The Golden Years Part 3 – The Mischievings of Young Arwen

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Elrond was in his study again recalling fond memories. He was even looking at portraits as was custom of the royal families to have done every once in a while. Elrond made exceptions, he had Arwen’s portrait done once every five years, while he and his wife and sons do so once every twenty years. Elrond loved his only little girl with all of his heart, in fact no one had ever seen a more doting father ever. Now you are beginning to think that he ingnores his sons entirely, but that is a lie because no matter how much time he spends with Arwen he doubles it for his sons and so many activites are done together as a family. It was a very happy time.

One day Elrond decided that since he had not seen his family for a couple days while he was away on business that he should arrange something fun to do. Elrond had been home barely a minute when his 250 year old sons and 50 year old daughter(roughly 10 years and 2 years old) came rushing into his study asking if he had brought them presents. The children made lucky this time because he had been visiting his in-laws Celeborn and Galadriel.

There grandmother had sent some odds and ends toys but nothing impressed her grandsons more than the Galadrim Bows, for it was time for them to learn the ways of the bow. The boys had many more presents but none worth mentioning because they were just so happy with their bows. For Arwen she sent a couple of Lothlorien made dresses and jewelry which included her future coronation crowns, wedding headdress, brooches, bracelets and earrings. She even sent a Galadrim sword. But most importantly was the Evenstar Necklace. Galadriel had instucted Elrond to give it to her in good time but the instuctions also said that Arwen was to wear the necklace immediately and that she was to begin her lessons with the sword when she reached the age of 250.

Arwen was so impressed by the necklace that she couldn’t stop looking at it. She had not yet met her grandmother although sometimes she could feel her presence in her mind, though she didn’t know what it was at the time. She learned of that when she was older.

Just then Arwen’s mother steps into the study, and when her mom finishes wading through the sea of presents she gives Elrond a kiss and then tells the story of Arwen’s latest escape from her mothers all seeing eyes. When Elrond heard of his daughters most recent adventure of Arwen’s tree he scolds her but then after a big hug he lets out a few chuckles and tells his daughter to show him the tree which she had climbed. She took him to it right away and showed her father how she climbed the tree.

“You see daddy, how the knots sticking out of the tree make a great ladder.” Arwen said in her cute toddler voice

“I sure do sweetie” said Elrond but as he said this he was thinking “Wow my child is beautiful and smart. I think that she is ready for some private schooling now.”

Now what Elrond is thinking might be just a little fatherly predjudice, but Arwen was exceptionally smart and so he put her talents for learning to he test and begins to schooling her for the next 200 years

This is were the near drowning comes in. This day was Arwen’s 250th birthday(roughly 10) and Elrond had just finished with the days lessons and so Arwen was onto her archery, sword and horse riding lessons. But Arwen was not putting her attention on these lessons, she was thinking of what her father said about how the gods do not like being called upon for such trifle things but when there true danger they would come to the rescue of whoever should call upon them.

Now Arwen was a very curious child and she wanted to see if it worked. She had read several books on how to address the gods when she was in danger, but she wanted to actually try it. So she picked a very simple river chant, but she didn’t know how really powerful it was because she had never tried it. After her lessons were over she mounted her horse Asfoloth and rode to the river Brunien. She dismounted and stood in the middle of the river while Asfoloth wandered to bridge downstream to niddle some grass growing there. She read the book on which chants she wanted to use except she had to memorize her particular chant because her father becomes suspicious if one of his books is missing for long. So not having a serious mind on what she was about to do she repeated her chant.

All of a sudden there was a low rumbling and the river Brunien rushes against her rushing her downstream. It had taken her so off gaurd that she was flipped over and she couldn’t breath. Now elves may have immortality but they can’t breath under water now matter how hard they try. And at that particular point in time Arwen did not know how to swim. She jabbed her way to the surface in time to see the bridge and grab it but the water was still to strong and her head was under the water for a long period of time, on the rare occassion she caught her breath she cried to Asfoloth.

