The Flight from Sunnydail Inn – Chapter 2

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The next morning when Areon awoke again, he found that the sun was pretty high in the sky. Dieannel was nowhere to be seen. He looked about the room in which he had slept in. The room was relatively large and nicely furnished. The matrices on the bed was very comfortable and the pillows where of fluffy down. By the door, which was to the right of the bed, was a rocking chair. Under the window, on the left of the bed, there was a desk and a chair. In front of where Areon sat was a very comfortable looking armchair. To the left of the armchair was a wooden bookcase, it’s shelves where packed with books. To the right of the chair, toward the door, was an end table. On the end table was an oil lamp. The light from the window flowed gently upon the armchair. Then Areon noticed the smell of food in the air. He sniffed. Smells like fried ham. Also he smelled eggs. Then he heard Dia’s voice from down stairs.
“Areon, Breakfast!” She said. He smiled and hurried out of bed. When he got down stairs he saw Dieannel at a table that was near to the kitchen. Since there was no one at the inn, she served breakfast in the main room instead of in the kitchen. She was setting a saucer of milk in front of Kar. The cat was sitting in a chair at the table with her paws lying crossed on top of the table.
“Now don’t spill it this time,” Dia said, mockingly. She looked up and saw that Areon was coming down the stairs. “Ah, your finally up.” Areon looked over at Kar.
“That’s an interesting trick,” he said. Dia looked back at Kar as she dried her hands with a dishrag and smiled.
“Yeah, it took us forever to figure that out.” She responded. She turned to the kitchen and missed the confused look on Areon’s face. What did she mean by us? He thought. He then shrugged it off and fallowed Dia into the kitchen. She was grabbing two plates. Each had two eggs; some fried ham, and freshly cut fruits. He wondered where she had gotten the fruit. Probably from a fruit garden that she had or from town, he figured. She came over to him and handed a plate to him.
“I made the eggs sunny side up. I hope you still like it that way,” she said. He smiled.
“Yes, and let me guess. Yours are over hard,” he said. They smiled and looked deep into each other’s eyes. Dia’s eyes sparkled. Yet Areon’s eyes stayed cold, though he was smiling genially. Dieannel could not look into them for long. They kind of scared her. She looked to the floor. Areon followed her. He knew why she had looked away and felt bad, but knew that there was nothing he could do about it. He looked back up at her.
“Come, the food is getting cold and Kar is probably done with her milk,” he said quickly. Then there was a loud clatter in the main room.
“Oh Kar!” Dia said and rushed into the next room. Areon followed close behind. They both saw her on the floor nudging the upturned saucer with her nose. Luckily there was no milk.
“She must want more.” Dia pout her plate on the table. Then picked the saucer up and took it into the kitchen. Areon sat at the table and waited for Dia to return. Kar jumped back onto the chair that she was sitting at before. Her tail was swishing back and forth. She licked one of her fore lags. Areon watched her tail, thinking.
“I should tell her,” He said out loud.
Yes you should, said a voice in his head. He looked about him as though the find the source of which it came from. Here, the cat on the chair in front of you. The voice said. Areon looked at Kar.
But how? He thought.
Long story, Kar said. But I can’t tell you now. Dia is coming back. You should ask her some time. She’ll tell you. Then Dia came back to the kitchen with a new saucer of milk. Then she sat down and they all ate. Kar was the one to break the silence after they where mostly done eating.
Areon has something to tell you, Dia. She said so that both could hear what she had to say. Dieannel practically chocked on the food she was just about to swallow.
“Kar, what are…” she started to say.
“It’s alright. I know.” Areon cut in. “Karterin is right. I do need to tell you something. It is very important so you need to listen closely.” He added. He watched as Dia wiggled a bit in her chair. When he was sure that she was totally comfortable, he continued. “You remember the band that came to visit us last night?” he asked. Dia shuttered at the reminder. She then nodded. Areon took a deep breath and looked at the floor. He had his elbows on his knees and his fingertips all connected; making something that looked a bit like a triangle. “You need to know why they are after me,” he said. Dia was about to interrupt him but he looked up at her and stopped her. “You must know this for I might need to leave soon. Fareain will come back and I should not be here when he does.”
Again he sighed looked back down at the floor. Dia could tell that it was very hard for him to start what it was that he wanted to say. There was a bit of and acquired silence but finally Areon stared his story.
“On the day that the orc party attacked our village, I was captured while I went with our hunting party, Along with many other elves. We where knocked out and carried from where the fight had been. When I awoke, I found that my hands and feet where tied together and I was being carried like a sack of potatoes. The others with me where tied in the same way. I soon realized that it was night and that all the orcs where running.
When dawn came, the orcs hid themselves from the light. I soon realized that they don’t like sunlight, so all that day the band rested. They gave us little food, only enough to keep us alive. They kept us separate so that we could not talk to one another. Then when night came and we continued, this when on for many days and nights.
“We reached DulGulder after two weeks. There we where put in different cells and chained to the wall. Here we where tortured and given little food. This was done to weaken us to make us easier to break. Everyday I would watch them bring more elves in and put them in cells before they would come in and torture me. This went on so long that I soon lost track of time. There where no windows in the cells so I could not figure the time of day. But I could tell when it was night for most the orcs would leave the cells and go outside in search of more elfs. If I counted the days and nights correctly we where there hanging in our cells for maybe two months. But I cant be sure for by the end of it all I was in so much pain I did not care about anything anymore. By the end of it all most of us had lost so much hope that we did not want to live anymore. Some even tried, but there was no point. The orcs never let it happen. They would just inflict more pain onto us. There were a few of us that had not lost that much hope. My memories of you kept me alive during that time.
