The Fourth Age: Shadows of Morgoth – Chapter 4 (concerning the Balrog )

by May 10, 2004Stories

The orcs were recieving training from a master more cruel and terrifying than any they had ever known. The Balrog, released unintentionly by dwarves who were mining in Mount Greymist, called himself Daesarag, the Shadow-Blood. His black will had already concieved a master plan: Free his brother, then annihlate the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, allowing him and his brother to free their Master…

But could it be done?

This thought had run through Daesarag’s mind many times.
He knew he could free his master from the Void. But always
in his mind there stood… someone… someone who could prevent Daesarag’s plan from being a sucess. Someone who might have the improbable capability to kill him. Who was this person that rested on Daesarag’s mind? Surely not mortal… someone mortal would not be capable to kill him,
the Valarauko thought. Perhaps an elf? No, from what the Balrog had learned, the Eldar had all left Middle-Earth. Perhaps a Maia? No, they had none capable except for… Olorin, and perhaps Eonwe.
Perhaps a Valar? No, they would not… or would they?
But not a mortal…
there was only one mortal whom Daesarag knew of that had killed a Dark Maia. And he, a halfling, had done this through stealth. Was this figure an empty fear? Or was this figure coming doom? Whoever it was, Daesarag was sending dark thoughts and nightmares to enter into the mind of the one who was on his mind… he did not know who, but anyone with the capability to kill Daesarag could be hunted down by the nightmares he was sending. And then… the nightmares would push the person into madness.
To be continued…


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