The Golden Years Part 6 – Royal Coronation and Journey to Lothlorien

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The birthday party was just beginning to wind up when Galadriel made an annoucement.

“We are all her to celebrate the 500th birthday of a very special elf.” Arwen blushed. “She has grown greatly since I last saw her at her christening and has grown far more in wisdom, strength, and beauty than I had ever hoped. A true likness unto Luthien Tinuviel.”

Clapping, whistling, applause etc…

“Wait-a-minute,” thought Arwen. “I was told that Galadriel has never seen me. How could she have been at my christening when I was told she never came? And who the heck is Luthien Tinuviel? I have never heard of her in life.”

“Tonight until her 1,000th birthday she will be under the scrutiny, knowledge and protection of her grandmother, the queen of Lothlorien.”

More cheering.

“Tonight as we acknowledge her as the heir apparant of Imladris, Celeborn and I have also have agreed with each other in saying that this night Arwen shall also become the heir apparant to my home land of Lothlorien and Cirdan the shipwright has agreed that the city known as the Grey Havens will be hers to rule as well. When the last of the high elves have departed from the lands of Middle Earth, she shall become Queen of all these lands and the people that choose to live there.”

Just then Arwen felt something heavy on her head. It was her heir apparant coronation tiara. Her grandmother whispered into her ear. “Let me borrow your necklace for just a second, dear. Thank you.”

Galadriel unfastened the necklace and held it for all to see.

“Arwen Undomiel, blessed Evenstar and hope of your people let your light shine forth for all to see that will see.”

When Galadriel finished her speech she had a small brown box brought to her which contain a small crystal phial. she poured one drop of a shiny liquid onto Arwen necklace and a bright light shown forth. So bright that Arwen had to shield her eyes. When the bright light died down the necklace shed a small glowing pool of light no bigger than the necklace itself. Galadriel put it back around her neck and stated.

“Arwen Undomiel receive your light, receive and keep it in the pure state in which it has been given unto you and remember that your light shall shine forever for all the world to see. Remember that this light represents your life, your authority and in time, the token in which you shall share your love with another.”

The greatest amount of cheering and applause which you will ever hear.

“I shall explain later.” whispered Galadriel. “Now go, let your light shine and dance the night away.

Arwen did as she was told and danced the night away. She claimed that she had danced with all the available male elves and with that said all were dismissed and the royal family was left alone except for Glorfindel leaning on a cane.

“I am disappointed princess, your first act as the heir apparant is that you lied to your people.”

“How so Glofindel?” asked both Arwen and Galadriel.

“You have not yet danced with me.”

“Oh” said Arwen.

“Will you do me the honor, Princess Arwen.”

“Of course Glorfindel, anything for a loyal subject.”

They left the room hand in hand and went out to the moonlit terrace. Glorfindel lay down his cane and took Arwen into his arms and led her in a slow waltz trying not to grimace when she was looking. After a while of moving in slow circles Glofindel spoke.

“Princess?” he said softly.

“Hmm.” said Arwen dreamily.

“I have a present for you.”


“You have to open your eyes to get it.”

“Alright.” she said as she opened her eyes slowly and as they glittered in the moonlight, Glorfindel swore to himself he had never seen more beautiful sapphire colored eyes.

In Glofindel’s hand was a small, square, black box.

“I had it made just for you.”

Arwen opened the box and gasped. Inside the small box was a butterfly brooch interlaced with diamonds and sapphires.

“Ohh, it is absolutely magnificent Glorfindel, thank you so much.”

“You are welcome.”

“I am in complete awe, I shall cherish it forever.”

They sat down together on a bench and talked while Glorfindel held Arwen in his arms.

“I wish for this night to not end.”

“So do I princess, so do I.”

A voice spoke from the shadows.


“Yes Lord Elrond?”

“My daughter must rest, she has a big journey ahead of her tomorrow.”

