The Golden Years Part 17 – Aragorn sets out to find the perfect present and history decides to repeat itself

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Aragorn awoke to the song of the nightingale and pale sunlight streaming in through his window in the roof. He remebered last night and what a fool he had made of himself.
He was still debating whether she noticed or ignored all his blunderings when he remebered that he had to get Arwen a present somehow.

“Come on man, think! Where am I going to get the perfect present and money to pay for it.” Aragorn muttered to himself.

“Simple,” said a voice in his head. “You will find enough silver inside your cloak to buy Arwen’s perfect present.

“Milady?” Aragorn questioned.

“Its a long story, Aragorn, but just listen to me for the moment. Find the silver, go to the town below just outside the town in the meadow where the elanor and niphrodil bloom there will be Arwen’s present. She has longed for this particular thing for awhile now. When you come back there will be a big green ribbon on your bed, tie it around the item and then leave it on Arwen’s bed. Her door is the one with the evenstar pendant carved upon it. I have made sure that Arwen will not awake until you do all that I have instructed. Go quickly!”

“Yes, Milady and thank you!” said Aragorn.

Aragorn did exactly as instructed and went to the meadow but when he got there all he saw were two tents. He peered inside one of them and saw a merchant sitting dow to breakfast. Aragorn was curious as to what this man sold. The merchant rose from the table and said, “Can I help you sir?”

“I have come seeking a present for the princess Arwen and this is where I was told to come.” said Aragorn.

“Well, I don’t know if I have anything that a princess would be interested in.” said the merchant.

“What do you sell?” said Aragorn.

“I sell dogs sir.”

“Dogs?” said Aragorn in disbelief. “How could the princess Arwen, who can have whatever she wants on a whim possibly want with a dog?” thought Aragorn to himself.

“I want you to show me all that you have good sir for the princess does indeed wish for campanion.

The merchant began to show what he had and Aragorn had no idea how to choose until he came to the final dog. It was a puppy still and it had long floppy ears, warm brown eyes filled with adoration, brown fur everywhere except for a white stomach, and a short stumpy tail.

“That is the one.” said a voice in his head.

“I will have that one.”

“A fine choice good sir.” Aragorn paid for the puppy and left.

The puppy gave a playful yip when it saw the ribbon and tried to play with it. Aragorn finally managed to put the ribbon on the puppy and take it to Arwen, but what he didn’t know was Galadriel was hiding in Arwen’s bedroom. The cocked its head when Galadriel appeared. Silently she tied a note to the ribbon and left the room.

Arwen awoke to the puppy yipping and licking her face.

“Ohhh, hello sweetie, oh you are just so cute but where did you come from.” The puppy barked and then Arwen saw the ribbon and note. She took the note and read it.

“Dearest Arwen, I hope that you enjoy your new friend.
From someone who adores you too.”

“Ohh, how sweet but I wonder who gave her to me?” said Arwen.

“I can answer that.” said Galadriel opening the door. “Good Morning sunshine.”

“Good Morning, grandmother. So tell me who is she from?”

“Can’t you guess?”

“I can but I still want you to tell me.

“Aragorn. I saw him leave at dawn and then return with her.”

“How sweet. I love her. but how did he know that I have been wanting a puppy?” she asked her grandmother shrewdly.

“I haven’t the faintest idea.” said Galadriel innocently. “Now come and have some breakfast dear. Aragorn is going to want to know how much you like his gift.”

“Alright, I’ll be right there.”

Aragorn was standing outside his door when he saw Galadriel come out.

“Well?” he asked

“You’ll see when she comes for breakfast, which is being served right now.”

Since the royal family had a private dining room Arwen was at leisure to still wear her nightgown and robe but she decided that since Aragorn was here she would have to get dressed. She went to her wardrobe and put on a simple kirtle before entering the dining room. She tied her hair back with a ribbon because she would not have time to properly fix it before breakfast. She entered the dining room where her grandparents and Aragorn sat at the table.

“….but she managed to hang on to the tree with her legs and since she was upside down her blouse came flying up showing off her bra.” said Galadriel laughing. “That was the first time I met her and since then she has had many clumsy incidents.”

“You don’t say.” said Aragorn.

“Grandmother,” she said exasperatedly. “Why did you have to tell him that story.”

“Because he was talking about how he felt so clumsy last night dancing with you.”

“But you still didn’t have to tell him that I showed off my bra to the entire Lothlorien court.”

Arwen flopped down in her chair and sat with a slouch.

“Arwen we have a guest.” reminded Galadriel

Arwen just stared at her and didn’t move

“Fine then.” said Galadriel. “No wonder we haven’t been able to find you a husband. You are hopelessly stubborn.”

Aragorn wasn’t noticing. He was entranced with Arwen. Her tangled hair and her cheeks red with embarassment, saw that she was stubborn but that was just because she was trying to be normal almost as if she didn’t ask to be a princess but ended up that way. And then he heard Galadriel say that Arwen didn’t have any prospective husbands.

“This is my chance.” he thought. “I have the chance to sweep her off her feet. She could be mine.

“I love my present Aragorn and it was the best one in my opinion.” said Arwen jolting Aragorn out of his train of thought.
He grinned so hard that he thought he face would split but he couldn’t stop.

Aragorn decided to go for a swim that day and guess what Arwen did. She followed him the exact same way her mother followed her father through the trees above him. Aragorn was barely in the water when a loud crack sounded from above and Arwen came crashing down into the water. She started to sink and Aragorn dove in after her and carried her to shore. Arwen was at a loss for words, she was only thinking of the pain. When Aragorn asked her for the third time if she was alright she managed to whisper, “I think my ankle is broken.”
Without a word Aragorn picked her up again and carried her back to the palace.

“Well now doesn’t this look familiar.” said Galadriel as she called for a servant to fetch the royal physician. Aragorn carried Arwen upstairs to her room and had just laid her on the bed when the physician came bursting in.

“Didn’t you mother’s experience teach you anything!” scolded both the physcian and Galadriel.

“Apparantly not, seeing as how I am now laying in bed with a busted ankle.” said Arwen with half a laugh.

“Waitaminute, what do you mean her mother experience?” asked Aragorn.

“When Celebrian was young she fell out of the same tree into the water and Elrond had to rescue her. She broke her leg whereas Arwen only broke her ankle.”

“So I guess the clumsiness is something that runs in the family.” said Aragorn.

“Apparantly yes, because whether you want to believe it or not the exact same thing happened to me with Celeborn.”

“What?!” said Arwen astonished.

“Yes,” said Galadriel. “Although you and your mother were fourtunate enough to land in the water.”

“What do you mean?” asked Arwen.

“I mean that most of my body managed to hit the water but my leg landed squarely on the river bank and broke in five different places.”

“I don’t believe it!” said Arwen

“Believe it.”


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