“Asfoloth, run and get my father, Noro Lim, Noro Lim”

Asfoloth being an elvish horse was a smart with an understanding of elvish yet, he could not speak any language other than horse. Asfoloth ran and ran to tell Arwen’s father of danger

After what felt like years to Arwen of not being able to have proper breath her father came to the rescue, calmed the waters and rescued his beloved daughter. After coughing up a pint of water Arwen fainted from exhaustion. Elrond put his daughter upon her horse and took her to the palace.

When Celebrian saw her little girl she knew immediately that something was wrong and rushed to her husband. When she saw Arwen she starting crying but Elrond just remained calm and carried his daughter to her room and sent for the physicians to bring him the things he needed to heal her. Now it is customary to have doctors take care of you but Elrond was the head physician because he was the one who taught all the other doctors of healing powers.

Luckily for Arwen nothing was broken but she did have some minor cuts and bruises and also had mild hypothermia because the Bruinen river is always ten degrees colder than the other rivers that flows through Imladris.

When Arwen awoke her father was sitting next to her holding her hand with a great look of saddness on his face because of the fact that he had nearly lost his little girl. For a long while neither of them spoke and Arwen hung her head in shame. It was Elrond who broke the silence.

“What were you doing?” he said in a tone that was far to calm for Arwen to endure.

“I read your books on godly chants and I wanted to try it.”

“Do you know that you could have been killed?”

“Yes, Adda.”

“Arwen I know that I can never hope to tame your wild spirit but I do hope that you can use a little more common sense next time”

“Yes Adda.”

“I have had a hot bath drawn up for you and after you are finished you need to drink some Athelas tea.”

“Yes, Adda” but to herself she was thinking “Yuck, he knows that I hate Athelas tea, it tastes so gross.”

“Oh and by the way you are grounded for the next month.”

“But, Adda” she started to protest.

“Don’t you but Adda me because if you say but Adda again it will be two months.”

“Yes Adda, but what am I grounded from.”

“Your sword, horse, trees, the river, friends, and most of all my books. And you will also have all of your lessons indoors.”

“May I at least say thank you to Asfoloth for sending you to retrive me.”

“Yes you may, but after your tea and then get straight back into bed and stay there for the rest of the day.”

“Yes Adda.”

After Arwen finished her bath and tea she got dressed and went to the stables. Asfoloth was in his stall eating sweet clean hay and oats. Arwen brought Asfoloth his favorite treat which was cantelope.

“Thank you Asfoloth for saving me. I just wanted to tell you that father has grounded me for the next month and so I won’t be able to see you, but I want you to be good for me and remember not to bite the groomer when he comes to comb you mane, because if you do I won’t give you anymore cantelope.”

Asfoloth nodded his head in understanding and gave a soft but clear nicker, then he butted Arwen in the arm looking for more cantelope.

When Arwen got back to her room it was dark and so when she lit her candles she saw that her family was standing there waiting for her with a birthday cake and presents.

“Happy birthday Arwen” they screamed.

Arwen was so startled that she could barely speak.

“Thank you all so much, I thought that you had forgotten.”

“Are you accusing us of forgetting your birthday.” said Elrond in a joking manner.

“Thank you again Adda.”

“Your very welcome sweetheart. Now are you going to let these presents sit and collect dust or open them.”

With that invitation she sat down on her bed next to her presents while her brothers hungrily eyed her cake.

“Perhaps we should cut the cake first because my brothers are looking like they have got a sweet tooth.”

And so with that said they ate the cake and then she opened her presents. It was the usual present of clothes and dolls but her last present was a book, the book of chants to be exact.

“I thought that I was grounded from your books.”

“Well now that it is yours you are not grounded from it.” he said with a mischievous smile and twinkle in his eye.”

“Thank you very much everyone but I need to get to bed, I am very sleepy. Adda will you tuck me in.”

“Of Course.”

After everyone left Arwen jumped into bed while her father sang her a song. When he finished he pulled the blankets up around her and kissed her on the forehead.

“Thank you for the very lovely party Adda.”

“Your welcome.”

“I truly loved it.”

“Nice try, but you are still grounded.”

“Aw nuts.”

“Goodnight Undomiel.”

“Goodnight Adda.”


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