The Golden Years Part 2 – The Mischievings of Young Arwen

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Elrond thought to himself that he would never let any harm come to his precious evenstar but it turned out that he was wrong, very wrong.

Elrond was exhausted. His little Arwen was learning how to walk and so he was on the constant lookout for her well being because when he didn’t look he was breaking the promise to himself to keep her safe. It wasn’t the fact that Arwen was clumsy in fact she was the most graceful baby among all the elves. Elrond knew that he would protect her at all costs, because he could bear to see his child hurt even though all lot had happened to her that he couldn’t prevent because his back was turned.

Her first incident was when she was climbing her father’s book shelf. She had somehow managed to get into her father’s study and climbed to the top of his bookcase and then sat there crying until someone found her. She was six years old at the time but she still looked like she was six months, and couldn’t even walk yet. Elrond had heard her crying and rescued her from his bookcase. She had many other forms of mischief that unpset her father very much but her worst addiction was climbing trees. When her passion for trees was found she was nearly 50 years old roughly around two years old to mortals.

That was when she climbed her first tree. One day she was with her mom because her father was away on business, her mother was left to deal with everything and she heard of and accident in the kitchens so she carried Arwen with her the see the chef, Celebrian learned many things that day but the hardest one for her to comprehend was how fast her girl could sneak away without being noticed. Arwen went walking along the courtyard and then she spotted her first love, a four story tree.

Now her brothers had tree houses in nearly all of the trees and this was no exception and she wanted to be up there. Her mother had told the carpenters to leave the ladders off on purpose because of how Arwen knew how to climb a ladder. So Celebrian forced her sons to climb the trees without a ladder which was fine with them. But this particular tree did need a ladder for Arwen to climb it, because it had really big knots sticking out of the trunk and so she used those as a makeshift ladder. She reached the top of the tree in a minute and lifted the trap door and saw her brothers treehouse, it was a lot more boring than she expected so she climbed the tree further and sat on one of the railings. It was the most magnificant view she had ever seen because of her exceptionally keen eyesight she saw all the way the fords of Brunien and then some.

She sat there for a long while when she heard her mother’s voice calling her name. When Celebrian was close enough to the tree to hear Arwen, she yelled that she was up in the tree. Her mother nearly had a heart attack and screamed for Arwen not the budge an inch. Celebrian scrambled up the tree faster than any squirrel could and grabbed her daughter before she could fall over, as a result of scaring her mother to death Arwen was SPANKED. You probably wouldn’t that elves spank their children but Celebrian did.

Over the next 200 years Arwen would have many adventures such as these including nearly drowning, but that is another story. Many of them ending in scratchs, bruises, and broken bones. In fact this is when Elrond realized he couldn’t always protect his daughter from the ways of life, so he tried his best to grin and bear it, even though when his daughter was in any kind of pain he felt it also.

***personal note: the stories of the bookcase and climbing the tree are the authors first hand experiences fictionalized.
these stories truly happend to me except I did not live in Imladris.


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