The Golden Years Part 9 – Arwen’s last years in Lothlorien

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“Arwen has only 20 years left.” said Galadriel.

“You are going to miss her aren’t you.” said Celeborn.

“Yes, I am.” Galadriel started to weep.

“You should enjoy it while it lasts, this may be one of the last times you will see her before we sail for Valinor.”

Galadriel knew he was right, but what Celeborn didn’t know is that there would only be one other time before Arwen would have to make her choice.

Galadriel set of in search of her and found her sooner than she thought. Arwen was looking in her mirror. She crept up behind her to watch. Arwen sensed Galadriel’s presence but decided to ignore it, she glanced into the mirror and saw a little baby boy.

King Arathorn was heavy in heart. The Dunedain were under attack and his wife had just gone into labor.

“We have got to get out of here!” he whispered to himself.

“King Arathorn sir, you have beautiful and healthy baby boy.”

he smiled. “That is wonderful nurse.”

Just then he heard dull roar of pounding feet.

“Nurse we have got to get my wife and child out of here, or else they will not survive the dawn. I want you to gather the other servants and prepare a knapsack filled with enough food and clothing to last a journey to Rivendell and prepare my wife and yourselves to ride in two hours. You must make haste or the bloodline of Gondor will die.”

“My Lord, your wife will not survive such a trip.”

“She will have to for my sons sake.”

“Yes milord.” he saw the fear in her eyes.

“Do not fear the approaching army nurse, I have an escort waiting for you outside the east palace gates.

“It is not the army that worries me, what about yourself sir.”

“I will not be going.”

“But you must come sir, you must live.”

“No it is my son and wife that must live. Now make haste!!!”

“Yes sir.”

“No!!!!!!!!” screamed Arwen. She collasped but Galadriel caught her in time.

“Grandmother we have got to help them.” she said, breathing heavily.

“We cannot help the king, but I have already sent a search party, two weeks ago in fact. They will escort the queen and her ladies to Imladris.”

“Was that him?”

“Yes, darling.”

“What about the escort that the king mentioned, why did you send one?

“He was lying. He had no men to spare.”

“Will yours reach them in time?”

“Yes, I have already sent word to your father to be on the look out for them.”

“Will he look out for them?”

“That is for him to decide.”

The Lothlorien escorts just entered Imladris, the queen had a very high fever and was badly jolted from the hard riding. She was delirious when she first saw Elrond, but the first thing she said to him, “Where is my son?”

When her nurse handed him to her, she handed him to Elrond.

“Please will you take care of him, raise him.”

“Yes, milady.”

When Elrond finished speaking the queen collasped and nearly fell from her horse but three members of the escort caught her and led her to the hosipital wing.

Elrond spoke to his wife.

“Celebrian, I am most likely going to be needed for the rest of the night, please take care of the baby.”

“Yes, Honey.”

“Find a wet nurse we cannot risk him getting sick from his mother’s milk.”

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of it.”

It was a very long night for Elrond. The queen of the Dunedain was on the brink of death and life, although the trip really should have killed her. “My nephew was an idiot,” he thought to himself. “But then again if they had stayed they would have both died.”

She was hysterical for the first few hours, the fever shot through the roof and she was delirious but finally Elrond was able to bring down the fever and she made through the night under his watchful eyes.

“I must leave for a few days” said Galadriel.

“But why?” asked Arwen.

“To ensure that you father does not throw the entire future of Middle Earth out the door.

“I thought you said that he would take care of him.”

“I hope he will, but he will need a little rattling before he will be convinced.”

“How will I continue my lessons?”

“You get a two week vacation. Just don’t tell your grandfather, let him think I left you some book work or something.”

“Okay. Go with speed.”

“Hello mom, to what do I owe this visit, you did not even warn me.” said Celebrian.

“I have some urgent business with my son-in-law.”

Just then Galadriel saw the Dunedain queen, walking around the garden holding her baby.

“Is that the child?”

“Well, Yes.” said Celebrian somewhat confused.

“I must speak with Elrond, send him to the library immediatly.”

“Yes, mom.”

“Hello Galadriel, to what to I owe this, I must say unexpected visit.”

“I must talk to you about the future of that baby.”

“What don’t I know? He is my nephew.”

“What are you going to do with him?”

“Well, I thought that as soon as the mother was fully mended I would send her on her way.”

“You idiot, do you know what that child is!”

“Uhh No.”

“That child is the sole heir of Isildur!”

“Ohhh crap. And I have to take care of him I suppose?”

“That is your decision, but unless you do not want the entire world to end, then I would strongly suggest that you do not let that child out of your sight until he is ready!”

“Inform me of your decision later, I am going to bathe and rest.”

“Why did this have to happen to me.” thought Elrond. “I am just about ready to pull my hair out.”

He decided to go for a walk among the gardens, when he came upon the baby and its mother.

“I wanted to thank you for your kindness.” said the queen

Elrond was not looking at her, he was looking at the little child. While he was looking in the child’s eyes they connected, feeling a faint sense that this child was more than he looked. Right then Elrond was captured, he did not care about the stresses of raising another child. He vowed to himself that he would protect this child.

“What is his name?”

“I have named him Aragorn.”

“With your permission lady, it would please me greatly if you would let me adopt him and that you live here in Imladris with him.”

“Would you please, he needs a father.”

“Nothing would please me more than to raise this child.

Arwen looked in the mirror and sighed. “He is going to keep him.” she thought.

Next Installment: Bad News.


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