a hint of sarcasm.

” Ha, Ha” said Elrond muffled behind his books.

“My girl is going to have the best, even if I have to travel to the four corners of middle earth to find it.

When Elrond finished reading all the names from books, friend, and family history they were still no closer to picking a name. Finally so exhausted that his jaw was sore, Celebrian finally said what name she wanted.

“I know you want the perfect name for your daughter but I think that I should be involved in the process after all I am the one who gave birth.”

“And what name do you want sweetheart”

“Arwen Undomiel”

“Evenstar, now why didn’t I think of that?”

“Because you were to busy to listen to me”

“Well you could have shut me up, you have the power”

” I enjoy seeing your pain”

“Ha Ha, Ha Oh OW”

“I dont know much about busted ego, but I think I have the solution for an unhinged jaw.”

“And what is that”

At this moment she handed the baby to the nurse and walked over to her husband, put both hands underneath his jaw and gave a solid thump, and the jaw clicked into place.

“OW what did you do that for….hey the pain is gone, thanks sweetie.

” Your welcome honey”

When Elrond finished giving his wife a thank you kiss he ran over to the nurse and took the baby out of her arms and held saying “Arwen Undomiel, the evenstar and light of her people.” Just at that moment he ran out of the room knowing that his wife could not follow far going fast but still not fast enough to not hear ” No more than ten minutes outside, she will catch a cold.”

Elrond held his daughter almost as if he would never let go and went to the balcony over looking his tiny city where all of the elves had gathered to wittness the anoucement of the birth of the little prince or princess. He said to all those who congregated there that his daughter would be the evenstar of the people and the entire crowd cheered.

Then he leaned over so only his girl could hear. “There is going some feasting tonight, I can tell you.”

He stood there thinking that nothing would ever harm her, but later on in Arwen’s life he learns just how wrong he was.


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