The Golden Years Part 8 – Arwen learns about Luthien Tinuviel

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Galadriel was pleased, even though her granddaughter was truly stubborn, she was learning quickly. One day Arwen was sitting up in her favorite tree reading a history book because it was her princessly homework started reading about a young woman by the name of Luthien Tinuviel. The history was brief because not many facts were known but what she read astonished her and she ran to talk to Galadriel.

When Arwen started demanding answers Galadriel spoke. “I had a feeling that you would be asking questions sooner or later.”

Arwen had a million questions but the first one she asked was, ” Why does every one say that I have the likness of Tinuviel? I have never heard of her except when people would give me compliments and they never volunteered any more information.”

“The reason you have the likness of Tinuviel is because she is your great-great-great-great-great grandmother. It is also rumored that you will share her same fate because of the likness.”

“What?!!! You mean I am going to fall in love with a mortal and die???!!”

“It has been foreseen.”

“That is like the biggest gyp ever!!” she screamed

“Ha Ha I am going to put that on your tombstone.”

“How can you mock me like this, i have my choices and I dont want to die!” she started to cry. Galadriel pulled her close to comfort her and when her sobbing died down Galadriel spoke, ” I know that it is hard to fathom sweetie but remember when I showed you in my mirror how happy you would be, well the mirror wasn’t lying.”

“I refuse to fall in love ever again, my heart is still broken and will remain that way.”

“That is what you think Arwen but your heart no matter how much you say it is broken is healed.”

“Why do I have to die?” she sobbed

“I don’t know why, but you will have the chance to love and you will enjoy every moment of it. I know that I cannot be very comforting at this moment but i hope that you will one day take solace in the fact that you are very brave and that you will overcome any obstecle.”

“Has father been told yet?” she whispered.

“No nor shall he know until you have already made your choice.”

“Then I choose not to die.”

“I am afraid that is the one thing you cannot decide. Of all the many things that I have seen in my mirror, your father is the greatest threat to you because he will pull every trick in the book to make sure that you do not wed Aragorn.”

“Who is Aragorn.”

“That is his name.”

“If your father is told that you are to wed Isuldir’s heir then he do his very best to make sure that never meet him. The very fate of the Gondorian Kingdom will rest on his shoulders and yours as well.”

“Isn’t the blood of Isuldir our mortal reletives.”

“Yours dear, because they are your father’s blood, he never forgave the fact that you brother wanted to be a mortal and die while he chose life.”

“Why should Father be mad at him?”

“Because your father was afraid of death just as you are and feels that he made the cowardly decision, so he will do everything in his power to make sure that his family does not suffer the pains of mortality.”

“How are we to keep him from finding out?”

“Just don’t tell him because when you return to Imladris Aragorn will be grown and he can do nothing to stop what the gods have in store for you. Only you can, but I hope that you won’t because a princess never runs from her duty.”

“But how can I really love him if it is all just for duty?”

“Trust me, you won’t be saying that when Aragorn wins your heart.”

Arwen reached for her necklace.

“The night of the party you told me that this necklace will be given to the man who will win my affections.”


“Well won’t father be suspicious.”

“Oh no because when you give your token to Aragorn he will be much older and ready to claim his kingdom and by then your father will have sailed to Valinor.”

“So father isn’t to know my fate at all?”

“If all goes well.”

“Okay Grandmother, I trust you.”


“Any other questions?”

“No not now. but will you walk with me?”


They came to a lovely hill just within the borders of the forest where all the elanor and niphredil flowers were in bloom.

“I have a funny feeling about this place grandmother where are we?”

“This is were the earth is calling you, this is your resting spot.”

“You have already scared the heebie-jeebies out of me do you have to do it anymore?”

“I was just answering your question.”

“Well some questions are retorical.”

“But yours wasn’t”

“Oh never mind.” said Arwen throwing up her hands as a sign of frustration.

“I know how scared you are my dear, but that will pass, in time.”

“Time seems to be something that I don’t have anymore.”

With that said Arwen left the hill never to see it again until her death.


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