The Golden Years Part 14 – Arwen seeks Galadriel’s advice

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“Arwen to what do I owe this great pleasure?” said Galadriel

“You know exactly why I am here grandmother and you know that I do not love him when you said that I would.” Arwen said gloatingly.

“But I did not say that it would be love at first sight now did I?” said Galadriel innocently.

“Ohhh somehow I knew you would say that!” Arwen said angrily.

“Be patient my dear and look into the mirrors’ foretelling of the future.” said Galadriel patiently.

“Oh alright.” said Arwen.

“Come and watch Aragorn’s future and not your own for once.”

Arwen put her focus into her grandmother’s mirror and what she saw shocked her. When the vision finished she started yelling at her grandmother.

“Grandmother, you said that her would be king of gondor with all the title and honor due to him and in this vision he looks like he has not had a proper bath in years!” said Arwen disgusted.

“First he must find his own path. Remember how you had a hard time accepting your fate, well he is going through the same. He will come around certainly but he cannot be forced.”

“But I am so tired of waiting grandmother! how much longer am I going to have to be patient and wait for him to come around?” said Arwen pouting

“How old is he now?” Galadriel asked.

“You dont know?” asked Arwen.

“I forgot.” said Galadriel.

“I think he is twenty five.” said Arwen.

“It will be another fifty years before he comes to win your heart and at least another thirteen years after that for him to marry you.”

“But grandmother he will be old and have lost his teeth by then. I dont want to marry an old geezer that will bite the dust after the honeymoon.” said Arwen

“Language my dear Arwen or have you forgotten that a princess does not say the phrase ‘bite the dust’ under any circumstance.”

“Whatever.” said Arwen rolling her eyes.

“Don’t you remember you history lessons?” said Galadriel.

“What about them.”

“Your Aragorn is of the Dunedain….” said Galadriel

“A descendant of Númenor blessed with long life and therefore having a lifespan nearly four times longer than that of mortal men.” recited Arwen and Galadriel together.

“Are you mocking me Arwen?” said Galadriel.

“No grandmother, why would I ever mock you, oh wise one.” Arwen said in her most sarcastic voice.

“I will ignore that last statement. In any event your Aragorn must first wait until the One Ring is destroyed before he can marry you.” said Galadriel.

“But the One Ring is a legend, no more than a scary story to bend small children into submission.” said Arwen.

“That is what your father wanted you to believe but did you know that my dear son-in-law was in that final battle when King Elendil was killed. How else do you think he managed to recover the shards of Narsil? He was there when Isildur decided to keep the ring for his own. You know the prophecy Arwen, what is it?”

“That the kings of Gondor would face near extinction, becoming a ragged household long bereft of lordship and Aragorn is the last of that house.”


“From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
a light from the shadow shall spring
renewed shall be blade that was broken
the crownless again shall be king.”

“But if father has his way he will never reforge the sword of Elendil.”

“That is why you must be the one that gets him to do it.”

“Why do I have to do everything? I am so sick of this whole charade I would give anything to be a normal person.”

“Arwen never say that again!”

“Why not”

“You do not want to become mortal too soon or else prophecy cannot be fullfilled.”

“I dont care! I am so sick of this whole thing.”

“Arwen just trust me and all will fall into place. You will continue you stay here in Lothlorien until Aragorn comes because being a friend of all elves he make his way here to win your heart.” said Galadriel.

“But what if he is only fullfilling prophecy and decides to fall in love with someone else and only pays duty to our marriage in order to get royal brats to inheirit his throne.” Arwen said disgusted at the thought.

“You never know.” said Galadriel

“But grandmother that is no way to live and you know it.” said Arwen.

Galadriel only sighed as Arwen turned around and left the garden.

“If only I could tell you the truth Arwen,” Galadriel thought to herself. “But I cannot in order for love to take its course. He will love you and no other but he must prove it to you in order for you to love him back.”

Next Installment: Aragorn comes a-courting


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