The Golden Years Part 5 – THE BIG DAY IS HERE!!!

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Celebrian found her daughter in her room supervising the packing of her trunks for her trip to Lothlorien. She wanted Elrond to be there when she told Arwen how long she was going to be away but he just couldn’t hack the pressure of saying goodbye to his only daughter.

“Hi honey, how is everything going?”

“Just fine mom, why do you ask?”

“Well it just seems that you are packing awfully light.”

“Why do I need to pack more stuff, I mean I am only going for a couple weeks right?”

“No honey, you are going for much longer.”

“How much longer?” asked Arwen suspiciously.

“Until your 1,000th birthday.”

“What?!? Why?”

“It is my family’s tradition that when daughters are old enough, they go to visit the mother kin to learn of the royal ways and diplomacy.”

“I knew that there was a catch!!!” she screamed.

“What? What is the catch?”

“You and dad are always trying to turn me into the perfect princess!!”

“No we are not sweetheart. I do wish that I could tame you better than I have, but I am not sending you for that reason. It is because it is tradition and the royal family must always learn how to behave accordingly.”

“Boy before I know it I will have to suffer an arranged marriage.”

“Hopefully not sweetie but you never know.”

“But why do I have to go for so long?” she whined.

“It is to insure that you receive enough training so that you will not need constant supervision once you return to fullfill your royal duties.”

“And what might those be, I have two brothers in line for the throne.”

“Your father has many lands and it is his wish that Imladris belong to you for your wedding dowry, although you would not officially govern it until he sails to Valinor.”

“And what if I sail for Valinor at the same time?”

“We will take care of that if it comes up.”

But Celebrian knowing full well what fate was in store for daughter because of her mother’s mirror did not feel that issue was ever going to come up. Also she still had not yet worked up the courage to tell Elrond of what was instore for their daughter and so decided to humor her and her questions.

“Fine you can supervise the packing, I am going to find Glorfindel and practice my sword.”

Arwen did not need to practice her sword because she was the best, she was even better than her father’s best warriors and that is high praise for a female elf. But all Arwen wanted to do is burn off some steam and she always became mellow when she ran through the training techniques that Glorfindel had made up especially for her.

When she reached the stables it did not take to long to find Glorfindel, but he was in fact hiding from her because he was still recovering from his black eye that the hilt of Arwen’s sword had given him. Elves may have the ability to heal so magically that they have no scars or evidence of any scuffles, but they still have to go through the painful healing processes. To make matters worse Glofindel always insisted that the doctors shouldn’t heal him unless it came to broken bones and many of those were also caused by Arwen.

“Hello Glofindel.”

“Uh Oh. Am I hearing the tone that Arwen uses when she is really mad, I had better start running.

“Ha Ha Ha Glorfindel, but I really do need to blow off some steam before I rip off someone head.”

“Please just don’t let it be mine.”

“Alright, but only if you promise to do your best to defeat me while listening to my dilema.

“Sure thing Princess, I will be out in a few moments when I finish feeding the horses.”

“Ok, where do you want to practice this time: water, cliff, tree or the roof

“I think a tree would be nice.”

It was not truly neccessary for Arwen to learn who to fight from a tree or from the roof of a building, but this was the type of challenges she used to blow of her excess steam.

So as quickly as she could she scrambled up the nearest tree to wait for Glorfindel.

“Ok Princess I am ready for a good fight.”

He scrambled up the tree after her and they proceeded to practice the moves of the sword on a ten foot high branch. Arwen told of her dilema to Glorfindel and when she finished he let out a low and long whistle.

“Whew glad I am not in your shoes.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you really got the short end of the stick being born a girl and to royalty at that.”

She made her move to push him but just then Glorfindel lost his balance and fell out of the tree almost taking Arwen with him. Just then Arwen heard a voice behind her that caused her to lose her balance and almost fall out of the tree, but she managed to keep from falling to the ground by hanging onto the branch with her legs.

“Hello Arwen.”

Right then Arwen saw the most beautiful elf she had ever seen dressed all in white with a smile that looked like heaven itself, sitting on a tall white horse.

“Who are you?” she asked. “And how did you know my name?”

“I am your grandmother Lady Galadriel and this is your gradfather Lord Celeborn. It seems that we might have come in at a bad moment.”

Just then Arwen noticed that since she was hanging upside down her blouse had come up around her head. She had just realized that she was showing off her bra to her grandparents and the entire court of Lothlorien, and top it off the entire court was beginning to snicker. She began to blush.

“Oh this is terribly embarrassing, sorry about that.”

She pulled herself up and climbed down out of the tree and started to bow and show the proper respect for her royal elders when she remembered Glorfindel.

“Oh my, Glofindel are you alright?”

“I was wondering when you were going to remeber me or introduce me for that matter.”

“Sorry. Are you hurt?”

“I think I may have twisted my ankle.”

She noticed his ankle, it had become red and swollen very fast, she knew it was broken.

“Let me take you to the Physicians.”

“No need.” said Galadriel ” I have my personal Physician with me right here.

“Can you please help him?” asked Arwen.

“I will do what I can.” said the Physcian “But I will need to get him to the hosipital wing.”

“I will help you carry him. I am sure that mother and father are expecting you.” she addressed her grandmother. “They are most likely waiting for you in the Grand Hall. I will be there shortly.”

“Thank you dear, I will be sure to tell your parents where you are and how graceful and charming their daughter is.”

When all was said and done Elrond and Celebrian apologized profusely for what had happend and gave the highest praise to their daughter for keeping her head in such a terribly embarrassing situation.

When Arwen entered the palace she used the back way because she still needed to bathe and dress, but when she was ready for her guests she was absolutly radiant and gave no second thought for what had happened in the courtyard until her grandmother pulled her aside later inquiring of her friend.

“He is just fine grandmother and should but up and about in a few days.”

“That is wonderful to hear.”

Her parents insisted that she make a public apology and they also said that she was not to have train with her sword in trees anymore.

Next installment: Birthday presents and the journey to Lothlorien


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