“Yes sir, but I think she is already asleep.”

“Don’t worry I will take care of her, you should get some rest too, this must have been murder for your ankle.”

“I hardly notice.”

“Whether your claim is true or not I do not care but please do not tempt the wrath of my physician because I do not wish to receive a tongue lashing for your dancing.

“Yes sir, say no more sir. I shall be off to bed as soon as I see to it that Arwen is settled in.

“Alright, follow me.”

Elrond carefully lifted his daughter and carried her to her room. When he finished tucking her in he spoke to Glofindel.

“If you wish to say goodnight to her I will leave you alone, but only for five minutes, then you need to get some rest yourself.”

“Thank you sir.”

Elrond left the room and left Glorfindel with Arwen. He gave her a kiss on her forehead and said very very softly, “I love you Arwen Undomiel, I love you.”

“You are afraid to hurt her aren’t you Glorfindel.” Galadriel stepped out of the shadows.

“I am sorry Glorfindel, it was just not ment to be. I hope you will be very happy with the woman your father has chosen for you.”

“Thank you, I hope so too.”

“If you wish for me to tell her…”

“No need. I shall tell her first thing in the morning. I think she would rather hear it from me.”

“As you wish, Glofindel.”

They left the room together to leave Arwen with her dreams. Her dreams of dancing on the clouds, Glofindel’s emerald green eyes, his strong arms wrapped around her. She also dreamed of another man, one whom she had never seen before, but without her knowing it, the man who would eventually capture her heart and her life.

The next morning Arwen awoke at the crack of dawn and slipped into her robe. She had to see Glorfindel again.

Glorfindel awoke also at the crack of dawn to prepare Asfoloth for Arwen’s long journey. He had just finished feeding him and was in the middle of combing him when he heard a quiet hello.

“Good morning Princess did you sleep well?”

“Yes, but that is not the point, I heard you speaking to my grandmother last night.”

For the longest time neither spoke. Then breaking the silence Arwen asked.

“Is it true Glorfindel?”

“Yes, unfortunately enough it is.”

Tears filled her eyes, before now Arwen never gave love a second thought, but now that it had consumed her and then was so abruptly taken from her she knew nothing but heartache.

“Don’t cry Princess, love’s rift will soon mend.”

“Not if I can help it.” she said each word dripping with poison.

Glorfindel put down the comb and walked over to her.

“I know it hurts far worse than anything I have ever suffered under you hand, but I must stay strong for for your sake and you must stay stong for the sake of your people.”

“Why must it hurt so bad!” she sobbed.

“Because it is the only true hurt that is known to the elves and is therefore much more painful than for anyone else’s pain. Now I want you to dry your eyes, be strong, and walk out those doors and never look back.”

“Yes Glorfindel I will do as you wish if only you grant me two small favors.”


“Please give me just one kiss.”

“And the other favor?”

“Keep Asfoloth in your good care until I shall return. Grandmother insists I learn to ride side saddle on one of her stallions and I shall not be able to bring Asfoloth with me.”

His voice starting to break. “Yes, Princess I will take care of her.”

As for the first favor, Glorfindel gave her, her first kiss and when Arwen turned and left the barn she silently vowed to herself that she would never love again. But little did she know that as hard as she would try not to she would fall in love again, only this time she would fullfill again her own version of the sad history of Luthien Tinuviel.

That day she left for Lothlorien, she never looked back and went to face her future head on.

After seven days of traveling she arrived in Lothlorien grieving and distant from everyone. Her grandmother sought to cheer her up by showing her the happiness to come, but in so doing she became even more distant and cold until one day Galadriel thought that she would die of grief.

Galadriel devised a plan. When Arwen went to sleep that night she sent her a dream, a dream in which she saw the true happiness of her future, she saw all of the happy moments and smiled. Arwen had finally overcome her grief and now was truly ready for whatever came her way. She was cured.

Best of all was that she smiled.


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