The Golden Years – Bad News

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“Congratulations Arwen you have survived your many years of princess training with me.” said Galadriel.

“Thanks Grandmother.”

“There is to be a feast in your honor and then you shall return to Imladris in a fortnight.”

The feast lasted long into the night. Galadriel and Arwen were just about to call it quits when a messager came sprinting down the Grand Hall.

“Message for Princess Arwen.” he said.

Astonished Arwen said, “Wow, Uh, Who is it from?”

“From Lord Elrond.”

“Thank you.”

Arwen read the message over and over again, growing steadily pale looking like she was about to collaspe. When she did sit down she handed the message to her grandmother.

“Arwen, your mother has been wounded. Come home immediatly.” signed Elrond.

When Arwen regained her surroundings she said, “Grandmother I have to leave when can you have an escort ready to accompany me.”

“In an hour.”

“Okay, please hurry.”

“I will.”

Elrond had born many pains in the past, but this was far too great. He could not bear that his wife was hurt when he felt he could have prevented it. It took him nearly a week to insure that his wife would make a full recovery.

His wife was having trouble sleeping and often cried out to some invisible being to not hurt her. she would bolt up in a cold sweat with her eyes as big as dinner plates looking for hidden enemies. her once beautiful and graceful face and figure was now full of scratches and welts.

Elrond knew that those would heal in time but he knew that he could never make her forget the trauma or the pain of her worst wound caused by a Morgel Blade.

He would listen to her tell the story over and over again in her sleep, he would sit with her, comforting her while trying to keep his own voice from breaking and fighting hard to keep the tears from flowing.

Arwen arrived in Imladris after four days of hard riding, while her escort was 200 yards behind her the whole time trying to keep up. Heavily cloaked she walked about the palace grounds remebering everything about the place and noticing all the changes it had made while she was gone. She entered the palace and hurried to her father’s study. She quietly pushed open the door.

“Hello Adda.” she whispered.

“Oh, you made it, I was so worried about you. But look how my little girl has grown.

“How is she?”

“She is greatly altered Arwen. I can make most of her wounds heal, but even though I don’t like the thought of it I have to send her to Valinor to recieve full and complete treatment.”

“Oh Adda!” she gasped and started to cry.

They stood there embracing and comforting each other, finally Arwen said,

“Oh Adda this is all my fault, she only wanted to surprise me.”

“Don’t ever say that it is you fault. I should have known that she would want to do something like that and I should have been prepared for it. If it is anyone’s fault it is mine.”

“Okay.” she sniffled. “Adda, I going to go to my room and rest, please do not, under any circumstances let anyone know that I am here. The people will better off seeing me when the grieving has past.”

“Okay, but come back here for supper, I want to talk to you and your brothers.”

“Yes, Adda.”

Arwen had just flopped on her bed and fell asleep wrapped in her cloak and to her what seemed like seconds later her brothers came bursting in. She was sleepy but she could tell that the sky was on the verge of dusk and she arrived in the late morning.

“Elladan, Elrohir I am so glad to see you.” she said starting to cry again.

“Hey were glad to see you too sis.” they replied in unison.

After embracing each other and exchanging greetings Arwen remembered what she said to her dad.

“I told dad to not let anyone know that I am here, how did you find out?”

“We were on the lookout for you, and when we saw a lone rider, pushing a horse as fast as it could go, with an escort of sorts far behind, we knew it was you. But don’t worry no one else saw you because they were told to stay inside keep a prayful vigil on behalf of mother.” said Elladan

“Yeah father wants to make an annoucement to the people tonight and he wants mom and us to make a statement for the historical librarians so that they can update the records.” said Elrohir

“Why do you have to make a statement?” said Arwen.

“Because…………………….we rescued her.” they said, their voices breakly slightly.

She gasped and started to cry again.

“Hey sis its okay, she is going to be alright, we may not be able to see her for a long while but we will see her again.”

She continued to cry, Arwen felt in her heart that this would the last time that she would see her mother.

“Hey we know that you have had an exhausting trip and that you would proably love to have some sleep but father wants you to join us for supper. That is what we came in to tell you.”

“Alright, tell father I will be there shortly, I need to freshen up first.”

She took the pitcher of water that was on her nightstand and washed her face and hands. She giggled at this thought because even though she had not been living there for 500 years the servants changed the water in her pitcher every day.

Her traveling clothes were dirty and sweaty so she changed into a dress that the royal tailors made for her. Galadriel had sensed that Arwen would need some new dresses when she came home and she sent one of Arwen’s other dresses so that the tailors could make some others with the sizes that the dress had indicated.

When she changed into her new dress she looked it over in the floor length mirror she had in her room. She fell in love with it immediatly. It was a deep sapphire blue with green and silver flowers embroidering the hem and sleeves. She put back on her cloak and walked through the halls unnoticed. When she entered into the study and removed her cloak she recieved a barrage of wolf whistles and applause from her brothers and father.

Next Installment: The Statements and the Journey to the Grey Havens.


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