“Then one day an orc came into my cell. I expected it to be the same, as any other day and that I would be beaten and tortured. By now they even insulted us. But on this day I was not beaten, I was let free from my shackles that had held me to the wall all that time. It gave me a bit of hope as I fell that cold stone floor. I was then given full rations. I think it was then that I realized that I was some how different. I was not the man that I had been before. I had been beaten, tortured and even told that I was dirt. Yet somehow I did not care. I felt hard, like I had no feeling. Now that I think about it I think that is what they wanted. Anyway, for maybe three or four weeks we here given full rations. By this time I realized that they had stopped bringing in new elfs, or at least not in that area of the dungeons. Every day I was given a piece of meat, bread, cheese and a small bowl of water. This was given to us three times a day. Mostly it was the same thing with a very of the meat or bread, though I didn’t care as long as it was food. The worst part of it was that I could not communicate with anyone else. It started to drive many crazy. You could hear their screams at night when we tried to sleep.”
He paused and swallowed hard. Dia was trying her hardest not to cry. He then continued.
“One day while I was still sleeping, I was shaken roughly awake and commanded to fallow these two orc guards. I saw others going under the same prosseger. Also I saw that there where some cells that where empty that had at one time had a prisoner in it. I guessed that they where dead and had been cleaned out to put a new person in. I was lead to a cavernous room that was made all from stone. It looked to be a cave of some sort and at one time the part that we here standing in looked like it had been filled with water. There was one area that was higher then the rest. This area had not been touched by the large amount of water that had been in the cave. Though there where torches in the room, we still could not see the ceiling. Orc guards lined the room. On the higher part of the cave stood a man. He was clocked in black and covered his face with a hood. There where others like this one about the room. They watched us carefully, but when all where in the room all but one left. I didn’t find out till later that these men where actually Nazgul. It didn’t say anything, but an orc near him began to speak.
‘For the next few days you will be brought here. If you try to resist, you will be killed. If you try to escape, you will be killed. Is that clear?’
There was silence that followed. ‘Good. Here all of you will be interrogated. Let it begin.’ Then the Nazgul let out a loud screech that made every one shutter. Never in all my life have I heard anything so frightening. He began to talk in a voice that seemed no larger then a whisper but filled the whole room. It was not a nice voice to listen to. To a normal man it would give them the chills, but I found that I was unfeeling tored it. All I knew was that is was something that was supposed to be feared.
“In this place they would ask us questions and call us scum, and other words that I cannot repeat, when we did not answer the questions right away. Also if the answers were not satisfactory, they would beat the speaker or kill them and use them as an example to the rest of us. We would spend all day there and then we where taken back to our cells and given a small amount of food and then we would sleep, if you could. Most where awake all night crying. Crying for their families, for themselves, or from pure agony.” He paused and shook his head. Then he looked up at his wife. “It was horrible times, Dia. The awful thing was that I didn’t feel anything. Those that still felt things, I found annoying. At night when all I wanted to do was sleep, I’d wish that they would just die so that at least then it would be quite.” He shuttered. ” It wasn’t until I heard from some guards one day that they where going to kill all of us, that I realized what they had done to me. Luckily I wasn’t so gone that I still cared enough about myself to try to save me.
“When we had been put back into our cells the day that I had the guards, I talked to an elf that was next to me about what I had heard. We started to plan a way to escape. Some around us listened in on us and laughed. When we asked them why, they said it was because escape of any kind was hopeless. Others went with us and contributed ideas. We decided that the best way to escape is to get enough people to start a riot. There where more of us then there where of the guards and Nazgul. The only problem was that we didn’t have any weapons, so when we passed between the cave to our cells, we would sneak weapons off of the orc guards and hide them under our beds of straw.
“We found that they where getting extremely sloppy. We were starting to get away with more and less people where being ‘made examples of’. It became easer to steal weapons. I knew then that the mass exsiccation, as we called it, would be coming soon. I told one of my new companions that if we where to go threw with this plan, we had to do it very soon. Several that had been listening agreed with me.
Not too long after we had enough weapons to start the riot. So one day, we that had collected all the weapons hid them under the bit of cloths that we still had left and went to the cave place as usual. When the questions began, quietly and as unnoticeably as possible, we handed out the weapons. Finally when all the weapons where handed out I gave the signal and we attacked the guards, they where over run and most where killed. Unforcanetly all of the nine Nazgul escaped.” He paused again and took a drink of water, Dia watched him in amazement. Soon he continued with a smile on his face, “When I came up from the cells and the cave and I felt the sun on my face I found that I could feel again, or at least I could feel happiness. Then I remembered my past life that I had forgotten a long time ago. I thought of you and knew I should find you. I found some of my companions and we celebrated for a little wile. Then we headed out to find out old homes. I found some of our old nabors that where still alive and we started to walk back home. We found horses and rode a good ways. As we went, several of my companions left to their own homes. Soon only those from our village was all that was left. When I got home, I found our house empty and asked where you had gone. Several said that you had gone looking for me. When I turned to go search for you, a man that had been with me during it all came up to me and told me that many of the leaders that had helped me plan the escape had been killed. I asked by whom and he had responded by some mysterious group of orcs lead by a human man. I latter ran into this group and found that it was the group that had come to visit us last night. Fareain’s masters think that if all the leaders of the groups are killed that the others will be easier to reveal.
But anyway, as I was looking for you, I was being chased by this group.” He leaned back in his chair. “In a way I am in trouble with a law but it is an evil law and one that should be destroyed. It will take over all of middle earth if it is not stopped.” He picked up his glass and drained it.
“So this Fareain person has been chasing you for three years?” Dia finally asked.
“Pretty much, yes,” Areon responded.
That explains why his eyes changed, Kar said to Dia. Dieannel nodded involuntarily. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Dia looked up at her husband in horror.


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