The Golden Years Part 7 – Arwen’s Princess lessons

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“I cannot believe it has been a month already.” Thought Arwen. “The days go by so quickly.”

Arwen had been doing much exploring and found herself a favorite tree to sit in, a favorite river and waterfall to swim under, a few friends both male and female, and the
best of all: her grandmother’s mirror, although she did not discover it right away. Today she had her first lesson in foreign diplomacy and she did not like it one bit. It was far too

“Ohh will this lesson ever end?” she thought.

“Not any time soon, and you should be paying attention!”

Arwen eyes spun around as though the voice was speaking to her in person instead of in her thoughts. She saw no one but her grandmother and she was still droning on in the
lesson. Arwen turned her head to look behind her when she heard the voice again.

“Turn around and pay attention or else there will be a pop quiz at the end of the week.”


“Did you want to say something honey?” Galadriel asked in her sweetest voice.

“No grandmother.” she said

“Good, then pay attention.”

Arwen’s focus began to drift again when the voice spoke very sharply. “You are being very rude, stop what ever it is that you are doing and pay attention.”

“Where the heck is that voice coming from?” she thought.

“Do you have something that you want to share with the class Arwen?” asked Galadriel.

“No, grandmother.”

“Boy,” thought Galadriel. “She is one tough egg to crack, most people confess to the voices by the second time I start messing with them.”

The third time it happened again with no event. Finally the fourth time Arwen jumped out of her chair and screamed.”Where the heck is that voice coming from?”

“Why Arwen I thought that you already knew.” said Galadriel innocently.

“Knew what? What the heck is going on?”

“It was my voice talking to you.”

“How is that possible? You never strayed from the lesson, Even I was paying enough attention to know that.”

“I was just messing with your mind. It is a mind trick that I learned of long ago. I thought that maybe you would pocess the gift, but it is clear that you don’t because you never
replied with your mind.”

“That was you who was always in my head? Well thanks for the heads up you probably know all of my deepest darkest secrets.”

“No actually, I can only read what you want me to read because secrets are something that must be told by the person in order for them to be known.”

After a long silence Galadriel said, “Let us go and look into the mirror.”

“Mirror? What mirror?”

“Come with me.”

They walked to Galadriel’s garden and the first thing Arwen noticed was a large, fairly flat bowl standing on a tall pedistal.

“Ok where is the mirror?”

“You are looking at it.”

“Isn’t a mirror supposed to give your reflection?”

“Yes, but this mirror shows reflections of a different kind. Not even the wisest can decipher the sightings in the mirror. The mirror shows many things: things that were, things that are and some things that have not yet come to pass.”

“How does it work?”


Galadriel went to a little stream that was running right next to her mirror and drew out a pitcher of water. She poured it into the bowl and told Arwen to look. Arwen saw many
things: She saw her first meeting with her grandmother, she saw her birthday party, she saw her and Glorfindel dancing, she saw a handsome man in a pool of light amidst the
trees of Imladris, she saw her father weeping and last of all she saw someone’s funeral.

“Grandmother what does it all mean?”

“You saw a little of the past and future on this subject I can say no more for you must find you own way to fufill these images, you always have a choice.”


“I think this should wrap up our lessons for today, but we will be a day behind because we still have to cover more diplomacy and tomorrow you shall also begin your ettiqutte

Arwen turned to leave thinking to herself, “Awww man, these lessons are boring enough without having to repeat them again!!!”

“I heard that.” said Galadriel slowly.

“Am I ever to have a private moment from you?”

“Not likely, as least not as long as you are in Lothlorien”

“Awww man! this bites!”

“Watch your tongue young lady, a princess never indulges in vulgar language.

“Yes ma’am.”

Thinking her most secret thoughts Arwen left using her thoughts as a shield and she thought to herself, I will get revenge grandmother, just wait and see.

Galadriel never heard her.


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