The Fourth Age: Shadows of Morgoth – Chapter 6

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“So, Hunter, why should I listen to you?” Daesarag asked, trembling in sudden fear of the thing before him. The Abyss and its creatures were gathering. The Hunter hissed and said: “I am called the Hunter for a reason. Watch the image in your mind.” In Daesarag’s head a crisp image of a halfling-hole appeared. He was looking through the eyes of the Hunter! It approached a small halfling child… it streched out its hand… the cute halfling child……. Daesarag cringed in disgust. The little creature lay dead, its skin white. The sudden cries of the dead child’s parents filled his head. The image disappeared. Daesarag stood there trembling. The Hunter cackled with pleasure. “You see now my exploits. Do you doubt me know? I am the only creation of Melkor Morgoth, the only one of my kind that ever existed. I am the oldest living thing in Arda, besides the Valar and Eru. I am the one who captured the elves to be turned into Orcs.” He cackled once more. Daesarag simply trembled.

When the King had the tidings from Elrohir, he knew he must do something at once. “Elrohir, Frodo son of Samwise, ride eastward and find the blue wizards, Pallando and Alatar. This is a heavy burden, I know, but you must do so, if you wish for help fighting a fallen Maia spirit. You must ride east, and soon. The Easterlings are now allies of the West. They will give you aid.” He said. Elrohir and Frodo bowed and left the Hall of Kings. “Are we really going, Elrohir?” Frodo whispered to him. “Are we going to do it?” “Yes. We are.” Came the answer. They left the citadel and headed down to the store-houses, and collected food supplies. They had a long journey ahead of them.

To be continued.


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